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hello! love this theme!

However I’m having a problem getting my new images to load in the slideshow. I have named them exactly what the original photographs are, thinking it would be easy for the file to convert.


Has this been rectified? I seem to have missed this query, sorry!

The video don’t work in responsive. :(

The video doesn’t work for devices due to the restriction policy adopted by all on managing multimedia files via javascript.

I love the theme, I am however having an issue with the contact form. When it is filled out it acts like it sends and email but no matter what i set the email address to in the .php it never shows up.

Thank you

If you have added your email to mail.php then it should work. Do you have anther email to test?

Yes i have and I have tried several email addresses

I’m not sure as it does work, the only other thing when this happens is that it’s an issue with the server.

Hey Josweb,

I really need some help here, i am new at this sort of thing and i urgently need to sort this out.

Firstly, love the template its exactly what i was searching for. I set everything up and everything is functioning well with the contact form etc. but for the life of me i cant get it to work nicely on mobile phones, and seeing as my business is mostly done over mobile usage i really need to get it sorted quickly.

Please can you have a look and maybe give me some advice on what to do, i mostly experience issues from Apple devices, once they open the submission form you can’t scroll down past the heading, so you can’t actually subscribe or read any details on the website.

I haven’t messed with any of the code, apart from the headings, images, colors and body copy, so i am dumbstruck why its doing this.

Hope you can help.


Hi, the demo scrolls fine on mobile. I would look at your code again.. Why have you got scrollbars on your text?!

I have been checking the code, i think i know where the issue is coming from, but i have no idea how to resolve the problem.

So the scroll bars, the reason for putting them there is for the esthetics of it, the right hand body copy is the “about us” whereas the right is the “services” because there is more body copy on the right, i figured let me make them scroll bars that way it evens everything out a bit better. Obviously on mobile this falls away and you going to end up scrolling continuously in any case.

None the less, this is the piece of code im stuck on. when i display the site on my Iphone and i click on the subscribe button, it brings up the submission form but then it sticks there and i cant actually do anything, i cant scroll down to enter details in the field boxes i cant scroll at all.

The code is:

/* 05: MODAL BOX /-----------------/

.modal-open { overflow: hidden; } .page-container, .modal-scrollable { overflow-y: scroll; overflow-z: scroll; } .modal-scrollable { position: fixed; top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; overflow: auto; } .modal.fade { top: -100%; -webkit-transition: opacity 0.3s linear, top 0.3s ease-out, bottom 0.3s ease-out, margin-top 0.3s ease-out; -moz-transition: opacity 0.3s linear, top 0.3s ease-out, bottom 0.3s ease-out, margin-top 0.3s ease-out; -o-transition: opacity 0.3s linear, top 0.3s ease-out, bottom 0.3s ease-out, margin-top 0.3s ease-out; transition: opacity 0.3s linear, top 0.3s ease-out, bottom 0.3s ease-out, margin-top 0.3s ease-out; }

Now i have been playing around a bit, if i replace the .modal-scrollable { position: fixed; top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; overflow: auto; } to .modal-scrollable { position: scroll; top: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; overflow: auto; } then it works perfect on I phone and samsung BUT then there is like a black opaque layer over the entire site on all platforms which means i cant click or select anything.

None the less, it seems that the scrolling problem on the iphone is coming from somewhere in this bit of code here. Any suggestions?

All I can say is that it scrolls on the demo. I’m not sure if the extra scroll bars you’ve added is affecting it.

The youTube video isn’t working on slideshow. Added the correct link (done this many times before) but video fails to load.

So you cant see the video that’s on ThemeForest? That’s strange, it plays for me and nobody else has complained about it. How do you know that it doesn’t play when you haven’t put it online? It won’t play offline.

sent a message with URL. Thanks

I’ve sent you an email, I have just uploaded the download and it works. When checking your site ytplayer.js is missing from the folder..

Hi Josweb. I’ve added some pictures slides (12 images) on the slideshow of Cody, but they seems doesn’t work! I’ve checked all animation time for slide and descriptions in the style.css, but doesn’t work. The animation time aren’t syncronized, because the descripion start before of the slide. How you can see, I’ve customized your theme and I’ve deleted all sections that I don’t need! Can you test my web site and find a solution about it? Another thing: how I can resize the fonts when I visit the page on iPad or mobile device???

Thanks! Best Regards! Andrea.

Hu, I will look over it on Monday, seems your timings are out! :)

Tried installing but I keep getting this:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Hi, this is a html template and not a Wordlpress theme that is why you hare having these issues.


hey there can you tell me how to stop the slideshow from rotating? I only want to use one headline… I’ve fiddled around with .cb-slideshow but can’t seem to get it to stop faded to the next slide?

one other thing…I don’t understand the contact form… there is no place for a visitor to write a message… it just has name and email?

That is correct as it is a coming soon template. So the form is just to collects emails/ names. You would have to alter the code. Forms aren’t my forte so you will have to ask for help elsewhere. Or replace the code.

Hello, how do you add another working field on the Subscription Form? Name and Email is there but would like to include a 3rd line (same as name)

Forms aren’t my forte sorry. This is only a simple form as it is a coming soon template.