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Hi, first of all congratulation on your fantastic work! It is awesome and I particulary like this ‘coffee house’ template. It seems quite complicated and I assume a lot of work and coding went into it! If I would like to run the website in a multi language (2 languages) format is that possible? Would that require some extra coding or can I simply make a copy of the website in the second language and link it together through a button? Hope I made sense :) Once again, Well done!

Hello, thank you very much! Since it is html you have no way out but create two versions of same set of webpages and maintain them manually in both languages. Thank you!

hi virtuti

Thanks for such a great template, but im having a big issue. When trying to add images to the main page, I dont get anything but a white background. I tried editing the code for the html file as much as possible even changing the file name in the directory and the html and i still cannot get the pictures to show. Is there something im doing wrong?? please help as soo as you can. Thanks in advance

Hello and thank you very much for using my template!

As usual (if you will look through comments you will see this question was asked many times) small and important thing is overlooked (it is mentioned in help file)–image size. I am not sure since you did not tell what exactly were you doing but maybe this is the reason? What size your background images are?

Second problem could be an extra comma in the script. You could place 3 images and put extra comma for example. Try to supply me with more details, it is difficult to guess!:))) Thank you, Tanya

ohh sorry, i had used the default code in the html files the size of the pictures are 1280×857 it wont load on the 1st page i was trying to find out what size you were using on the template but there are no pictures in the original template. i kept the original code and even tried my own custom naming for the pictures and still nothing worked i still get this blank background

Hello, thank you! It is written in PDF ::)))

7) Photos sizes As photos are not included into folder here is the list of sizes: Home page: bg1.jpg, bg2.jpg–1920 px x 1080 px (or 1200 px height)

It is a minimum though, since there are screens 2560px wide. Wish you the best!

i tried both sizes and neither one worked. i tried 1920×1080 (my computer screen works at that size) and i tried 1200 px height by 800 and that did not work i still have that picture up and i still get a white screen im not sure what to do i never had a problem like this before.

Hello, I think you make something wrong. Since it is plain html and js, nothing should prevent it working and as you see, it works on my demo (by the way, I used same effect yet on my other items which you can preview via my TF portfolio). Try to test carefully your code, compare it to mine, maybe you put some extra comma or image path is wrong or any other minor thing.

if you have an email i can send you screenshots of what i have and what i have done to show you the results i am getting

Hello, yes, you can contact me via email (find it on my profile page). Screenshots will not help, I need code itself (i.e. files) as it is described on my profile page + all all my terms. Best wishes!

Tanya, like everyone else. Your template works fine on all my browsers, but I cannot get my images to play, I have tired this several time. I even copied your image just from your mockup to just to see if the images would play. i have spent hours on this with no luck in making your image work on the home page. Everything plays fine and I can figure everything else out but I can’t figure out why the index.html want play the images. Am I missing something, I read though all your reviews, until my eyes are crossed what am I doing wrong. The test is at HELP ! Please…

Hello, does the size of your workout01.jpg and/or workout02.jpg is minimum 1920×1080? (or better 1920×1200) (or yet better-larger) like mine bg1.jpg? If it does not overcover the screen it has no reason to move. Best wishes, Tanya

Hey its me again

I ran some tests on your template without any change in coding and i see that there is an issue with the original pictures for this template not showing up on the downloaded stock version of template. It works on the preview here on this website but on a live server such as mine it gives no result. I did this in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 i got the same result running the original downloaded stock template as a live website on my web server through Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. I would love to send you screenshots.

Great theme! Please make this into a wordpress theme when you can.

Hello, thank you very much! Regrettably it is not planned yet, maybe next year. Me and my friend (wp expert) have idea to do that, hope next year it will come true.

Hi Tanya, I just just purchased this template and like a lot of people on here I am having real difficulties getting the images on index.html to be displayed… I have read through all the suggested fixes and none have worked… have you been able to come up with a solutions to this problem yet…?? Many thanks, Greg

Hello Greg, first of all, thank you! Second, I think that is about image size, did you make your background images big? Bigger than screen? If not, the script cannot work since it must have enough space to move an image up and down and if the image is small, the script cannot move it. If your images are big enough, there can be some tiny mistake in script itself, for example you could place 3 images and add a comma after the last image path or anything like that. Could you specify exactly? Tell me which image size do you use and whether you made any change in script, ok? Thus I could be more helpful. Best wishes! Tanya

Bought today and quite excited about this template. My cafe opens in Campeche, Mexico begin march 2013….lets see how we get on! Great work!

Thank you so much! I am sure everything will be fine. Anyway if you will need any help with the template, I am here, write me. Tanya.

Hi Tanya, hope you’re well. Just looking for a little advice regarding the template across different browsers. I have put together using your template as a base. It works fine in mozilla firefox but when I open it in IE it goes all over the place… do you have any suggestions or have you came across this problem before…? Thanks, Greg

Hello Greg, do you mean main black box on home page (which probably you see under logo box in IE)?

