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Regarding my issue of slider not working on Homepage. I went to your own message boards ( and found that someone with the same problem identified the problem. He determined that by updating the jquery file (from 1.6 to 1.6) fixed the issue. Putting this comment here in case it helps anyone else out. s

Hi, Lovely Theme, but have questions before I think about the purchase!

1. I do not like “Read More” buttons on the blog, I like 3-4 full posts per page. Is it possible to do that as a full-post blog rather than adding “Read More—->”? I want all content/photos on that blog.

2. For the blog page, I would like a header image on it, is that possible?


Hi Kriesi, I have a question before purchasing the theme. The website I would be using it for needs to be multi-langual, in the past I used the Qtranslate plugin (which gave some SEO problems). Is the theme optimized for running in 3 languages (Dutch, English, German)?

Hi Kriesi,

Just bought the theme and I’m so excited to work on it. I congratulate you on a beautiful theme.

Could you give me code to filter and remove the backlink with an add_filter function from the theme’s functions.php file? Although I wouldn’t mind having “Wordpress Premium Theme by Kriesi” on the footer, my client does.

Thanks, RC!

Never mind, got it ;)

Theme Update

Hey Guys! We have just released a new patch for the theme!

Mai 14th Update: we have updated the framework folder across all of our WordPress Themes for security and new functionality! Go get it now :)

Please re-download the latest set of files from your “Downlaods” page and replace the files mentioned in the version.txt file that comes with the download.

Theme Support

Please use the support forum we have set up here for any support questions you have:

If you got any pre sales questions please use the contact form on my profile page :)

Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi


First off I’d like to say that this theme is BEAUTIFUL !

I have one question before purchasing…Can I add the thumbnail slider to individual portfolio / project pages?

I like that it’s on the home page, but I need to be able to add multiple thumbnail sliders throughout project pages.


This is the best Theme I ever work using WPML Plugin… Is Just Super Flexible… Amazing Job… ;)

Love this theme, I’m gonna buy it, but I was wondering if there is a shortcode showing posts of a specific category. Thanks in advance.


I purchased this theme, and it looks very nice, very customizable.

I do have one issue: For some reason I get an error on line 112 of the helper-template-logic.php, being:

foreach($portfolios as $portfolio)

Does someone know how to fix this? Thanks


really like the look of your themes. Am wondering what are the key differences between Coherence and Flagship: Is it just a matter of design nuance – I presume they both offer the same degree of flexibility, similar templates & widgets etc?

Or am I missing something




Nice theme! I am interested in using this for a site where we will be incorporating BuddyPress.

Will this be a problem for this theme?



How do I get the buttons and text to overlay on the slider items like in the demo?

Great theme! But here is a strange issue for you to look into. I have dropped the footer down to 3 columns. I placed the iframe code for a Facebook like box into the footer for column 3 using the widgets section in the backend. I end up with a car video in the box – this is the same thing if I place the iframe code into either the 1st or 3rd column. If I place the Facebook iframe code into the second column widget area everything works just fine….???

Please help with this issue!

Also is there a way to turn off the portfolio section on the homepage of the website?

HI All

Anyone know where I can get the rivre rocks backgound? I just bought this template and I really like the rocks background :-)



Sorry for my English. There is a default content for this theme? Can I use other default content files (such as Halfscreen theme) with this theme?


Hi, great looking theme! Is it possible to embed video and soundcloud links into the portfolio/thumbnail section maintaing the cool slide panel effect thing.


I installed NextGen Gallery, but when someone clicks an image, it opens the nextgen gallery lightbox and the wordpress/theme lightbox, how can I turn that off?

Hi, I am trying to “de-capitalize” the portfolio titles in the portfolio view (4 rows). It does not seem to be controlled by the CSS so I guess it is hidden somewhere in your JS’s.

Also, is it possible to have a “date” order for the Portfolio, for the moment, it is sorted as I add them. I tried to change the post date but it does not seem to do the trick.

Thanks for your help.

Hey I just noticed my grass photo is used in this theme as the main image! Cool! Any chance of a link being added to your items description page to my image on photodune Kriesi?