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I love this very much! Good job!

Great as usual…

Very nice!
Good luck sir :-)

Simple and effective :) Nice job

Another great product

Great, thanks.

Once again you have done it so well. Collective – Professional HTML Theme is so nice to work with.Our team thanks you. :)

We thank you back for your business.

Themefuse always makes stunning items!

Great theme, i like the menu (with the submenu) and the flat feel. Good luck with sales!


creative theme :)
good luck with sale
visit this item :grin:

thanks, but please don’t post spam or links to you personal projects here.

I’m considering purchasing this theme, it looks great. Just a couple of things I’ve noticed on the demo.

  • The background seems to show a redraw effect on scrolling. Is there any way to fix that?
  • The search button on the top right doesn’t have an icon.

Redraw effect on bg? It’s fixed on our end on every computer we have tested it.

As for the icon for the search, this is just a image, you only need to replace it with one of your own.

Hope this helps.

Hi, could you advise as I cant seem to get the contact from to sent via html code. I can see the below code and thought about adding “sendmail.php” where # is but nothing is working: Send

<form action="#" method="POST" class="ajax_form">

So set as # or with change no contact request are being sent.

Could you advise?

Sorry to push any help would be great.

Please post any technical question that you have on our Support Forum (, where our support team will help you out in no time.

Hi I love the look of this and the menu is fantastic but could you clarify that this theme does not include an automatic slider? Also, will this be compatible with IE 11? Thanks.


Thanks for the kind words. I’m not sure what you mean by automatic slider. If you want the slider from the homepage to slide only when the user clicks on the next or previews buttons this is easily done by changing a parameter in the js. Our guys can help you do that on the dedicated support forum after you purchase the theme.

I really love it, it’s so different than a lot of what’s out there. But no, actually my question was the opposite, on the live preview there is no animation, the slider only moves with the arrow buttons. Can I assume it’s just a glitch with the preview? Or IE 10, which is what I have? Thanks.

The slider can advance to next slide automatically, without user input, but we chose to present the Demo with it disabled. It’s just a setting in the JS that turns it on.