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Now I feel like having coffee! Nice theme, very appealing color story.

Thank you! :)

I was very surprised when I previewed this design. Very nice indeed.

Are there any more styles that will be coming with it?

Not yet, but I will consider to design another style…

Hey swalian—

just bought your template and i’m wondering if you could give me the notepad clip as it’s own layer. I’d like to throw a photo under it.



There is the psd that you can use included with this template. Or you can put the photo by replace the text:

Open the index.html and the clip text placeholder is nested within a div with an id of “header_text”.


Hi Swalian,

Nice job! Could you just tell me how contact.html works? Where have i to put my own email address to catch emails from my visitors?


Please see the help file point F) PHP Code Explanation

If you still have a problems, please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/swalian including this questions/problems, your site url and theme name.


oh, thank you!

Hi there!

I fell in love with this theme the moment I saw it and bought it almost immediately!

Unfortunately, only after purchasing and trying to upload onto Wordpress theme did I learn that html template doesn’t work on Workpress.

Would you by any chance have a Wordpress version? If not, do you know if I can get a refund? I feel so sad that I can’t use this, and I’m sorry if I cause any inconvenience with my mistake. I’m new to this whole blogging thing and I didn’t know html template won’t work on Wordpress.



About refund, please ask TF support.

We will consider to make the wp theme… but no timeframe yet.


Ok thanks! Cool theme and keep us updated if you do release a Wordpress version :)

hello, i am looking to buy this theme…any special fonts you used? will you give me the fonts if they are not in package? let me know..

Hi, I just reply your email… thanks

Hi! I bought this template and it’s look nice but there’s a problem when viewing on iphone. The footer is not centered, could you fix this issue please or shoot me a mail at imon_pctech@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Love the theme but my form is not working http://lindassweets.com/contact.html Can you help me troubleshoot this?

All I’ve done is replace my email on the php doc. I’ve noticed that the action=”” is blank should I change this?

please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including your questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

I sent you a reply 2 days after you left this reply. Please Help.

I know the template wasn’t designed around IE9 , just wanted to see if you had a quick answer with regards to the dropdown menu not working on IE9 ? Im guessing it has to do with jquery or JS? Appreciate any help!


Please read FAQ http://www.templatesquare.com/clients/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=6

If you still have problem, please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including your questions/problems, your site url and theme name.


Hi, Very nice template. Did you by any chance happen to make this WP version ?

Kind regards


We still no plan to make this theme to wordpress… maybe later… thanks

Hi, Awesome design! Do I need any certain software or program to install this template? Is it just copy & paste pictures also text? What is WordPress theme? I just need a website to make, easy and nice!

Your prompt reply would greatly be appreciated!

Kind Regards

no, this is html template you only need to update the content then upload to your server… to update content you can use html editor…. thanks

Thanks for your quick reply. Kind Regards

Hey, would totally buy this right now if it were a WP theme.


What fonts were used in the creation of the logo? Is there a theme for WP?



I found your coffee theme.

It is our coffee sketches


(People love the hand drawn style for their coffee shop!)

Is it possible to exchange our thumbnail icons with yours?

It might help us to get more traffic and improve our sales.

Please kindly let me know.