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Hello, I placed an update in concern of Contact Form (see description). You can test now the demo and send real email message. Please be kind to notify your friend about this, if he has troubles, he may contact me, I shall help with explanations. Thank you!

Hello, thank you!
Contact form is based on Google Docs (what is marked both in template description and Help File) and it is working. There is no any problem to solve.
The only thing to do is to set up Google docs form appropriately. In the Help File I put both explanations in words and video capture how to set up Google Docs form. It is very easy and safe (Google is fine in fighting spam protection, it is known) way.
Naturally, there is no real formkey which is unique for each email address in my demo, so it cannot work in demo.
Although if you want to test how it works in reality, send me a test letter via my website (Contact Page). My Contact Form is set via Google Docs too and I shall receive your test message to my email and shall reply you in regular way via email client.

If you (or your customers) wish to get emails to your email inbox via Google Docs you will need follow easy instructions described in my Help File. Please tell this to your friend too.
If you do not want email communication empowered by Google Docs, you have to write your php file that sends emails and to adjust a bit HTML code placed in the template.
Thank you and if you have additional questions, please feel free to ask. Tanya

Update: now demo has real formkey, the form works and can be tested directly via demo.

Hi, I’m about to buy this template, Question: Can I add/delete pages? Can I add videos on the gallery page or on an extra page as Video Gallery? Thanks.

Hello, thank you!

Your first question: as it is not server-side powered template you can add or delete pages only manually (unlike server-side langs or CMS ). To do this–to add a new page, the fastest way is to copy a page that fits mostly to the purpose of your future page, rename it, save in the same folder under new name and make all necessary adjustments in the code. To delete any page you need simply send the unwanted page to the trash.

Your second question: sure, you can. You can replace images with videos on gallery page or create extra page with videos. This you should do manually. You copy a gallery.html, rename it to, say, video.html, place it into your root folder and make few adjustments in code. To place videos you have 3 possible ways, choose one you consider most appropriate:

1) Use html5 “video” tag. To do that you need firstly to save your videos in several formats, place them into your folder and add a code that includes all formats (that is due to not every browser supports every format, so you need fallback for each browser). Here you have plenty of information about video codecs which are necessary to place when you want to use HTML5 ‘video’ tag. If you will use current gallery page, videos will be small and it is not good. It is better to put one larger video in a row instead of 4 which are now on this page.

2) Embed directly YouTube videos and put them instead of images, but adjust videos size. This is pretty bad way for this template cause videos will be too small. Same thing–then it is better to put one wider video in a row, but do not forget that your page is limited in height and you cannot put on one page more than 1 video. Thus it is better to place your video gallery to page with non-fixed height (you have 3 such pages in the folder or you can create your own one).

3) This way I consider to be most appropriate and lightweight: embed YouTube videos onto modal windows like you see it now on template with the images (by pressing small photo you open modal window with nested in it large photo). It is done with Fancybox plugin which works for videos too. To implement this you need to do 2 things: to create an image (thumb for video) and to adjust the code. How to adjust the code: head on to Fancybox documentation, see there the code for YouTube Clips. This method will allow you to set 8 large videos with small thumbs on one page like you see it now on the current gallery.html page. Although, if you need more that 8 videos, it is better to use a page with non-fixed height, in this case you may place as many video thumbs as you wish.

Hope, I managed to help. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you, Tanya

Great Template! One Question bevor i will buy this, if i go with mouse over an Navigation text, it fade 100% out? Is that a bug? or it is possible to have by mouse over a other colour? Thanks!

Hello, thank you very much! No, it is not a bug, it is CSS3 transition fade effect. You can get rid of it, if you wish, by simple deleting the style from stylesheet (a:hover styles for navigations) or if you wish to preserve this effect but make it not completely fading you can simply reduce opacity, currently it is set to 0, so you can put for example 0.5 or 0.3. Thank you! Tanya

I set other colours on hover, but of course you can change these colours according your colour scheme. Simply look in the styles of navigations (there are 3 types of navs in stylesheet) and play with them as you consider them to most appropriate for your needs.

Hi, I have placed background images in the correct folder and even rsized them to the exact dimensions as instructed in the help file. They don’t appear. Is there something I’m missing?

