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good theme GLWS

Thanks. :)

excellent work! :D

Thank you. :)

Very cool template! Good Luck with Sale! ;)


Hello, I purchased a very nice theme! I have a problem, however, opening in dreamweawer (imac27) the index file, dreamweawer crashes! With files additionalpage_blue / red does not happen, I think its a problem with the index file. I have tried using the index files of all 3 versions. Can you help me? thanks Vittorio

You have email.


Very nice! Psd included?

Thank you. This template doesn’t have psd.

Hi, same problem as vic1962.

Any help appreciated!

Hi it seems that is the problem with paralax effect which breaks the Dreamweaver during editing. Try removing “paralax blueprint ” block of code in style.css. You need to do that in other text editor eg. Notepad before opening files in Dreamveawer. You should bring back the code after you finish edit in Dw.

Hi! Which CMS is compatible with this theme? Thanks!

Hi, any CMS can be made from this html template.

Hi your theme is really good, I just doubt if possible add WooCommerce?


Hello, Hello, I can not configure the file sendEmail.php! When I click the email contact form that appears in the browser:

From = $email; $mail->FromName = $name; $mail->Subject = “Website Contact Form”; $mail->AddAddress($site_owners_email, $site_owners_name); $mail->AddAddress(’’, ’’); $mail->Body = $comments; $mail->Mailer = “smtp”; $mail->Host = “mail.elite.tn.it”; $mail->Port = “587”; $mail->SMTPSecure = “tls”; $mail->SMTPAuth = true; // turn on SMTP authentication $mail->Username = “info@elite.tn.it”; // SMTP username $mail->Password = “elite2014”; // SMTP password $mail->Send(); echo ” Congratulations, ” . $name . ”. We’ve received your email. We’ll be in touch as soon as we possibly can! ”; } # end if no error else { $response = (isset($error[‘name’])) ? ” ” . $error[‘name’] . ” \n” : null; $response .= (isset($error[‘email’])) ? ” ” . $error[‘email’] . ” \n” : null; $response .= (isset($error[‘comments’])) ? ” ” . $error[‘comments’] . ” ” : null; echo $response; } # end if there was an error sending ?>


Please send me sendEmail.php file that you edited via my themeforest contact form. You can delete your password

How do I change the color of the theme from the light red to a darker red. Do you have any PSD files of the color background so I could change those colors as well? the bgred.png and so on…

For sections there are classes section1, section2 in style.css etc, parallax background is css option. Please use right click/inspect element to find element in page that you looking for.

How do you change the social media icons like Facebook, twitter and linked in? I can’t find these icons in the images folder. I want to add a new social networking icon and replace linkedin icon. How would I do that please?

There are font icons, see bottomicon class and i tags in html. e.g i class=”icon-facebook”

Hi, I would like to purchase this template but would like to know is it possible to have the slider version for the wordpress version and is the colors and everything else fully customizable?

This is WordPress version for this template: http://themeforest.net/item/colors-bootstrap-wordpress-theme/6060599 and it has top slider version. Please take a look. In HTML version everything is customizable if you know HTML and CSS.