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Thank you very much!

What exactly do you wish to change, coordinates or some options? Let me know please, Tanya

hi great template… and am very tempted to buy it except for one thing…. a friend of mine has this template and he’s having major problems in the gallery… he must have contacted you i hope…he has 35 images and after the 8th image the 9-12 get cut and the rest do not show??? i have around 15 which i need to put up… so am a little worried about this… please advise… i too tried looking at his code and everything seemed fine thanks

You have two options: 1) to increase the height of the box (it has limited height now on pages with fixed height) 2) if your list of images is far long, to use a page with non-fixed height (which is included into folder) Tell your friend that he also may use one of these options.

Naturally, I foresaw that limited height may be not be always comfortable, therefore I included several additional pages with unlimited scroll down. As far as I remember I mentioned this point in documentation.

Thank you, Tanya

thanks ever so much

I love this theme. It is pure quality.

However, since my Firefox updated, my images/jQuery seemed to have stopped working on the index / landing page? :(

Aparently, Firefox does not like in the css styles section:

::selection{ background:#a1b2a3;}

Any help would be ACE !! :)

Many thanks,


Hello! Thank you very much! About Firefox–should not be, when I was making it, I think I used 6th version (or earlier? do not remember:)), now I use latest release (7th), I tested demo now-all works without any problem.

Same with selection. I do not see any trouble but actually, it is very easy to delete it if something goes wrong. Go to main css file and in the very beginning of the file find ::moz-selection—- and simply delete it. Actually selection is just nice decorative feature, not obliged to be present (I simply very love it).

Thanks! Tanya


Its is this it dont seem to like…

//<!— $(function(){ $(’#crossslide’).crossSlide({ speed: 20, fade: 1 }, [ { src: ‘images/bg1.jpg’, dir:’up’, }, { src: ‘images/bg2.jpg’, dir:’down’, }, { src: ‘images/bg3.jpg’, dir:’up’, } ]); }); //—>

:))) did not understand anything:)))

Thanks for creating such a beautiful template. I really like it.

I’m having one small problem, however. In IE9 the main section falls below the logo box. Not a big deal but wonder if there is a quick fix that I can apply.



Hello John, thank you very much! I have no opportunity to test it in IE9 now (when I was testing my demo I took a laptop with W7 especially (my kind neighbour:)), and all worked properly).

I have a question did your logo become a bit wider than mine? I had a client whose logo place was wider and in IE8 it also was moving down. If it is so, simply decrease the width of the main box via css. It will resolve easily IE problem. Thank you! Tanya

Or to increase the width of the main wrapper, may be it will even easier.

Thanks so much. I decreased the padding around the logo and that worked. Thanks again.

Great! Also a good way out. IE is my eternal tormentor:(((

Dear Virtuti,

Can you do custom design order?

Hello, very sorry for delay with response.

In general yes, but all depends on million things. Could you please send me an email with approximate description what exactly would you wish?

Thank you very much! Tanya

Hi Tanya,

so sorry i already made a deal with other developer, because i’m in hurry. Can you give me your personal mail? If you don’t want to publish here, please just send short email to So next time i can contact you directly, if possible also your IM (YM, whatsapp, etc).

I’m a huge fans of your template, i really like your style and creativity, so i hope i can work with you on the next project..

thank u Virtuti

Hello, thank you very much! No, not a problem, here it is: Write me when you feel comfortable, I shall be glad to hear from you.



I like your theme. I am looking at a similar theme for a Car rental affiliate program which requires to load a Reservation form preferably landing page or ‘A la carte’ page. The booking engine height is about 340px. Can this be managed with in above page?


Hello, thank you!

Brutto height of full content box (including top navigation), is 458px high, content that moves (for example, if you take “about us” page and click the links you see various content boxes under links i.e. heading + content) is 381px. So, in general it should be enough for your purposes.

Actually it can be customized very easily, for example if you will need your moving content boxes let’s say, set to 400px high you simply do that via css: instead of #hero-slider{height:458px you place: #hero-slider{height:477px and instead of .panel{height: 381px you place: .panel{ height:400px and so on, adjusting height elsewhere you see in css.



Thanks. I appreciate your prompt reply. I think I will go for the theme in a while.


You are welcome!


i like your template, but in a phone (android, iphone, symbian) the index.html not working…

i want to buy the template, but it has a solution?

Thanks and congratulaitions!!


Hello, thank you!

As I mentioned in description minimum screen resolution is 1280px and it has fixed layout. It does not fit mobile devices. I believe that some scripts may not work in mobile devices as well. I am not aware too much with mobiles’ mechanism.

But if double scroll is not an issue, may be solution is to use static resizable background like on rest of pages.

Best wishes!

Hello, congratulations for this templt.

I can not insert the two images in index page (bg1.jpg & bg2.jpg) they do not appear.

They are on my other pages. About, etc … but not on the index.

J I saw the code:

$ (function () { $ (’# crossslide’). crossSlide ({ speed: 20, fade: 1 }, [ { src: ‘images/bg1.jpg’, dir: ‘up’, } { src: ‘images/bg2.jpg’, dir: ‘down’, } ]); });

but I did not know how to make them appear on the index?

thank you

Hey Tanya,

I love your theme! I’ve been editing, and was wondering if you could me out with a couple of things:

1. I would like the navigation bar with the links on the index to always be open. I don’t want people to have to click on it to show up. How can I achieve that?

2. I want to change the color or “navigation” and “opening hours” but haven’t been able to figure out how. Can you please show me where in the css file that’s located?

