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It’s a nice theme, but from an accessibility perspective you really need to make sure it doesn’t rely entirely on JavaScript to work.

If JS is turned off, the template won’t work.

Hello, thanks a lot, I know it works fine in FF 3 .6, I checked it before posting here and right now… I do not know, should work,reallz…

Opps, sorry, you asked about jsturned off,yes, it is so, if js turned off, slider will not work…

Hello, it seems I answered incorrectly. Yes, relying on JS turned on is not 100% reliable method, but that what I preferred to do in this theme. Thank you!

Hello I’m considering buying the template. I wonder if you can put videos in the gallery section. Very good job Thank you very much and best regards.

Hello, many thanks! Yes, sure, it is pretty simple. Some small change is required in code. If you wish me to help you, I shall be able to do that in 7 days. Let me know please, thank you! Tanya

Hello Eduardo, did you manage to put videos? Is everything ok? If you need any help or have any question, please contact me. Thank you!

why doesnt your demo work properly? the home page doesnt display the cool full page slide background once you remove the themeforest frame. Is this also the issue with the purchased files?

Hello, I do not know, the demo should wok properly even ifyou remove the frame. Try to enter it not via Live Demo but via direct URL to ensure.

Please help…. i cant get the full page sliding images to appear.

Please let me know what exactly you do. All you need to do is to replace images (photos) URLs with your own. Do you see static photo that does not slide or you have another problem? Please let me know exactly what goes wrong. I tested the template on all major browsers in two OS, all worked (and works) fine. Thank you!

Hello, have you managed to put sliding images? Is everything ok?

Very nice theme. Will you create a wordpress version?

Hello, thank you very much! No, regrettably I am not big WP expert and as the theme is pretty complicated (in sense of code) I shall not be able to convert it. Sorry. Thank you! Tanya.

great theme! Unsure if it’s just me but I’m having a lot of trouble editing the text and what not, seems to really mess things up. I’m not all to knowledgeable and maybe I’m doing it wrong somewhere. I’ll keep at it but just in case is there any sort of support for this? thank you!

Hello, thank you very much! Yes, the theme is not simply constructed, there are some things to know in order to customize it. I am currently abroad, coming back home in 4 days, I shall be able to help you then. Just please let me know what exactly. I guess, it may be longer text which overlapps the hidden by js page, may be I am mistaken, anyway, please describe what you have difficulties with and I shall help you withh pleasure. Thank you! Tanya.


I’ve purchased your template but I have a big problem in Firefox 3.6.17.

The sliding background is not working at all, no images appear.

And with IE8 , the black frontpage is no working.

How can I solve these problems?

Thanks for your help.

Your template is beautiful.

OK it seems to be good for the black frontpage transparnecy on IE8 .

BUT I have always the problem with sliding background on Firefox 3.6, not working. The cross-slide.js is not working onn firefox 3.6?


Hello, I am sorry for delayed answer, may I please answer you in 3 days in details, after I come back home? Thank you very much, I shal help for sure.

Hello, I have made additional check on FF 3 .6 17 on Windows XP and Windows 7, all works, can you please describe me exactly what is happening? Does sliding background work properly in rest of browsers? Do you still have troubles with FF? Thank you!


Thanks for your return. Please find here 2 screen captures : and

I have FF 3 .6.17

Hey Virtuti, Thanks for your reply…. I’m having the same issues that mykubewaves is having…. I changed the images, I copied you demo images and tried those as well, however nothing shows at all. I rigged it and placed a static background picture instead… please help. Thanks

the only browser that this seems to be working with is IE. I cant get it to work on safari, google chrome or firefox…

Hello, can I please write you in details in 3 days? Simply I am abroad now and it is a bit difficult to explain things from occasional devices,sorry. SoassoonasI shall come back come I shall write you normal letter. Thank you for the patience.

Hello, have you manage to set up sliding background? I made additional tests today, all works both on Windows (7 and XP) and Mac. Do you still have problems or all is settled up? Thank you!

Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! images are in the files that you provide?

Hello, no, photos are not included, but in the Help file you can find all dimensions and to put your own images in the same size. Thank you very much!

HI, I”m really hoping you can help me before you get back from your trip. Your file from themeforest works fine…but when I put it on my server, it simply does not work in IE. It’s fine in firefox… Please, please help me…my deadline is Monday by noon.

