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Awesomeness! :D Love the portfolio pages & background images which you have choose! good luck

great theme – just purchased it and am currently customizing it. How would I go about using a google web font that’s not in your current selection (in theme options)??

client’s branding is very similar to “Delius Swash Caps” – would be a nice touch to use.

Thanks so much! susan

Hey Susan!

Open register-admin-options.php in folder includes/admin

scroll down to line 709: here you will find a list of all google fonts, just add new names the same way you already see there to add new fonts.

make sure that you add the font to the correct dropdown (heading fonr or body text font)

whohoo - let me try that – thanks so much for the speedy response! s

DONE . thanks – you rock. If you plan on adding the Pinterest social icon – definitely let me know! thanks again. s

Nice work Kriesi ;)

Am I missing something? Where are the options for the Home page? Alternative Home Page? I want to implement that? Where do I find that option on the theme? Please advise. Great theme by the way!!


you can select which page to display at the homepage in your backend at coherence->theme options.

if you want to use a homepage similar to the demos alternate homepage open coherence->template builder->frontpage and edit that template. YOu need to make sure that the template is applied to the specific page you selected as homepage of course. this you can do by opening the edit page site for this particular page and in the sidebar select dynamic template.

This has the best instructions of any template i have seen on here to date. SMART MOVE , good luck I’m sure you wont need it with this kind of quality and your responsiveness.

Just purchased this theme. Just installed this theme. I love this theme.

Kriesi does it again. Your best yet mate, amazing.

Hi Kriesi I seem to be getting stuck on the homepage slider. It’s not rotating. Just sitting static on the first image.

I’m using a ‘Page’ that uses the “Frontpage” Dynamic Template. Slideshow Options: Moving Slider, Full Width AutoRotation – Yes, Duration 3Seconds

is there something I’m not doing – or am doing that’s canceling these options out?

thanks in advance. susan

hi, just bought the theme.

but if i upload a picture its not sharp if i strech it!? how can i set perfectly my background pictures? in documentation there is nothing about the size for background pictures!?

COOLE THEMES KRIESI ! Hab schon einige von dir gekauft. :)

is it possible to show breadcrumb navigation with this theme ?

is it possible to choose which slide in slideshow u want? now there all slides in random mode.

how did u set up google maps?

Just purchased theme…great work. Quick question. How can I remove the “Archive for category:” text that always appears as a category heading for blog posts? Thanks.

hey… wanted to bubble this one up to the top. thanks in advance.

Hi Kriesi I seem to be getting stuck on the homepage slider. It’s not rotating. Just sitting static on the first image.

Seriously great looking theme and I have one question before I buy. For the homepage where the gallery image opens up to the full information on the homepage, can you select which images show for the 8 images you have there (like in your sample). They are all from different gallery categories I am assuming. I am just wondering if there is a way to make sure only certain ones show on the homepage. Are they sorted by date or is there an option for which images show?

I have 8 product categories and I’d like one image from each category to display on the homepage and be able to use that awesome gallery effect. Then I imagine they can click the “read more” text and get the rest of the related gallery items as currently happens in the gallery.

Do you see this being possible?

I look forward to using this theme!

Hi. Love this template. Thinking about getting it but wanted to know if the pricing tables are fixed width or can I create a 5 column pricing table?


Hi, Great template ! I would like to have a fade-in / out effect on hover images with link. Can you explain me how to do this ? Thanks in advance.

Looks very good! My question. Is included “AviaCordion Slider” option for the first page in this theme?

Hi, gorgeous theme! Can the accordion style slider be used here? I don’t see whether it is included and we need it for the site we’re working on. Thanks!

how do i change the google map??