3. I changed the latitude and longitude in the location page, but I lost the “barsign.png” icon. It doesn’t show anymore. I tried looking at your files in screencast, but was unable to download them or look at them. Can you please help me out here? the address is 63 Gansevoort street, New York NY 10014

4. Also, if I wanted to center the entire box that appears in the index, how would I do that exactly?

thank you so much for your help and time!


Hello Mariana, thank you very much!

All is simple: 1) go to css, find #panel, remove display:none, same do for #panel-hours

2) If you want to change background in same ids find: background:rgba(—), replace it with your preferred colour, if you want to change a text colour change it in a.btn-slide styles

3) go to the bottom of Location page, in the script find var companyImage, place your image path there (var companyImage = new google.maps.MarkerImage(‘images/barsign.png’, )

4) You will need to give margin: 0 auto; to main box (#inner-wrapper), it is in css file.

Hope that helps, thank you! Tanya

Hi Tanya,

Thank You for your quick reply. Just two things:


3. I didn’t change the path nor the name of the png, so that’s not the reason why it’s not showing up. Any idea why? Do I have to change something else in the file except the latitude and longitude?

4. I did it, but it’s not working, unfortunately

Thank You

Try to check whether you removed a float (3) Try to check marker size, mine is 50×60, see what is yours (4).

To be honest it is difficult to guess without seeing code, but try things I have suggested. Thank you!

Hola! hace unas semanas compre esta plantilla . Necesito cambiar la ruta del mapa por otra dirección y no lo logro. Podrías ayudarme cómo hacerlo? gracias!

It is very easy to do: go to the bottom of Location page, to the script, find these lines: 1) var latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(48.150283,11.572294);

2) var companyPos = new google.maps.LatLng(48.148594,11.569676), replace coordinates which are in brackets with your ones. To know coordinates of your location, go to Google Maps, type your address–right click–What is here?–copy coordinates from maps into your code.

You can also change description of your place inside the script itself, see how it is done in template.

Gracias, Tanya

gracias virtuty!!! no lo hubiese logrado sin tu ayuda!!!!... sólo un último detalle… donde coloco el mail a donde debe llegar el mensaje de contacto?

Your or your customer needs to have Google account, no need to put anywhere email address. See documentation about how to deal with Forms and Maps:

Thanks! Tanya

Hi there,

I’ve loaded your template on my site and it works okay in IE but in Chrome I see no background images on the index page (see here however I do see them on the other pages. I also would like to know if you can help me with the sizing issue in IE 8 because it doesn’t look near as pretty as it does in Chrome. I am sure the client will love your template once he see’s what I see.

Please help asap! I would like to show him tonight/tomorrow just the home page if possible.

Thanks, Syl

Hello Syl, thank you very much first of all!

Are you sure? I see your backgrounds in Chrome finely (here is a screenshot:

Your second question it seems I did not understand: what do you mean under “sizing issue”, could you explain more precisely? Thank you, Tanya

Well that is odd because I cannot see them nor can my client. Okay, well in IE 8 how about the main box that says “The Atmosphere of Quality.” can you make that sit over a little more to the right so that we can see the navigation bar more likely on a laptop screen and not have to scroll down to see it? right now it sits directly underneath the logo. Thanks for the quick response! We LOVE this theme!

Hmm, I checked also on my old Windows–resault is the same, your delicious photos are floating as expected. Maybe try to clean up the cash? It is the only idea that comes on my mind, though you say your client does not see it too, anyway try, ok?

Second question: it is easy to edit–your logo catches a bit more room in IE and therefore a box “falls down”. To edit this issue you have several easy ways (all via css): 1) your main box is 980px wide, black box with text is 660px, you can make it narrower (try 600px for example) 2) article inside the black box has margins 60px, you can try 30px or 40px 3) main box (#main-content) is 980px wide, you can increase it (try for example 1020px).

Okay next question is how do I change the location page? I am trying to figure this out and am sure there is something I am missing here. Do you have more simple instructions that I can follow along with? Maybe a link that gives step by step instructions what to do – that map is so cool! Thanks so much – I will try your steps below as welll to see if that works. You are awesome for the quick responses! I will certainly use you more often and buy more of your products just for the service alone!! I will rate you now.

It is simple:)): Just in this document (it is stored in my FAQs but I realize people might not to look in), vars are entitled differently but principle is the same. Where you see .LatLng and coordinates inside, simply change them to your own ones.

Thank you very much!

Hi virtui,

I’m bought the cuppy bar theme but the bg index.html image don’t show it. The size is the same of the specification of the document in the donwload zip

many thanks

Hello, thank you very much! If you are sure that bg images are at least 1920×1080px (they may be larger though) script must work. Send me your both jpgs, I shall check them live. Best wishes! Tanya

Hi, I just purchased this theme and I love it. Great work. The only thing I would prefer is that the navigation is viewed without having to click a button. Could you tell me how to delete that button and leave the menus static?

Thank you!

Hello, thank you very very much! What you need is very easy to do: go to styles.css, find the part entitled in capitals Index Styles, find #panel, remove display:none from styles. Same you can do for Opening Hours part entitled in capitals Hours Sliding Panel–#panel-hours–also remove display:none. Thank you!

Hi, thank you for your response. I have one major issue that I am now dealing with. I started to develop a website and just realized that the homepage design, fixed height and location page do not work well on the iOS devices (iPads and iPhones). It seems like the only page that automatically adjusts is the non-fixed height pages. Is there a solution at all for this? Please help!

Hello, thank you once again! No, the template was prepared exclusively for desktops, has fixed layout (all stated in description), to make it work in mobile advices it is required to re-write the code completely.