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Hey Dany, Just wondering if the theme is compatible with WP 3.8?


Yes, it is compatible. In case you do find something we’re here to sort it out ASAP.

Hi, in the menu page when I press a category and then press “ALL” to see all of the menu items again but nothing happens. Let me know if you need a link

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

is your theme compatible with woocommerce?

It would be but there is 1-2 files to change, if you never did it, it might be a little bit complex.

Hi Dany,

I would like to know if I can change the typographie of the text of the website without modify the CSS of your theme ? And if it’s possible, where I can change this factor ?

I have already searched, but I didn’t find !

Thank you !

Hey, sorry about this. Did you create your account?

Yes, I did!

But it’s ok, I have found the solution !

However, I have an other question, where I can found the code for the accordion/tabs effect ? And how can I use it ?

Hey, please it’s in the documentation :)

how to add a left vk.com???

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

P.S. I’m not sure what you meant by “how to add a left vk.com”, so please explain the question better, thanks.

Are you able to add a gps map in the contact page?

Great! Now for changing fonts on the theme, I need a couple of specific fonts to be used, am I able to use them? How would I do so? I need to make sure I can do this in advance before I purchase the theme.

Hey for the fonts you can use any Google font and simply change the CSS, it’s quite easy if you know how and if you don’t I can recommand a nice service that can do that for you for a small fee if you want.


This theme is compatible with woocomerce ?

Thanks Andy

It will work but won’t be style according to the styling of the theme

Hi Dany, thanks for the excellent template. Makes my job a LOT easier.

I have a couple of ideas/feature suggestions.

1) It would be nice if we could make the events we enter show up in order of then the event actually is. Right now, they show in the order I enter them.

2) A small “events calendar” that can be put in the sidebar as a widget would be great. we had that with a different plugin, but it would be nice if that was built-in to your great theme. I know about the one widget, but I’d like an actual calendar that had days bolded with links on days there was an event.

Just some ideas.

Thanks again! David

Hey, thanks for your input, will definitly take those in consideration.

Hi I am trying to install following your video and I keep getting the below error when I am trying to import the layout.

Can you please let me know how i can fix this?

Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2014/02. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

Thanks Kaitlyn

This error comes up everytime I try to upload an image


The server is not allowing WordPress to create directories in the uploads folder. Here’s an official WordPress page on that. But I strongly suggest not to try to change permissions yourself, it’s best to contact the hosting provider about it.

Hi Dany,

Can you please tell me how to make your theme compatible with a Woocommerce plugin. I am having a range of issues…pictures resized etc

Many thanks, Jon

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Pre buy questions:

1- Does it supports Child Themes? 2- WPML ready?

Thx in advance ;)

Hey, 1- Yes it does, 2- No it’s not sorry.

Headers and descriptions for the slider randomly vanished and don’t show up anymore. I posted in your forum as well.

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Hi there, Fantastic theme, I really need your help with something though. The whole site working depends on this function… Here is my site: http://bearmarket.ie You can see on the homepage that I have 4 tabs underneath the slider. I need to be able to link out of the tabs under the slider. I dont want people to have to click on the tabs in order to see something on the slider and then have to click on that… I tried putting in buttons to make this work in the tabs under the slide. I used button code and tried to open a new tab using this code: We off a range of different classes for different levels! SIGN UP NOW The click does not function in the tabs though and the click does not work. Please can you come up with a way for me to simply be able to click outwards on the buttons in the tabs underneath the slider on the homepage? Much appreciated. Thanks, John

Will answer today.

I have put my issue on this url to help you understand:http://bearmarket.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/bear_issue.png the buttons will not work when in the widgets underneath the slider. They only work when you right click on them. I need to be able to allow people to click on these buttons. John

Please keep it on the forum.


I was working on my site and all of a sudden the background disappeared. Not sure why. Everything is in place on the backend. Do you have any perspective why this happened? Thanks for your help!



Nevermind, figured it out!

Ah, awesome! :)

Hi Dany, Great theme. I just can’t figure out how to add a favicon. Can you tell me where to go? Thanks :)

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

Hello Danny,

Does the theme come with all the images?

Thank you.

No you have to buy them on photodune.

Hey Danny.

First of all you have made a really awesome theme!

I’m Greek so many of the fonts that are used in the theme don’t work, so i’m left with the default fonts for greek. I would be greatful if you could send me a list of the fonts that are used (ex. menu ) so I change them manualy from the editor, or propose an alternative way to automaticaly change them. I’ve came across some comment tags displayed as #font-face, that you suggest to change. Does this solve the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Please visit the support forum, I will help you there : http://www.danyduchaine.com/forum

pre sales question: the four sections underneath the slider: can i have them click to separate pages instead of them scrolling the slider? also can i add my own html to any page of the theme?

No you can’t redirect them sorry. Sure you can output any html in any page.

i cannot insert my own html into a page?

Yes you can.

can i insert my own html into a page?

Yes you can.