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Very cool. Great job.

Thanks Charlie! We love this template too!

Nice! Any chance of adding a contact form or file upload page? I’d surely buy it then. Thanks, Mark

Thanks, mrlournoy! You can find contact form in the comments section (please check Post Comment button), so you can use this code and layout in the contacts section, but of course we’ll add a page in 24h.

Mark, contact form is ready :) You can check it out. Thank you.

Thank you, Mike! Your positive comments help us to develop very cool things :)

What about Wordpress version ? Anyway, it nice

bm2, thanks! We are on the way of doing Wordpress, please follow us.

Very nice & clean. I like it! Planning to make it responsive too? If so, I’ll purchase it within 60 seconds…

Hi, Barracuda. Mega-tons of websites on the WWW is not responsive yet, but still making big money and collect millions of clicks, so we don’t think that responsive is a really so great feature for a website at all. Many top-selling themes on TF are not responsive. iPad showing website in a great manner in lanscape mode, iPhone has an option to scale content using fingers – no problem! So.. why you need this responsiveability?. We’ll think about this but this is not a first-time task for us. Thank you for your positive comments! Please follow us to receive an updates.

Hey mopc76

Apparently, we have different point of views here. But that’s OK. The only thing is that I saw this template as a great match for a project. The customer doesn’t want to invest in 3 different sites: a separate desktop site, another one for tablets and a third one for smartphones. Your template looks great as I said before, but is useless on smartphones. Come on, have you tried looking at a site constantly zooming in and out? Not the best user experience I would say, certainly if the tools and techniques are readily available to help out. But that’s all right, you are the designer, and obviously you decide about the architecture and framework. No sweat, I guess that I’ll have to go shopping somewhere else then.

Wow looks nice…i like the scrolling bar with gallery..i was looking for something like this..but will wait for the Wp , if its responsive then it will be too good.. Any ETA on wp ? bookmarked :)

Hi, anjankumar! Thanks for bookmarking! ETA of WP is a top secret :) follow us please.

Your site is down, can’t live preview :(

Hi, Mat-Moo, may be hosting was down for a while. Please check again!

Really really want the wp version as soon as you can build it.

24×7 working on it :)

Still waiting for WP version :)

bm2, thank you :) hardly working on!

Can you try and get the live preview to work, please?

Hi, may be it was a hosting troubles, when you’ve try to access live preview… try once again please and write to us. All should be working. Right now live preview is ok.

I still get a connection error. I tried it on firefox, Opera, safari, IE, and Chrome. The URL is

Very strange.. Please try this address:

3weeks and still no ETA on WP? I bet you make more sales when you release wp version..many are waiting for it…and moreover you are not offering psd? why?

Hi, anjankumar! We are not simply developing a WP-version 1 to 1, we are working on extended features, etc. PSD is not included because it usually differ from the final HTML version. (it happens because we are doing changes directly to html & css). All elements done via CSS , theme customization is very easy without using psd.

Thanks for the reply…any estimate on the wp release ? really cant wait for this..i wanted something like this from months… :)

If we will not have any problems with approval — it will be available this week.

Thanks for this great template and excellent service. We got a super quick response to our question. Thanks again!

At your service :) Thanks!

Thank you very much for making this amazing theme! Looking forward to upgrades =)

Hi, Patrick! Thank you for purchasing and your kind words!

Hi ! I’m planning to purchase this theme for WP blog Can we make this FULL width? Is there any option to add side bars? Please let me know !!


unfortunately there is no option to make it full width. As for the sidebars – yes, it possible to choose which sidebar to show on the page/post.

nice and awesomeness;