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how to remove zooming effect from slider. please fast reply

Sorry about the weekend delay – I do not recall any zooming effect: can you please exemplify with a link or smth? Thanks

Hi cosmothemes, bought the theme, works great.

Question: Where can I change the background on the Contact page? I’d like to add my own visual and/or remove the Google Maps view.


Hi there!

try to see this option http://i.imgur.com/0Tc1ZBu.png

For any more questions, please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home and we’ll gladly answer!

Have a great weekend!

Tried it… it didn’t work. I just chosen a photo from the library.

I will open a new ticket. Thanks.


I am awaiting response from support since the day 08/08, I directed the email 3 times and no contact. Disappointed!

Felipe, please note that we did not received any emails from you. Also, although we do respond to all our emails on time, we do not quite do support on emails. Any question should be posted here, on Themeforest’s forum, or most perfectly on our support Ticketing System, by “Submitting a request” https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home . Please do not take it the wrong way, as we are always glad to respond to all our customer’s questions. Thank you and once again we do apologize for this misunderstanding.

My call was opened yes! Since August 07. Number called: 4693.

And no solution or response has been my problem.

I know that here is not the correct place, but I’m waiting more than a month and it was unprofessional on your part.


I’ll have a look immediately, thank you for pointing that out.

Hello, I have bought this theme and made the website for a client. But I have 2 major problems here. 1. The speed of the site is really slow. I have installed the “Quick Cache” plugin to improve the loading speed, but it doesn’t help at all. Do you have any solution or plugin that can improve the speed? 2. Linking to external webpage. It’s a restaurant website, they have made an external web page for the online ordering. So in the menu, I have make a menu item called “Direct Bestellen”. When people click that, it will link to the external page. I have made a page already, but when I put that page in the menu, the whole site has been redirected to the “Direct Bestellen” page. Everything is not working properly. Do you have any idea how to solve this problem?

Here is the website: http://tokyoexpress.nl/#home Here is the external webpage: http://tokyoexpress.cashdesk.nl/

Thx JC Design.

Hello there,

the speed is slow because of many factors. Try to reduce from your content’s weight – images should be lighter http://i.imgur.com/267yI2g.jpg . Try to run from iframes – these iframes are taking too much time to load (tweeter and google maps http://i.imgur.com/1lCVa5U.jpg ). Colorbow is is a one-page theme – more pages, more loading time, as they all are loaded at once (if we’re speaking about the front end). Unfortunately these kind of these are not made for content-rich sites. Also, you might try to find a better hosting.

About the menu link I would like to see the backend admin. Please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with an admin account. Thanks

Hello i’m interested to this template. Just a few question: The blog display and the portfolio display page are nice if viewed from a tablet of phone but in my opinion must be centerd with resolution more than 1024 on desktop pc. i mean when in details (click more on a portfolio image, click the news title on the post page) Can be changed is some way?


that’s a design taste probably. Our designer felt this “right-align” looks nicer. It has from CSS the 50% width. Customizing a bit the CSS and JS can result in this http://i.imgur.com/xumCtWv.jpg


Yeah this have more sense now, if it work with mobile and tablet too i will buy it right now!!!

Any CSS and JS can be styled for a certain viewport size – that’s pretty easy…

hi i have a problem with menu in demo selected menu is in them middle of menu, but in my site the selected menu stick to the left side of menu section. how can i put selected menu in the center of menu?


you should select a default element, which will stay in the middle of the menu http://i.imgur.com/DYUeO5u.png Result: http://i.imgur.com/pJlSTA8.jpg


thanks dear friend

HI again in type of gallery in portfolios section i just have a narrow slider for surf between images. is any way to add right and left arrow or mousewheel scroll to surf between gallery images

Hey MSHADroo,

Sorry for asking, but did you purchase the theme?

Before I purchase, I wanted to know if you can set the slider to automatic instead of clicking the arrows to move from slide to slide.


Jason Cantell

Hi Jason,

yes, the slider has autoplay, but it has a bug we can’t handle for now, as it’s related to slide’s JS framework library. So we disabled it on demo.

Best wishes, Nick


I’m trying to enable some text after thumbails in portfolio’s category, just like your live preview, but I just can’t find the way to do it.

Maybe you should add this information in your documentation, just like you did with the featured image, in item 3.5.


please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with more details, like a link to our demo page you want to create, and we’ll gladly show you how to create it. Sorry if the documentation is incomplete – we’ll try to upgrade it.


hey, is there any video about the settings and how we can get the same options like the live preview above ?

Ohhh Thank you so much, i think the best way, is to create a demo to upload it as same as the live preview then we can edit the pages and everything :D

any thank you so much

Actually, if you download the full archive you’ll find a folder called “XML + import” where you can find 2 files: the xml with content and a text file to import the settings. Just follow the instructions from the read-me file to get exactly the same look as the demo’s ;)

Ohhhhh WOW !

Hello Again, how can i change the website logo in the tab ?

Ah, you’re talking about the favicon. navigate to your Dashboard -> Colorbow -> Styling -> Custom favicon

Great, but i can’t find the place from where i can allow uploading ‘ico’ type in General Settings -> Upload file types .. it’s not available !

You don’t need allowing .ico files unless your WordPress installation is on a network. Simple WordPress installations, like yours, allow uploading .ico files by default. Just create your .ico file and upload it via the Custom Favicon form. If you still find troubles using the form, use any FTP navigator, find the root of your installed theme, delete the favicon.ico file and upload yours.


Why is Chrome extension ‘Flashcontrol’ telling me, that this theme has flash content?

Kind regards, Gerald


Most probably there’s a video or map iframe / embed that the plugin is considering a flash object. But of course, there are no flash objects.

Update: This is the video controller .js file that your plugin doesnt’ like it: http://demo.cosmothemes.com/colorbow/wp-content/themes/colorbow/videojs/videojs/video.min.js

Although plugin shortcodes are WP standard, this theme does not support shortcodes being placed in/after the content of a post. PLEASE BE AWARE: If you need to use shortcodes in posts, this is the wrong theme for you!


gba Purchased

How can I make the areas on frontpage make scrolling smoothly?


gba Purchased

Hi! I followed your advice and opened a private ticket for this issue on September 19. Unfortunately I have not got any reaction, yet.


gba Purchased

Dear development team! I’ve been trying to get support from you already for a month. Please let me know, how I can succeed.


gba Purchased

Will you give me support on this issue or not? If not, please tell me – then I will not extend my support subscription.