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Many thanks!

Great theme !!!!!!!!!

You plan a wordpress version ????

cheers stefan

Thanks a lot! No, regrettably I am not an expert in converting sites to WP:((

Incredible, ok I bought it, now to see if it can work

Thank you very much! If you will have any question do not hesitate to ask, I shall explain any smallest detail with pleasure.

Thanks you very much!

Nice one! Great job ;) Glad to see something really different.

Thanks a lot! Hope it will work for you.

Welcome virtuti to

Great start and really unique theme, navigation, use of jQuery, .... Good luck with sales. Looking forward for some other great templates.

Best Regards, M.

Thank you very much! I am new here, even haven’t organized my profile:))) Thank you for kind words!

Thanks a lot to all people who looked through or purchased this theme. I am leaving for Germany tonight and shall come back in two weeks. I am not sure I shall have instant access to Internet during this period but anyway, I shall answer even with delay. Thanks a lot! Tanya (Virtuti)

wow I must be dreaming I left a comment and know gone….

If you are not available 2 weeks why did you put the site for sale there are problems in it and know I have to wait to get my questions answered thanks that make a lot of sence….

Hello Jeff, as I told, I am just hoping that Internet will work at my hotel and I shall be able answer, just I guess it will not be immediately, but hope once a day for sure. Thank you! Tanya

@innerclick – instead of being a whiner how about you just post what problems you have right here in the discussion. that’s what it’s here for. not just for saying thanks or whining. and is she not allowed to go on vacation?

Thank you! I shall be online for sure, I have a laptop with me, I just hope that Internet will be available. Anyway, I promise to follow the comments and give all the answers. Thanks a lot! Tanya

how do i change the background image on the main page?

It is simple: scroll down up to<!-scripts-> on index.html, find a script entitled “sliding background” and put titles of your images instead of bg1.jpg and bg2.jpg which are placed currently. You can add as many images as you wish, I put two, but you are free to add more, just mind the direction (dir : ‘up”, dir:’down’) Thank you! Tanya

Hello, is everything ok? Did you manage to make changes? If you need any help, please ask, I am at home and able to help any moment, thank you!

I think this PDF document may be more helpful: It is very very detailed, I tried to cover i each every question (simply it was not accepted by Envato, may be because it was too long, I do not know exactly and I rewrote it and placed into folder a shortened one). But if you will look into this one following the link above, I hope you will find a lot of answers. Thank you!

Thank you for the additional help file and enjoy your trip to Germany.

Many thanks for your kind words!

Great template with you many sales!

Thank you very much!

Beautiful work ! Unfortunatly it doesn’t work on iPad :(

Thank you! Yes, I did not design it for mobiles and small devices at all:(( Next one–promise to do that!:))

Ok :( Thx for the answer ;)

I am absolutely in love with your sense of style. Once you start making iPhone/iPad compatible products, I will definitely be purchasing.

Following you!

Thank you so much!

Really nice theme Tanya.

Every aspect of the template is polished.

Excellento! Good luck with sales

Thank you so much and sorry that I answer just now, thank you!

Many many thanks!

what a beautiful theme, love it!

Will purchase as soon bugs are fixed for e.g. IE9 (Picture histroy, Navigation etc.)

Keep it up!

Hello, many thanks! I shall try to do that, I have no IE9 (my Windows is Windows XP) but naturally, there is always a way out. I need some time to try to organize IE9 specific file. Thank you!

Rav todot! Sliha she ani ona rak ahchav, lo haya li efsharut laanot kodem, toda!