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Hi! I love your work – it is v distinct. I hope you fixed the SVG file issue you had in the forum? If not I have been dealing with a similar issue this week so may be able to help.

Question regarding this theme… On the “Full menu” tab – when you click any of the other categories then nothing happens – is this intentional (i assume you would just copy the jquery effect from the specials menu and it would work fine?)

Is this correct?

Thanks and look forward to the next files!

Hello Charlie, oh, yes, thank you! In the end I placed both png and svg images into folder, so a website hosted on server that supports svg will show svg and server that does not–will show png fallback. The problem was only in server, GoDaddy simply does not support svg, they advised me to to adjust config file. For me it is not a problem but how other people will come out? Therefore I included into folder old good png, what to do…:))) And how did you cope? What was your issue and how did you resolve?

Ah, yes, I decided not to repeat absolutely identical portion of html code (as it is quite written on A La Carte page), therefore nothing happens on Full menu page by clicking sub-navigation links. But it is easy to repeat just by copying-pasting the code from A La Carte page and adding link to same jquery plugin.

Thank you, so let me know about your adventures with svg.

Actually, cause this page’s advantage is its unlimited height (unlike other pages), this plugin is even unnecessary, but it is up to buyer’ desire–it is possible to choose between two options–either to add plugin and make page short or not to add it and then continue the list of items endlessly while sub link can lead to quite a new, separate page at all.

Hi, That’s great and I assumed it was identical code just wanted to check. I will be editing the theme for someone and their menu is MASSIVE so I am contemplating how best to achieve this!

Re: SVG – where to begin! As I see it SVG has come to light in a big way due to the HTML5 development that is coming in. Regretfully as I keep explaining (or at least trying to!) to my big clients ( I work with some major brands who read “the latest thing” and then want it!), that while HTML5 has great features etc the fact remains that for now there still are issues in particular with browser compatibility. Its one of the things that i really like the most about your work is the way you use the full scope of HTML5 without trying to get too clever and creating knock on problems. I have seen some seriously useful coders on this site and chat/follow a few favorites who stand out. I wanted to use SVG on a site (because of HTML5 ) without much luck, I tried creating “objects” for them and that did seem to fix it with the exception of IE (surprise surprise!). In the end I went down the road you found -creating multiple folders for different scenarios – I am sure this issue will pass with time as HTML5 becomes more prominent. Thank you very much for your quick response and I look forward to your next work.

I bought your theme and I’m having a slight problem in Chrome only. I only don’t see the background images in Chrome on the home page but I see them in every other browser. Interestingly enough, if I sit on the site long enough (like an hour) it seems to resolve and suddenly, I see the images and so do others, so I am hesitant to send this to you because I fear you will see the images.

At any rate, have you had this issue with anyone else? Here is my testing site:

Again, it works fine in IE and Firefox. It’s only Chrome that throws the background completely white. Also IE seems to make the boxes go a tad off in size, but I can live with that. I would rather get my backgrounds right and I can worry about the black boxes later. I would assume that is just CSS that I can play with.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Syl Wilson

P.S. I absolutely love this theme. It’s so gorgeous! Really, it works for so many different types of industries. I’ve been waiting for the perfect client and sure enough he popped along.

Hello Syl, I sent you another email right after this first one:))), anyway I made a short screencast recorded from Chrome, here it is:

Hi Virtuti,

I’m trying to setup the contact page, and would appreciate some help. It’s going out to a specific email, not a gmail account. How do I set it up?


Thank you very much! No need specifically in gmail. Any email address is good once you insert it into email field of Google account.

Hi Virtuti,

I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying. This is a client’s email, so I don’t have access to it. I cannot do anything with it. Can you please walk me through the process? What do I do in this case. Its an email attached to his own personal domain.

Thank You

Hello! If your client has Google account he/she should enter his/her email into Google account, does not matter whether it is gmail, hotmail, aol, com, net or anything else. If your client has no Google account it should be created. Once Google account email is set, you simply follow the instructions how to deal with Google Docs form (see pdf document in FAQs section). That’s it. Thank you!

Hello once again, this can be helpful:

I purchased your template and I can’t install it in wordpress! When I download the. Zip in themes in wordpress, he said he misses the .php file! Can you help me quickly?

Thank you!

Hello, thank you very much! Please see description of the item, it is html/css/js template.

Hi – In the Coffee House template – my client wants me to center the main content boxes on the background so that it is not automatically on the left with a large amount of background image showing on the right. (very visible once you get to about page) Is there a simple bit of code I can put in somewhere to achieve this? Thanks

Hello, thank you! Yes, sure, it is easy to do: set margin: 0 auto; in styles.css to main box and it will be centred.

