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this is cool! How is SEO affected by the structure? Seems like individual pages/posts don’t have a unique URL

Yes, it’s meant to be a single-page portfolio. However, each portfolio piece comes with a description and a title within the HTML structure and is very semantic and clean.

Thank you!


It looks really cool, does it include any CMS ? How customers can add a new data?

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This is a HTML /CSS only template. The theme comes with instructions to add your portfolio pieces and modify it. We’re planning on WordPress version in near future.


Looks wonderful , congrats :)

Thank you! :)

would it be difficult to change the sizes of the tiles so I can fit 6 tiles up on the mobile? I have not looked at the code yet to determine how the responsive design reacts to adjustments on div elements.

The theme will become 2-column on iPad portrait sized device, 1 column on iPhone portrait sized device. Did you want to have 6 tiles horizontally or vertically?

To change the size of the tile, you will have to adjust the width & height with CSS and update the width in the jQuery script.

very nice good luck in sales mate


Quick note – would it be straight forward to assign a seperate tile colour for each portfolio section? Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can follow an example in the css.

Really nice homepage design ! When opening the portfolio pics those should be visible like the “about” page , and please not within a full page slider. Is this possible ? Congrats

I’ll keep this in mind for the future update. Thanks!

Another chef d’oeuvre of minimalism.

I need more boxes w/ more colors, is that a possibility?

Yes, this is possible with CSS . It’s making use of nth-child selector to color the boxes. Take a look at the lines 573-580 in style.css for an example.

Thanks for the reply.

I did what you told me but now there are recurring colors, did I miss something?

Hi, how many boxes are there? The example in the CSS has eight colors and will recur after eighth box. So if you want to assign a different color to every box, you should update the nth selector accordingly. For example, if you have twelve boxes, your CSS would look like this:

.box:nth-child(12n) { background: #hexcode; } .box:nth-child(12n+1) { background: #hexcode; } etc. up to 11.

Hope this helps!

Wordpress = Sold!

It’s in the pipeline. Thanks!

This is brilliant. I’m loving it. I just wondered – is it possible to start the portfolio with a filtered selection to begin with? I’m thinking my filters might be ALL WORK | LATEST WORK – and I’d like to have the LATEST WORK fire up straight away (so NOT show the whole grid initially – just a selection from it)... Do you know how I could do this?

Thanks! :)

Try this JavaScript code in your HTML file. You’ll see all the JavaScript files at the end of body.

$(’#container’).isotope({ itemSelector: ’.box’, filter: ’.yourclassname, #about’ });

Substitute yourclassname with your category name (such as ‘latest’).

Don’t forget to put the class “selected” on your Latest Work link.

Hi Glorm – Absolutely brilliant, works a treat, thank you so much. :)

hi! Can I put more than one photo in each box? and switching to full screen, inside the box, only to see those photos and not be possible to continue to do without going back to the beginning?



This would require customization. To have more than one photo in a box, you’d have to create new CSS to have the photos stack on top of each other.

Currently, the theme is built to have one slideshow. You can have more than one slideshow by assigning a different class name to the box, and make a JavaScript call to create a different slideshow.

Does not support WordPress? Whoops! Purchase, but … ?,.?

You could try contacting Envato support.

HI, I’d like to have text when i click on each image instead of an image. is this easy to do?

any help would be GREAT !

i tried copying what you did in the first box, but it didn’t come out right. i’d like whatever is in box one to be in all of the boxes, but keeping the cover images on all of the grid.

Please help!

Thank you!!

You are very talented!

Hello! This would require quite a lot of customization, and you’ll have to add your own CSS and JavaScript. The about box was meant to be the only text box, so it is selected by its ID. The script is very specific to that box, so you’ll have to make it more general. Please contact me via private messaging if you need further guidelines!

Good luck! (And thanks!)

Hi! Is there a way I can embed an HTML5 video from Vimeo rather than a JPG in a box?


Hello, sorry for the delay in response. The template uses colorbox plugin. You can find documentation on this plugin quite easily online. With some customization in HTML and JavaScript, you should be able to do this.

Will there be a wordpress version of this?

Hello! Yes, we’d like to get a WordPress version out but haven’t been able to fit it into our current schedule yet. Thanks for your interest!

Will there be a wordpress version of this?

It seems that that image quality on the thumbnails are lower than the quality I’m saving them at when viewed through my browser. Yet the profile pic and high-res images are spot on. Is there something I can do to make the thumbnails show better? Thanks.

Thumbnails should be 319×319 or larger.

Congrats! The theme looks fantastic. I love it and I’d like to buy it but I have to wait for the WordPress version because, unfortunately, I have no experience at all with HTML stuff… I hope WordPress version will come out soon.

It’s possible to invert the function? Start without color and apply when mouse over.