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Goog job htmgarcia. Nice design.

Thanks @ThemeRox!

Great work! Good luck with sales!

Thanks, Vlad!

Nice template. Good luck with sales. :)

Thanks, Kadir!

Nice Work :) Good Luck

Thanks @metrothemes!

Amazing work. Wish you many sales :)

Thanks, Azamat! I really apreciate it.

Very nice job. Congrats, good luck with sales..

Thanks! I really apreciate it.

Hi, exsist italian lenguage version.

Hi @hidalgoanimazione!

This template doesn’t include it, but you can install the italian language package and set it as default. If you would need help with this, please tell me.


hello when i open the demo page on iphone, i cannot see texts on slides!. Could you pls check it? Because, text on slides when clicked on iphone is important for me. Second question, have you used any frame work or what? Third, nice template, wish you have good sales!...


Hi @erhangazi84!

About slide texts on iphone, you can add break lines (
code) to get fixed the text for mobile devices. About frameworks, this template doesn’t use framework; this means is easier to manage!

I’m glad you like it! :)

Does this come as a quickstart template? Excellent work by the way!

Hi BoxedCreative! Sure, this item has template installation and quickstart with demo content.


Hello! I have a question: How do I remove the “ComDex :: Clean and Modern Joomla Template” on the frontpage??

Many thanks, Overall it’s a great, well-documented template :)

Hi notmyteddy! To remove or hide this text: Go to the Home item menu > Page Display Options field

how do I remove the “Welcome to COMDEX all-in-one Business & Portfolio HTML theme. You can purchase it on Themeforest” at the top of the page and change the footer ?

Very nice template.

It worked, thank you. Could you please advise on how to embed a video (HTML5 encoded, h264) into a comdex slide so it fits the whole viewing area nicely without any titles etc? Setting the title not to appear does not seem to have any effect and the video can’t get over the top 20-30% upper space even using css-styled divs etc. since it seems to be occupied by the title.

I solved the issue by using negative top margin and invisible color of title;]

Great, rafalsk :)

Love this template, but I am having a problem. In an article attachedtot he portfolio section, I am using the slider option for the images. Only when I first go to it, the picture slider doesn’t work – it just shows the first image with the forward and backward arrows next to each other, like there is only one image. But if I leave the page and navigate back it works – everything is fine. But if I leave and come back a second time, it is broken again, like the first time – yet if I leave one more time and come back, it is working again. It keeps alternating like this. The page on the site I am referring to is Sometimes it skips a beat in this pattern, but it is still a problemI am using a Mac OS 10.7.5 and the problem happens in Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Hi uneekdesigner!

I would need take a look to your backend and see if we are missing something. Please do it to: – add this same details in the message, please.

Great theme, I wish it had social icons on top of menu.

Hi searchly,

you can add your own social icons with images.

Hopes this helps


I bought this template and you say that it is responsive & mobile friendly. How can I set it? Because it doesn’t work in mobile devices.

Thank you.

Hi theodore! Is possible have the url of your website? We can take a look. Use our profile page to send us a private message: with this same details of your request – add the access of your website (FTP and Joomla backend to run some tests and see what’s going on)

Kind regards

Great theme, Thank you. I need a quick information. How to I change the label of the text in French in the menu for “Search”?

Hi rrajan007,

Please ask for support using the account which you bought the template in order to receive support help. Which Themeforest account did you used to buy it?

Looking forward to help you, regards

My client bought this template. I can send you the purchase code or something

Please post your questions using the same account.

Looking forwward to help you, regards

Hello! I need the quickstart joomla3.

ComDex Slideshow is not working in joomla 3

Hi AkM,

I replied to your email. Please take a look.

Hi I need the quickstart joomla3 because i couldn’t update quickstart of joomla2.5.8.