BTW I love the template :)

Hello, thank you very much! No, all should be ok. Could you please send me URL to your page, may be I shall be able to figure out why photos are not displayed? Thank you, awaiting, Tanya

Thanks for the very cool theme. I downloaded it but the contact form is not working appropriately. Even after I enter the Google Docs link etc, it still won’t work.

I would like to switch from Google Docs to a regular PHP based contact form. Could you help me doing this?

My PHP knowledge is very basic, very limited.

Thank you in advance.

Wishes, Sander

Hello Sander, thank you! Why do you think the form does not work? I am not sure but in case it were you who entered these data: fsdfs@fdsf.dasda | sadadsadadsad–ghfdggfhfghfghfg, it works finely as you see. Regrettably I can not reply and confirm that record in inserted as the email address is fake. People who entered real emails got confirmation replies from me. It is about demo test I am talking.

As for real URL (yours) are you sure? Did you make everything as required?

Can you please give me complete information (and better your URL ) what exactly does not work?

I prefer not to deal with PHP but with Docs solely. I described why I use Docs in FAQs here.

In past I made different types of PHP based forms and I noticed how much it is dependable on server. That is why I decided not to deal with it anymore and preferred much more reliable method (Docs). And I am not php geek, anyway:))

If you wish I can send you the PHP code (I used it for my clients in past) but as I told I can not guarantee it will work always. While it is hosted on my GoDaddy (I test always before giving a work to a client) it works fine, when a client uploads it to his doubtful hosting he becomes to receive either part of information or empty email at all. What never happens with Docs, by the way.

Let me know please. Thank you! Tanya

Dear Tanya, I tried again and the form now works fine! Very good, thanks for your help! Wishes.

Great, I am very glad, thank you for notifying!

Dear tanya.. I tried to test the template using ipad, and the home background animation won’t show. Can you help?

Thank u

Hello! Thank you very much for your interest. It should not work properly on iPad at all. Layout is fixed and no media queries included.

My next template (currently in work) has media queries but this one–not.

Although I tested it on iPhone simulator where it works (in crooked way but still works) but when I tested on iPad I see it really does not work. I can not know exactly why–neither sliding background nor fancybox work on iPad.

Anyway, this is bad idea to use this template for mobile devices oriented audience. It is fine for regular desktops users.

Thank you once again and wish you all the very best, Tanya

Hi Tanya..

thank you for your reply. Actually it looks ok in iPad, i just use fixed background without animation. It looks simple but still stylish..

i really hope you make the mobile version based on this template, because it’s so beautiful…

you might consider creating template based on iPad compatibility these days, because it will be primary device for browsing..

thank u Tania, really admire and appreciate your work.. Well done..


Thank you very much, Royce, for your sweet words, I am very pleased.

Yes, you are totally right, it is time to stop creating fixed layouts, Me myself, already switched a mind and decided to build only flexible (or Responsive) layouts that fit all devices and resolutions.

It is not that simple as fixed one, many things are still uncertain, I experiment a lot and currently have no good solutions for videos, slideshows, canvas-what not:)))

Thank you for advice, I should find time and prepare the layout in percentage and with media queries for this template too.

Thank you once again! Tanya

Hi Tanya,

It didnt work on my clients iPad, so had to buy a differend template…?


Hello Daan, it should not work properly on small devices because it was not built for small devices. I marked in description that it is fixed layout and did not mention that it contains media queries because it does not. The template is for normal desktops.

I am sorry and thank you very much for purchasing:)) Tanya

@Redis, this was quite clear in the comments…

Tanya, great looking template. Editing is child’s play.

One question: an usability test with some non-regularly web users (not power users) proved that they didn’t found the button ‘NAVIGATION’ on the index page. Quite annoying, as they quickly tended to leave the website.

Now, can you in any way rewrite the rule that the navigation is already visible when opening the website (instead of closed, with a manual click to open the navigation)? I’ve emailed you, but I wanted to make this question public as well.


Hello, first of all, thank you very much for purchasing and for kind comment posted above. About navigation, sure, it is simple. By the way, I did not get your email, do not know why:((( Sorry, I was weighing this feature, hesitating a bit, but in the end decided that today’s users are quite habitual to see sliding panels, modal windows etc. Of course, it depends and not always such things work for all kinds of audience.

