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Hi, Its possible to create multi portfolio ? ex: . Portfolio 1 . Sub 1 . Sub 2 .... . Portfolio 2 . Sub a . Sub b ...

Thx !

good afternoon. How would i add a google webfont to the list of available ones on the site? thanks, great theme

Question: Having a problem with the display of the theme in Windows under IE. The menus don’t display the same, and don’t show the arrows that ties them visually to the menu item hovered over. As in they just seem to float.

Is anyone else having a similar issue?


hi Kriesi

I bought your fabulous theme and I’m very happy with the purchase, but I have a question that I want to tell before, to buy WPML .

In your theme says that is compatible with WPML , but I want to Know if the text of the slide, and contact form can also be translated with WPML . I’m testing QTranslete, but does not give me option to translate these texts.

I want Know what levels of translation allows your theme with WPML before buying it.

Thank you very much!!

I want to echo robincitrin’s question. In IE8 , there seems to be an issue with dropdown menus. They pop and are not easy to click. is there an issue with this theme and ie8?

hello! first, thanx for the great theme.

i have the same problem as robincitrin. in ie 8 and 9 the arrows under the navigation aren’t visible. in all browsers on my start page the arrows aren’t visible, too. but when i click any link in my navigation, then the arrows are visible. In theme options, I’ve selected that page as start page. whats wrong with my start page?


the problem with my start page is solved. under theme customize i must select my start page, too.

how can i change the page title in browser top after the ”|”? i only have “Villa Ilse | (nothing)”

i cant set google maps, please help

This is a fantastic theme…. totally going to purchase this again…5 star recommendation! I have only one question however, how do I change the text ‘Please proof that you are human by solving the equation*’, my guy just wants the ‘spam avoiding, please answer the question above’.

Thanks a mil in advance and for your great work Debut

How can I change the css on the shortcodes, particularly I would like to italicize the quotes.


I need the HTML files. Thanks!

Is theme support provided after purchase? If yes, through what forum? It doesn’t look like questions are being responded to here.

Hello Kriesi,

Great template. And very easy to customise. Regarding the google fonts. I would like to use this google font:Courgette

How can I add this in so that it appears in the Theme styling setting in the drop down?



I just wanted to say to anyone browsing the comments to consider whether to buy this theme… BUY IT!

The features are incredible and the support is BEST-IN-CLASS! (There is a support forum that you can sign up with for all of Kriesi’s themes and the help is amazing.)

That’s all,


I would like to buy the theme but before I do, can anyone tell me if there is an option to have the slider elegantly fade or slide change, rather than the funky box/stripe transitions that are on the demo site?

Many thanks Katie McGregor

How would I make the social icons link as target=”_blank” please?

Also, where/how would I set the Popular/Recent/Tags area to have the default display Recent instead of Popular? Thanks again.

Hi Great Template!!! I have a problem! The facebook’s link ‘ILIKE’ in the articles (and portfolio items) doesen’t works!!! have you any suggestion? Thanks

Hello, my client really likes this template. I wanted to know if it’s compatible with shopp plugin for the purpose of making a catalogue. Let me know. Thank you!

Hi. I have put the slideshow of the home page in a page layout width sidebar (I have selected “Adjust to page layout” in the Slideshow options)... but I need the the height of the slides higher. How can I do thtat? Thanks.