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Awesome man! Good Luck with sales…..

Good luck with sales :)

Looks amazing! Good luck :)

As always, an awesome template!

Love this theme, but I have some questions. I noticed on the portfolio view for 3 columns it says no ajax, can I have no ajax for 4 columns? I would like that when they click on the pic it takes them to the post.

Also can you input sound and video in the posts?

I am ready to buy but need those questions answered first :-)

yes, you can set each portfolio to your likings, in any variation. 4 column without ajax is therefore possible :)

Adding videos to posts (youtube, vimeo) via slideshow manager is possible. The theme doesnt support natural music bu if you intend to embed soundcloud streams or something similar that works with an iframe that would work

You are on fire!! Keep up the great themes!

Looking good :)

great work as always!

awesome theme as always…

Great work Christian!

Thanks everyone glad you guys like it :)


I’ve been wanting to do an arrow menu indicator like that (where it appears to cut out and reveal the background) for a long time, but couldn’t think of a way to implement it with color control.

Very nicely done. I can tell that put some thought into that!


Thanks Chris! Its nice when the small details that often take more time to pull off than an entire layout get noticed ;D

Was indeed a little tricky but in the end I think there are only so many way to make that work. Only other option I can think of is a canvas/svg solution but I guess that would be more complicated, although it would support a few more browsers :)

Anyways, feel free to copy it :)

Great engineering my friend. It’s subtle, but has a huge impact IMO .

CAn it be stretched rather than boxed?

Unfortunately not. usually I include this option but the design didnt work very well that way (main focus for example multiple background images for multiple posts. something that doesnt go well with stretched layouts)

Great. I will buy it next week. Awesome typography with letters and spacing. Well done (wie immer).

Danke schön ;)

Amazing work man! Idk if this was recent? but congrats on 40k sales! ;) Keep up the good work!

Great work as always, congrats :)

Good-looking theme with some very cool features. The responsive theme wars are really heating up! Good luck with big sales!

I would be very interested in your new theme, too. Have you tested this theme with the WPML plugin?

I tried to use it with your other themes, and with every theme it failed when you use a multisite installation of WP with domainmapping (!). The support there is bad, I wait for answers now since 2 months! So I would be interesting, if you have already tested this theme with a MU installation and mapped domains.


I have tested it with multi site but cant with domain mapping :/

This theme as well as the latest version of propulsion use a special “bridge script” I am currently testing for the framework. this script activates as soon as the wpml plugin is active and creates a unique backend option set for each language. I dont usually do that but if you want to, I’ll provide you with a free copy of the theme, you can test it, and if you want to use it you just purchase it on themeforest :)

you can send me a message via the contact form if that is something you would like to try.

This looks so cool. Something you might want to change on your live preview: When you click the menu item “Page: Sidebar Left”, it takes you to a page with the sidebar on the right.

thanks! didnt notice ;)

Can the Ajax version of the 4 column portfolio be a part of the homepage as well? For instance on your “alternative” homepage in the demo, could the lower portfolio section run with Ajax like the internal portfolio does?

yep, all possiblke ;)

Couple other quick questions. Can the fonts and colors all be easily swapped like they can in the Admin Panel of your theme, Angular? Also, in Angular, you can actually pick background colors for the Ajax portfolio (for instance your “Boxed Lime Green” skin has a black backdrop instead of the white). Is that doable here as well?