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COLOURcode - Professional Interface Framework

COLOURcode - Professional Interface Framework

COLOURcode has been born from decades of professional experience developing admin applications and designing interfaces. It is a new kind of admin template that will suit any application type, although it was specifically designed for those who like to use colour to boost usability through context and association. It is fully responsive, based on the latest Bootstrap 3, and has been extensively tested with recent desktop and mobile browsers. The CSS is constructed from Sass-based structured stylesheets, and the JavaScript is constructed from an easily extended custom modular framework with jQuery.

COLOURcode - Professional Interface Framework - 1

COLOURcode - Professional Interface Framework - 2

COLOURcode - Professional Interface Framework - 3

COLOURcode - Professional Interface Framework - 4

Main Features

  • Bootstrap 3.3.7 CSS framework
  • Sass with standard and custom variables
  • Extendable JS modular framework with jQuery
  • Colour complete components with one classname
  • Ten named colours plus two for brand colours
  • Above is in addition to BS contextual colours
  • Two themes with switcher: bright or pale
  • Expanding/sliding Mmenu with switcher
  • Three side-menu modes, plus mobile
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Clean, W3C validated code

Template Pages

  • Dashboards:
    • Corporate Dashboard
    • Technical Dashboard
  • Interface Components:
    • UI Elements
    • Colour
    • Typography
    • Icons:
      • Bootstrap Glyphicons
      • Font Awesome
      • Country Flags
    • Widgets
  • UI Interactions:
    • Buttons
    • Scrolling (incl. Nicescroll)
    • Menus (incl. Mmenu)
    • Tooltips
    • Notifications (incl. jBox, jQuery Notify Bar, Loadingbar)
    • Dialogues (incl. Bootbox, SweetAlert, jBox)
    • Progress (incl. Bootstrap-progressbar)
    • Animation (incl. Velocity.js)
  • UI Windows:
    • Modals (incl. BootstrapDialog, Custombox)
    • Tabs (incl. Bootstrap-tabdrop)
    • Pills
    • Panels
  • Data Components:
    • Tabulated Data:
      • Bootstrap Tables
      • Responsive Tables (incl. Footable Stacktable)
      • DataTables
    • Data Visualisation:
      • Highcharts
      • Nvd3
      • Chartist
      • Vis.js 3D
      • Vis.js Network
      • Tree View (incl. Jstree, Fancytree)
    • Data Mapping:
      • Google Maps (incl. GMaps)
      • jVector Maps
      • Highmaps
    • Time Series:
      • Full Calendar
      • Vis.js Timeline
      • Vertical Timeline
    • Highlight & Editing:
      • HTML Editing (incl. Summernote, TinyMCE)
      • Syntax Highlighting (incl. Highlight.js, Prism)
      • Code Editors (incl. Ace, Codemirror)
  • Form Components:
    • Form Elements
    • Horizontal Forms
    • Form Examples
    • Form Templates (incl. Bootstrap-Validator)
    • Form Wizard (incl. Jquery-validatation, Bootstrap-wizard)
    • Form Validation (incl. Jquery-validation, Bootstrap-validator)
    • Form Components:
      • Checkboxes and Radios (incl. Bootstrap-switch, iCheck)
      • Selects (incl. Bootstrap-multiselect)
      • Pickers (incl. BS-datepicker, BS-daterangepicker, BS-colorpicker, BS-colorpickersliders)
      • In-place Editing (incl. X-editable)
      • HTML Editing (incl. Summernote, TinyMCE)
      • File Uploads (incl. Dropzone)
      • Image Cropping (incl. Cropper, jCrop)
      • Sliders (incl. Ion-rangeslider, Nouislider, Jquery-knob)
  • Function Pages:
    • User Login
    • User Registration
    • User Reset Password
    • User Screen Lock
    • Calendar (incl. Fullcalendar)
    • Timeline (incl. Vis.js)
    • Documents for Print:
      • Overview
      • Invoice for Products
      • Invoice for Services
      • Credit Note
  • Other Pages:
    • Profile
    • Site Map

We are absolutely committed to updating, improving and supporting this template. If you suspect you may have found a bug, or if you have any suggestions or requests for future updates, please contact us, either via the template comments facility, or through our envato contact form. We hope you enjoy using this template as much as we did creating it, and that it helps you in your professional endeavours.