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I love your admin theme! Im not a pro with CSS , and doing good editing it. I have one question. How I can fix the problem you see in the image?

A few warning or errors of my script have multi-line, I need to expand the warning, error, alert box to allow me to write more.


Hi, The background is set to one picture. Therefore, it can not stretch.

To the text does not stepped and was the normal background, you need to: 1) Download and unzip the archive images in the folder “images”.
2) Open style.css and replace the code:

    .alert {    
        -webkit-border-radius: 3px;
        -moz-border-radius: 3px;
        border-radius: 3px;
    } {
        border:1px solid #aee17c;
    } p {
    } {
        border:1px solid #e18b7c;
    } p{
    } {
        border:1px solid #7ca7e1;
    } p{
    } {
        border:1px solid #e1b37c;


Really nice template, there’s just one thing stopping me from purchasing it, and that is the fact that it’s so Javascript/jQuery intensive. The loading times for all the different js files must be huge. Do you have any speed test results?

Hello. The results of the test loading the page no. But in other templates too have used many different Javascript. No need Javascript can be turned off.

Hi, I purchased template! I am wondering if you will do an update with responsive layout? thank you! :)

Hi. Updates were not going to do ;)

Hello, I’m russian and sorry for my english. :) Can you give me the PSD -file of logo? I want change sign to name of my CMS .


Privet, ja iz Ukraine i russkiy znau na 5+, budut voprosi pishi na email na russkom :)

PSD Logo –
The logo we use the font Bebas Neue –

hi, i just bought the template, it’s cool actually if you know which js and css that must be included on html for faster loading :)

anyway, on index.html why on password field we can see the real character, instead of * (asterix)? after i change <input type=”string” to <input type=”password” it breaks the css style. how can i manage this

You need to open the file css/login.css
Find the line: input[type=text] {
And replace with: input[type=text],input[type=password] {

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Sincerely, Dmitry. ;)

Hi, really nice template. I was wondering if you’re thinking of making a Mobile version soon?

Thanks and congratulations for your designs!

Hi, sachaz. Thanks. In the nearest future the mobile version unfortunately will not be.

Sincerely, Dmitry. :)

I see that the theme does not look like it works properly in IE8 . It have alignment issues in it.

Hi. I have no problem in IE8 . Screenshot:

Please show your screenshot.

Hi! What shoul I do if my gallery picture is not square? I have 150×200px image, and I use the gallery
    and the element
    • zoom
    • delete
  • but the picture is display wrong… here a screenshot

Hi. We are glad that you have purchased our product. I don’t even know how to help you… Gallery was developed under a certain size. And if you change the size of the image it is necessary to rewrite the entire code css gallery, as well as repainting the frame outline.

Open the file style.css, find a class “gallery-2” in it changes the size and location of the buttons (delete, zoom). And also you need to change the picture size pic-border.png.

Sincerely, Dmitry.

Can you help me? Which file should I change and in witch size should I create the image? I try to change the css before write you, but I can’t use really well css and photoshop and I can’t solve it…

Sorry, but that’s another paid job, which I do not do. I can only tell you which files need to make changes. But customize the template to suit your needs I will not.

Repeat: You need to open the file css/style.css. Find the class gallery-2 and the change in the size of the photo.

Hello, I love the look of the template and usability but I have some concerns if I wanted to use the template for a staffing company is it possible for each employee to their own admin login and account.

This admin will be used for employee to upload there hours and schedules and it will be one main employer admin that views all the other employee accounts.

Hello, we sell only the template. Workpiece. That is, design admin panel. The software part is to be implemented by your programmers to your specifications.

My Client purchased and send this template for development? So I didnt get version 1.1 updates in that package

How could i find liquid layout options and color templates?

Hi. If you have received version 1.1. In the archive you will find the following directory:

In the catalog of the liquid are templates you need flowers.

2-3 days will be released updated template.
Version 1,2 will include more colors, will be added responsive design.

Sorry, I didnt received directory like -documentation -fixed —blue —default —purle —red -liquid —blue —default —purle —red screenshot

Then How could i get updated template?

You probably got a version of 1.0. Let your client will download the new template in the Downloads.

We have not released the update. When the release, we will write about it.

Download can your client who bought previously here the template. In your account in the Downloads section.

Hello, will this admin be usable for wordpress and customizable as far as user roles for users who register to add their events to my site? Please let me know and If so I will purchase ASAP!


So you are saying I can use it :)

did not quite understand :) you need to be a programmer to adapt the template for wordpress.

Oh ok so it cant just be used as a plugin, it has to be programmed and customized in order to work with wordpress effectivly

Hi, I bought your theme a month ago because I absolutely love it and its great for my project, but, I have a problem with jquery Chosen plugin, and I assume that other users may have same problem with this plugin. The version that comes with the theme is old 0.9.5 and has a bug in the dynamicaly emptying and filling the list via jquery… When you insert a new version of the plugin that is currently active on the website of the developers of the plugin (1.2), which fix this bug, css file plugin is completely different (!!!) and appearance of list (combobox) fields does not match the appearance of theme form fields fe. textbox… I have changed some parts of new CSS but I do not know how to adjust the height and widht of fields to look like the other fields in old version. I think this could be solved, and that other people have the same problem like me. Thank you in advance. Best regards,

Hello. Thank you for showing interest in our product. Can you please screenshot your problem, because we don’t really know what it was about. Sincerely, Airtheme.

Thanks for your reply, I’ll try to explain the problem in another way. Your theme using jQury plugin “Chosen V.0.95”, in which there is a problem with creating a dynamic options in select form object eg. <select name=”test” id=”test”> <option value=”test-1”>test-1</option> <option value=”test-2”>test-2</option> ... <option value=”test-n”>test-n</option> </select>

This problem with creating dynamic option is solved in the new version of the plugin Chosen v.1.2.0. When I update plugin I get problem with theme look! CSS of new version of the plugin is quite different from the old version of the plugin that uses your theme. In new plugins version, CSS need to be adjusted to look like themes fields, and it’s quite difficult for people who are not experts with CSS. :) I need help to make this changes in new CSS (where to set with, height…).

I hope this will clarify what’s my problem. Thank you in advance.