Hi, thank you for the template. small question about the contact form.

im am building this site for a client . how would i create a form and assign it to him only? what if he doesn’t have a gmail account? thanks,

Hello Daniel, Pesach Sameah!

Open new Google account and insert your client email (does not matter which one: gmail, aol, info, com or whatever else). Or if your client has already Google Account, go straight to Docs. Next steps are described here:

Set up the form, compare ids and classes in online form and template, set notification rules (all as described in pdf document) and each time somebody sends message via the form in the website, your client receives notification to his email inbox (same which you insert in Google account when you sign your client up) and will be able to read the message in Docs spreadsheet.

Additional help in these screencasts:

Thank you and best wishes, Tanya

Your FAQ and the description say that a layered png file is included. Your help file says the template is css based no PSD mock-ups were involved.

It would be nice to at least have the files for the graphics you do use like the input boxes for the contact form and the barsign graphic.


Thank you, Gary, sent you psds by email, sorry about this inconvenience.


That’s awesome customer service folks!

Thank you.

Hello Gary, thank you very much! Could not access TF yesternight:))

Hi, how comes fonts are shown beautiful in Firefox and so strange in IE? I am trying to check why, but could not find any solution for that….

Thanks for the nice template anyway…

Windows and Mac render fonts differently, not mentioning browsers capability. And IE… well… what to want, it is IE… Thank you very much!

OK, problem with fonts i solved…..Now i have one last question…..In “Services” you have the fall down windows with the triangel….Is there a way to make one close when opening another? Otherwise you can not see the lowest one if first and second stay open….Automatic closure when opening another would be great….


Yes, sure, it is pretty easy to do. You can use accordion instead. Remove script related to “trigger” class, replace it with another script (simple accordion):
$(".accordion h3:first").addClass("active");
$(".accordion p:not(:first)").hide();
$(".accordion h3").click(function(){
Your html:
<div class="accordion">
<h3>Your question</h3>
<p>Your answer goes here</p>

Style appropriately with css, you are done. Thank you!

I wanted to know where the wine glass picture used in the demo page was obtained and virtuti was nice enough to let me know she got it at stock.xchng.

I found it here in case anyone else would like it:

Thanks again virtuti!

Thank you, Gary!

Hello to all customers and people potentially interested in my templates. My big apologies for delay with replies within last 10 days. Application notifying about new comments was not working within 10 days and I was sure there were no new comments. It came back to work just today. I replied all questions and hope my answers are still actual, sorry once again!

Hi, thanks for the explanations….but as i am not that familiar with that….is there a chance for you to give me a little more of explanation? I would not like to destroy everything by doing changes….A step by step of how to would be great….(no prob if it costs me something)

Thanks Anton

Hello Anton, I shall give you more detailed explanations, just allow Saturday to end. As usual I do not reply on Saturdays, but as I noticed that application notifying about new comments had been broken for last 10 days I rushed to reply all people who stayed without answers during that period, I felt I could not leave people without help in spite of Saturday. So till evening, good?

Thanks a lot in advance…no need to hurry because of me…Whenever you have a few minutes you can do that…if you want you can write to Thanks a lot

Hello, I bought your template and think it is amazing! I was reading above about the accordion as opposed to the trigger. I too would like to use this feature, however I am semi new to html and css. I am reading up now and know enough to be a bit dangerous, but have you made any step by step for us dummies on how to do this? :) Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will check back on this forum or please email me at Thank you kindly!

Hello, thank you very much! Yes, you can use accordion script instead of toggle script on my template, but it will require some knowledge and attention. Explanation how to do that in precise way is quite out of scope of this template features and will take time, but at additional charge (see please my terms in FAQ section) I can either explain in details how to do that or adapt accordion script straightly to the code. Thank you!

Hello, I bought your template the Coffe House but I have a problem . I don’t see any image in the home page. Please help ASAP . THanks

Hello, thank you very much! It is not a problem. You simply need to insert your own images matching the theme of your website.

Please somebody knows why I can’t see the background image in the front page????

Hi virtuti,

Very good template, I like it so much.

I have only a problem, when I change the prices in the items of the menu, I have to put them in euros, but it doesn’t work neither € or HTML code for it.. ¿do you know why?.


Hello, thank you! Try to set your html editor to unicode (UTF-8).

I did that , because I read the instruction buy still not working …Please help.

Hello, did you follow the instructions? (Image paths, image dimensions etc)?

OMG ! This theme is so great! It looks amazing! I changed it for my client’s luxury restaurant and he and all his clients are very impressed. Many Kudo’s your way!!

Thank you very much!