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re: the text input fields ignoring the ‘placeholder’ attribute, we have the same problem in firefox. Did that fix you mentioned work in the end? is it fixed? thanks

this seems to work btw;

contact-form input {

padding: 0 0 0 10px; height: 60px !important; } #contact-form input #name { padding: 30px !important; }

Yes there is a bug on firefox, when you use padding inside of input text boxes, it moves the placeholder down, the solution that you mentioned before works ( adding height , instead of using padding ), You can still use padding on the left / right of the input.


The work images on your work landing page on coffee theme.(I know they are not linked to go anywhere on your demo) but are they touch enabled for ipad? as one and two touches don’t seem to work when linked. or do you have to take the work overlay off it for the link to work?

The same with the social icons in the footer, do you have to take the tool-tip class off them for it to work as link on ipad? same problem.

You can convert those to links by surround them inside of

<a href="link-to-my-portfolio//link-to-my-social-network"> // the images goes here </a> 

Hope this helps,

I’m not talking about a basic href link, I mean when this is done/there is a link it, works fine on desktop but doesn’t link/work at all on ipad/iphone, so it must be some kind of touch event issue? anyway have just stripped out the overlays and it works ok.

What you can try is adding a display block to the link, I can’t recall at this time how i coded this theme, if you could, send me a link to the page or section that you are describing.

Regards, Moosethemes.

Would love to see the theme updated for the latest version of Zurb Foundation (5)!

I can doit as a custom job, if you would like to.

What version of Foundation, please? Does it come with the SASS files?

foundation v3 that supports IE8 and yes i did use sass files an they are included.


Links on navigation menu with mobile, cannot be clicked (tested with galaxy s4 and iphone 5s). Do you have any solution for it?

Not a very good author, I bought it and it’s using Foundation 3? Has anyone heard of maintaining their product?

I’m basically completely re-writing the HTML and SASS from scratch and using the design as a spec because this is so janky.

Tabs and spaces are mixed everywhere. This is a very poor product, would have been better to just sell a $3.00 PSD for me to slice on my own.

-Did you know that foundation 4/5 do not support IE8 ? if i update the product how am i suppose to provide support for it,
- Created at 4 December 12, updated at 4 December 12, Next time you purchase something do your research!.
- I’ve used tabs, there is a plugin on ST3 or 2, convert spaces to tabs, 1 click so …. yeah!.
- So there you go!

I’d also love to know how to convert the “hover” on the image galleries so that it is touch-screen friendly. Any images that have the nice hover overlay on a desktop do not work on mobile/tablet. When you go to touch the image to get to the link, it does not go to the link, instead it blinks. Under @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) if I delete this section it works, but also affects screen sizes larger than 767px: .work-img-inner-container a:hover .work-overlay { background: transparent; /* Feedback color */ background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5); /* For modern browsers */ -ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(GradientType=1, StartColorStr='#7F000000', EndColorStr='#7F000000')"; /* For IE8 */ zoom: 1!important; /* Trigger hasLayout */ position: absolute; top: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; border: solid 4px white; border-radius: 3px; display: block; }


I found your coffee theme.

It is our coffee sketches

(People love the hand drawn style!)

Is it possible to exchange our thumbnail icons with yours?

It might help us to get more traffic and improve our sales.

Please kindly let me know.


Not really sure what you mean here, but if your questions is : can you swap the icons on the preview ( and use images instead ) the answer is : YES :).

demo is broken?