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you did an awesome job on this one, I like the Nivo Slider, great layout and styling… is the colone group your new brand? or is it just a name as example?

keep it up… you getting better and better

Thanks! :)

I use Colone as my new “Brand”. So that every Template is a part of a great family :)

love it, sounds professional… I also want a new Brand for my upcoming so-called products or components, but there’s nothing original or creative about a new brand in my mind yet!

Super! elegant! Good Luck!

thanks! :)

looks awesome, is it just me or does the Portfolio dropdown mess up?

In Chrome it is not placed correctly for me and i don’t even get a dropdown in firefox.

Oh thanks for telling. This Bug was just on the Live Preview. Will upload the fix ASAP (at school at the moment).

Uploaded the new Live Preview. Works now.

Again, this Bug was just in the Live Preview.

Hi there,

i have just purchased this template and i have noticed there is only thumbnail PSD is there there is no other PSD files.

My question is It should be PSDs for template or not?



there is a with one psd with many layers .

Hi there,

i have unzipped and it has only thumb.psd no other PSD , would you mind to please email it to me at as i have purchased this template.

Updated the Download Package. Also I sent you an Email with the psd.

The “Featured Slider” with tool-Tips is nice.


thanks alot! :)

The bug which @blazedd reported is still there. I think it’s still there because of different screen resolutions.

Hm… System Specs?

tested it on OSX Chrome,Firefox,Opera

and Windows Chrome,Firefox,Opera,IE7-9

Windows Vista, Firefox 3.6.3 (Widescreen)

Oh. That’s weird. Works with the normal Dropdown. Thanks for telling :)

Hey Man

Great temp :)

Having few issues with the navigation bar in IE9 ….It’s not showing any of the text “contact” etc…

any idea whats up?


I’m sorry I had an car accident and wasn’t able to check the internet.

Did you turn off javascipt?

Any help please?