Anyway, please see the screenshot: If it is what you mean, you make very small thing: go to styles.css, find this piece of code: #panel{ float:left; background:rgba(96,120,96,0.8); width:660px; display: none; border:1px solid #607860; }

under INDEX STYLES and simply remove display:none; It will keep the panel open always. If you will want to return closing panel you simply return this piece of code to its place.

Let me know please whether I managed to help you. Thank you once again, Tanya

ah, forgot to add, you can also remove a green triangle in order not to confuse users. In styles.css under GENERAL you find this piece of code:

/ TRIANGLE FOR SLIDING PANELS OF NAVIGATION (INDEX.HTML) AND OPENING HOURS (ALL PAGES )/ #triangle-down { float:left; width: 0; height: 0; border-left: 6px solid transparent; border-right: 6px solid transparent; border-top: 12px solid #607860; margin:4px 6px 0 0; }

You simply delete it.

Or you can delete the whole button at all and to leave only green bar with the links.

It is this piece of code:


float:right; margin-right:30px; background:rgba(0,0,0,0.8); -moz-border-radius: 0px 0px 4px 4px; -webkit-border-bottom-right-radius:6px; -webkit-border-bottom-left-radius:6px; -khtml-border-bottom-right-radius:6px; -khtml-border-bottom-left-radius:6px; border-radius: 0px 0px 4px 4px; } #bottom-nav a.btn-slide{ color:#CDE9CA; text-align:center; text-transform:uppercase; padding:10px 24px 14px 24px; display:block; float:left; } #bottom-nav a.btn-slide:hover{ color:#607860; text-shadow: 0px 0px 1px #ECF4E6; }

Same concerns Opening Hours. And of course, you delete HTML :

div id=”bottom-nav”> navigation

HTML code to delete:
<div id="bottom-nav"><a href="#" class="btn-slide">
        </a><div id="triangle-down"></div>

Impossible to write in reply to comment:)))

Great template I love it!!! Help… IE8 the sliding images on the home(index) page doesnt work on my server??? I am a newb but it works fine from firefox…

Hello, many many thanks! And sorry for delay with the answer. I tested in IE8 , works properly, however I had a similar question from another person who purchased this template. He sent me URL , I tested it, and it also worked properly. I even recorded a screencast with his website. It is here: It loads awfully slowly but if you will be patient and will wait till it loads you will ses that it works in IE8 . Anyway, could you please send me your URL too? May be I shall see something that should be fixed, who knows… Thank you once again, let me know. Tanya

i just dropped the info to your email

Great theme, very good work.

Thank you very much for your kind words!

Great theme. It is really good. For some reason i can’t the index.html background to work and when i view it on windows explorer it looks weird…

Hello, many thanks! Could you please tell me what is wrong exactly? Doo you mean it looks weird in IE when you test the demo or your site? Could you send me please your site URL and tell me which photo size do you use for background? (It can be the reason). Thank you, waiting for your reply, Tanya

Hi. I have just buy the template and i would like to change the logo for one png. Could you help me please?

Thank you very much, and great job :)

Hello, thank you very very much! Of course, it is easy to do: you find in html pages , logo is nested there and place your company title in between h1. In CSS you set h1 style to text-indent:-9999px (thus you make it invisible to visitors but visible to search engines. Next thing to do is to define CSS styles of anchor. Background-image is your png path, width, height. All unnecessary you simply remove like font-size, font-family and so on.

You know, if you wish, just let me know what are the dimensions of your logo png and company name, I shall do that for you and resend you CSS and html files, you will simply recopy the part of code from 1 html page to all pages that you have and to CSS file too. It will be faster for you. Me it is not difficult at all, two minutes matter.

Wish you all the best and waiting for your letter, Tanya

Thank you very much for everything Tanya. I sent an email with the information you have asked me through your portfolio profile. A greeting and thank you very much. Eduardo


I just bought your template and had a question in regards to the background image.

I created a new image with the correct file name and size, but it still does not show up.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Amber

Great template.. I would I go about changing the google map? Thanks again! Keep up the great work.

Great template.. I would I go about changing the google map? Thanks again! Keep up the great work.