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Thank you for your prompt response John and Christina. This is a great theme!

Thanks so much, nacre! We really appreciate it!

hello i just bought this template and the PSD files where mising… and as you can see i really need them… please contact me

marioestrella please send us an email address using our contact page and we will email you the files you’re missing.

Hey all,

We just wanted to let you know that an updated version of this template is on its way (pending approval). This will include all the .psd files we neglected to upload originally. We have also added a working contact form.

Thank you marioestrella for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for our oversight and hope this doesn’t cause an inconvenience to those that have purchased this template.

Once the updates have been approved, those of you who purchased our template will be able to download the updated files via Theme Forest. If you would prefer to contact us directly through our contact page we will send you the .psd files and contact form ASAP through email.

We will also post at the top of this page that the files have been updated so you all know you are getting those files.

Thanks so much! John and Chris

Hi, I don’t suppose you have a wordpress version of this template by any chance? ;-)

Sorry, there is no Wordpress theme available.

Nice theme. Has it been tested in 2010 browser releases? ie8, ff, safari, chrome etc

Working on testing now. So far so good :) Thanks for stopping by skane.

ETA : 2010 browser compatibility verified.

interested in buying the theme…but can you provide me with some changes, images and all, so that i can use it for a tea company instead?

Hi Jack!

We sent a reply to your email a few days ago. If you didn’t receive it or have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your interest in our template! Chris and John

Hi, great theme. I am updating the PSD file for a friend and I am trying to show the slices but none appear. Is there slices in the PDF file? Thank you.

Hello yvesmailhot,

We sent an email to you a few weeks ago. If you did not receive it or have additional questions, please let us know.

Thank you

Hi Twoaz1

Looking to purchase this and hopefully use for Salon/Beauty Based Business.

Is the template set to one colour, or is there scope to chance this, or can you customize if we were to specify colours?

Thank you for considering our template for your application, Dave.

Some changes to colors in this set can be easily made using CSS . These includes fonts and background colors of various elements. The CSS is well documented and easy to modify. Some items, such as the rounded border corners and textured backgrounds are images. These may be changed using Photoshop with the included layered PSD files. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide customization services at this time. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


is this a wordpress theme?

is this a wordpress theme?

hi twoaz1, is there a .htaccess file to go with this site to clean up the Urls as all the pages show extensions of .html which isn’t too google friendly, im not great with htaccess any chance of getting the code to rewrite using apache server? to get of all of the .html extensions on the web url’s removed/re written so that for example turns into


is there an administration panel to make changes to the site ? i am a beginner :)


I found your coffee theme.

It is our coffee sketches

(People love the hand drawn style!)

Is it possible to exchange our thumbnail icons with yours?

It might help us to get more traffic and improve our sales.

Please kindly let me know.