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Great theme! Easy to setup and a mere pleasure to use. Configurations are easy to do and if questions come up – the support forum really supports.


Im interested in getting this theme. Is the black/white overlay coloring of the portfolio items on the front page & portfolio page something that can be turned off? If so is it changed in the theme options or in the coding? Not familiar with coding so I hope it can be made in theme options.


There is no “real” option but its quite simple to deactivate. In the theme backend you got a textarea for additional styles (called quick.css) were you just need to paste this line:

.filtered-image{display:none !important;}

This will deactivate the greyscale effect on the whole site

Hi Kriesi: I bough your Coherence theme for Wordpress. Nice work, its amazing! Only one question: Do you want some dummy that I can use?

Thanks in advance

Hey! you can install the daummy data in coherence->theme options by pressing the import dummy data button ;)

Hi there ! Very nice multi language theme !

I would like to be sure of one thing before buying the theme. It’s written : “WPML plugin ready: WPML Plugin, in case your business needs a multi language site”

Does the template contains WPML plugin ? Does the WPML licence included ? or do i have to buy the plugin ?

Thank you in advance.

Hey! The plugin is not included sorry, you would need to purchase a licence yourself

About my last question, I have more precision. I’m not sure to buy WPML because I don’t need automatic translation.

So I choose Xili language plugin which is lighter and Opensource.,_prerequisites So I would like to know if your theme is ready for localization as Xili language ask for. I need to know if the code contains php functions to translate labels, items and texts according the current language used by the webmaster. Because xili-language will use this feature to create a multilingual context for visitors.

Thank you in advance.

Hey! Yes the theme uses wordpress textdomain functions for translation. Should work fine :)

Great ! and thank you for your quick answer ! :)

Hey Kriesie, since the latest Wordpress version 3.6 the slider doesn’t function normally anymore in Firefox it does it Internet Expoler.

Any chance that it can be fixed?

Please update to the latest version and let us know if anything doesnt work out. (See message bellow)

WordPress 3.6 Update

Hey Guys! We just released an update for WordPress 3.6 which fixes a Slider issue and some other smaller problems.

If you have any issues please update to the latest theme version :) In case you run into problems feel free to open a support thread:

Hello Kriesi, quick question. I would need for the header (black bar) where the logo is, to be higher. I need more space for the logo to “breath”

Im sure its just a small change in the css, right?

Im only afraid because of the responsive design, if its going to be a problem…


Youre the man, I have to say that I starting to only trust in your themes, theyre great ;)


Thanks, glad you like my themes :)

What you need is quite easy: Add this to your custom.css stylesheet in folder /css/ or to the quick-css panel located in your wordpress backend at Coherence->Styling:
#top .logo {
padding: 15px 0;

Increases/decreases the padding of the logo itself and makes the header area grow or shrink accordingly ;)

perfect. I’m gonna buy it now and start work on it.

thanks again, and keep up the good work.

do you have and exl file for the example you have on themeforest?

Well, it wont look exactly like the demo but most of the post and pages are imported for reference

is there anyway to get one that does?

No sorry. I cant deliver a complete demo installation for several reasons one of them has to do with licensing and redistribution of content

Will this theme work with WordPress 3.7.x ?

Hi kriesi.. i have one of your theme already and now i interested with this one :) My question is : I need to show products in portfolio pages with more than 3 product categories,can i do that with this theme? thanks

Yes of course :)


I am trying to speed up my site and I have already installed the W3 Total Cache plugin. Is there anything else you can suggest for optimization for this theme? Is it possible that I can remove some js or css files if I don’t use certain functions of the theme?


Hey! I usually test with w3 superchace but total cache should work fine as well. If I want to speed up the site more I usually also use the better wp minify plugin which packs all css and javascript files into one single file :)

Hello! I am thinking of buying your theme, and am wondering if I could easily load two different logos on different pages? for instance, I would like one logo in the header on the home page, and another one on header of the blog page… thanks for answer

Hey Chloro. This would only work with a short customization of the theme files, it is not available out of the box. Guess we could help with this since it would basically just require to hardcode 2 different logo files into your header.php file.

If you purchase the theme and need help with that feel free to open a thread in our support forum here:

Hello Kriesi!

I would like to buy Choerence, but I’m under the impression you have abandoned it. In fact I observed that you, after the last release on Nov. 2012, have not worked on this theme anymore. So, my question is: Is Choerence fully compatible with WP3.8?

Hey! There are no reports that indicate otherwise. the theme will not receive feature updates but we will keep it compatible with wordpress for at least another few years :)

Hi Kriesi,

I am considering this theme for an artist who makes high and narrow statues and have a pre-purchase question:

In your demo the portfolio overview has landscape size images. Can the images in the portfolio of this theme also be set to different (portrait) size?

Thanks for your advise!

Regards, Monique

(I may be asking the same kind of question for other themes as well.)

Hey! The Enfold Theme of ours does offer the option, unfortunately this theme doesnt :)

Ok, I’ll focuss on Enfold then. Thanks!

Hi Kriesi,

I got the Coherence theme for a client of ours and so far much of the theme is working really well, so I want to say thank you.

One little issue, though, that I’m hoping there is a way to fix. The responsiveness of the site works really well except with the tables feature. Unfortunately, a lot of how my client wants the information organized is with the tables, however, when viewed on smaller screens, such as mobile, some ares of the type gets kicked outside of the cell and starts to overlap with other type. Is there a way you can fix the responsiveness of the tables in the next update? I know tables are sometimes tricky to work with in code …

We have a programmer on staff at our company that may be able to manipulate the code to fix it, but then even if he got it to work, it could be undone with the next theme update, so I wanted to see if there is something you can do about it. Let me know.

Thank you very much


Unfortunately tables are a tricky task with responsive web design and depending on which data the table is showing and who it is arranged (by column or by row) you need different fixes.

I would recommend to let your developer create the CSS fixes and then add them either to the custom.css file (which we will never change in a theme update so its easy for you to re-apply the changes) or add it to the quick css field in coherence->styling which will also be unaffected by theme updates.

Thank you very much for your quick response!

Hope it helps :)

Can we use this stone texture? or who is to be asked for permission? Thank you so much in advance! Best regards

Hey! Its an image purchased on photodune. You can buy a license here:

Guys, am I missing something? Why don’t you just have a little demo page like all the other authors where one could quickly reference the shortcodes WITHOUT HAVING TO IMPORT THE DEMO CONTENT SOMEWHERE!? This is so frustrating. Every once in a while when I use one of the themes that I bought from you, I run into this annoying problem.


The shortcode builder that is used by the theme should guide you trough the process of creating any shortcode without the need to copy/paste it from somewhere else, but if you tell me which one you need (simply link to the page) I will gladly post if here for you

hello! after updating wordpress to 4.0, the tabs on the theme options page have disappeared. Any help on this please?

Hey! Please update the theme to the latest version as well :)

you can download it here:

Hi Kriesi,

Do you have a changelog so that I can see what I need to replace to update the them? The description shows the Version 1.6 and the most recent release is 1.8 So I’m trying to find out what changed between ver. 1.6 & ver. 1.7. Thanks.

Hey! When you download the whole theme package at it also contains a version file with folders and files that are changed