Hi Tanya, I purchased your template and I am having problem with getting the images on index.html to be displayed… I have read through all the suggested fixes and none have worked… have you been able to come up with a solutions to this problem? My website adress:

Thank you


Hi Lukas, thank you! Second reason might be wrong image path(s) and another reason might be in script itself (maybe you put extra comma where it should not be or something like that?)–compare symbol by symbol script on my index page and on yours. Otherwise all should work. Ah, and one more thing–if all is 100% correct, try to reupload your index.html to server once again, I remember one of my customers had 100% identical to mine code but only after reuploading, his images began to be displayed (this I cannot explain logically but probably something happened on the way to server, so may be in your case it is the same). Tanya

Hi, thanks for your advice. I still have a problem. It’s strange, when I am starting the file on local host everything is ok, but when I am starting the file onto the server the script doesn’t work. Please help :)

Hi, and how are other scripts? Do all of them work apart this one? Anyway, send me a folder with your: index.html, stylesheet and crossslide.js, I shall upload on my server and see. If on my hosting all is ok, the problem is somewhere in your hosting, let’s try. Best, Tanya.

Hello. I installed the template but the system can not find the css style file. I have uploaded with ftp but there is the same problem. Why? Thank you

Hello, thank you! Main stylesheet is entitled styles.css, it is located right in the root folder along with all html files and a few folders (like js, other secondary css, fancybox, images etc). Simply transfer styles.css to your server (via ftp) in case you forgot about, that’s it. Tanya.

when I try to decompress the file to upload it to ftp tells me: “There was an error while trying to encrypt the folder.” I do not know what to do?! :(

I understand you see stylesheet in the folder, right?

Hmm, what for do you try to decompress the file? And which file? You simply need to upload all files (html, css, folders etc) as they are (after editing your content, naturally) to your server. What (which software–Filezilla, html editor, browser) does give your the above mentioned error? Maybe you use inbuilt ftp manager–as far as remember Dreamweaver has such the feature–and it gives you an error? Well, I am afraid, in the meantime I do not understand exactly your actions, could you please give more details in order I could help you?

i tried to use wordpress to upload the template with the original compressed folder, but WP answer that missed the style sheet named style.css. after i decompressed the folder (/themeforest-244389-coffee-house-html5-website-template) and using filezilla i uploaded in WP themes folder without problems the files. But when try to use the template in WP, than alert said me that the theme are corrupt. what do you suggest to solve the problem? maybe you can try to install it proving if is possible. or a skype conference. thanks a lot. greeting Roberto.

Hello Roberto!

Wordpress??? Oh, now I understand, you did not mention wp ever in our previous correspondence…

Do you mean that you try to upload my html template to WP as it is, before it is converted to WP? If so, it cannot work, definitely. Or you did convert it to WP and it does not work? If so, you probably you need to read guidelines how to upload the folder to wp–I have little knowledge about wp, to be honest. Tanya.

how do i make this theme responsive??

Awesome work! Are you working on it for responsive? Thank you

Thank you so much! No, this template will remain for desktops only.

Hey there, neet template… I’m having trouble with seeing the same magic on my ipad. The gallery section doesn’t open like it does on other devices. Any suggestion on what I can do to make it cross browser friendly. Thx

Hello, maybe. The template is desktop browser friendly, however, as you see in description it was not built with mobiles in mind, was built for and tested solely on desktops. Do you mean fancybox gallery? It is also desktop oriented lightbox. Try to replace it with rlightbox, it works better with smaller devices since it is responsive (though once again it is also desktop oriented).

Drat, I guess I misunderstood the browser testing comments… Thx.

I would like if you can update info how to configure contact form using Google documents.


Hello, yes, sure. Drive recently changed a little bit their approach. Watch this: and this:

What is important is the first line in the form which was:

<form action="" 
method="post" target="hidden_iframe" id="contact" onsubmit="submitted=true;">

(it comes with formkey)–and now it should be:

<form action="" method="POST" id="ss-form" target="hidden_iframe" onsubmit="submitted=true;">

actually that is what you see when you click “View Live Form”, get a live form and right click to view source. Also ids and name are important.

I mean form ids and names.

I really appreciate, thanks for quick response

Hi, I am also having the home page image problem. I joined this site specifically for this template. I uploaded the code to my server exactly as it was extracted, to test if it worked. I didn’t touch any of the code, I only uploaded to my image folder 1 large size image using all the image sizes you suggested, and I tried a larger size. Still dosen’t work. It’s too bad, I really wanted to use this theme.

Hello Allisson, 1 image is not enough, two different images are required for at least. You may add as many as you wish, but 2 are a minimum. Thanks, try to add another image, see what’s happening.

Thank you for the quick reply. It’s still not working even with 2 images.

Never mind, I got it to work.

I do have one other question- how would I be able to load the home page with the navigation bar exposed from the start instead of having to reveal it by clicking?

CSS, remove display:none.

You are welcome!