Hello, today I tested your URL in IE8 , all looks and works as it should. By the way, wanted to ask why did you remove anchor from logo? If somebody wants to come back to Home page there is no possibility, it is better from usability point of view to make logo as a link to home page… Anyway, let me know please whether you have problems and if yes, which ones cause I do not see that something works wrong. Thank you!

here’s the url:

try in IE 8 and in Firefox…same exact files from your code…not changed at all…

Hello, on my travel laptop I have IE6 only, I tested the template in IE8 only where the template works (stated in description), which version of IE do you try please? Anyway. please resend me your CSS file, tomorrow night I should be at home and I shall check the code. Thank you!

Hi, I know this isnt supposed to work on iphones or ipads…but I got it to work by putting in a background image on the css…

now, here’s the mystery…look up in the upper left corner, and you can see the sliding images!!!

How can I get rid of that? or…better yet…looks like it works, so how can I expand it to work properly in iPhones and iPads…


Hello, in order to prepare a website for iphones or other small devices you will need to rewrite the code (i.e. to translate pixels into percents + to add special small devices CSS file). The template was designed with fixed width and cannot work properly on iphone exactly by this reason: it was written and calculated in pixels, not in percents. It is not complicated but if not to recode it in percents, nothing will help and the website will work incorrectly on smaller devices simply because it is wider and it is of fixed width. I am sure you are acquainted with the principles of what is called Responsive Web Design, so you will need to follow these rules to force the website to fit any screen resolution. Naturally, if you will need my assistance I shall be glad to help you to rewrite the code and add all necessary adjustments to make your website available for smaller devices like iphone. Thank you!

Hi…I guess you missunderstood…I did get it to work on an iPhone…I just placed a static background in the css. The thing is that if you look at it on an iPhone, in the upper left corner, the slider is working…just a small square…so….

Do you think I can do anything about that?

thanks a million!

Hello, hmm, I have no real iphone but I tested on simulator, here how it looks: Do you see it same on your real iphone? On simulator I do not see anything in upper left corner unless the fact that very small part od sliding images is displayed (they are not supposed to shrink on my template) and logo and main content are in full disorder (but it what is supposed to be if not to revert pixels to percents–that what I was talking about in my previous message). Let me know please what and how do you see in real iphone, whether it coincides with the screenshot taken from iphone simulator or not. I shall ask my friend tomorrow to test URL on real iphone in order to understand how the website looks on real iphone, but please notify me too whether the screenshot and real view of website differ, ok? Thank you! I think that you mean under “small square” this very small part of sliding images (480px instead of 1920 initial size) but let me know whether I understand you correctly, ok?

humm…that’s interesting. But you need to see it on a real iPhone to see what I mean…give it a look when you have a chance. Please.

thanks so much!

Hello, I am sorry I have no iPhone. But I do not think that simulator should display it differently (I asked you whether there is a difference, you meanwhile have not answered) but I assume it should be the same.

Anyway, this template works on every device, the question is just in how it looks. As it was constructed having in mind to be a website for desktops with fixed layout, it cannot be displayed in same way on small device like iPhone. As I told if you wish it to be displayed properly on small device, there is nothing to do but to recalculate the whole layout in percents, add max-width to images, write separate CSS file for small devices and so on.

I am going to create my next template by what is called Responsive Web Design method, but this one (with its fixed layout) does not and cannot fit small devices.

Just purchased this template and I’m having the same issue that a lot of other people had, but I’m not sure about the solution. The index.html page is not working properly. The landing page’s background images are not showing on any browser.

Please take a look:

Let me know what I should do. Thanks

p.s. I kept the names bg1.jpg & bg2.jpg and simply changed the images inside the /images folder.

Thanks a lot to all people who was interested in this item! About the backgrounds on index.html page: please keep in mind that minimum of img width must be 1920 px (I pointed it in my big help file along with other images sizes which I calculated very carefully to keep the layout in order). In my template #crossslide is set to: #crossslide{ width: 100%; min-height:100%; height:100%; margin:0px auto; position:fixed; } If you want to place a background picture which size is for example 1000 px wide, set crossslide id to 1000 px, but keep in mind that on wide screen (with for example 1920px resolution) it will look pretty bad. That is why I set its width to 100% and made background size 1920 px wide. Naturally, there are higher resolutions but meanwhile (as far as I know) they are not spread very wide yet, that is why I set background image size to 1920. Thank you!

Forgot to mention 3 things: 1) All told above concerns only index.html. Rest of pages uses absolutely different script and has no attitude to index page script.
2) here is all documentation about crossslide script:
3) For rest pages I used also 1920 px wide background image. I was shown a website where a background photo was about 800 px wide, and the result is not good: the script (ez-bg-resize.js) resizes the photo and once again, on the wide screen, though it fits the whole screen, it becomes very pixelated!

Thanks Tanya…that did the trick!