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Hi Mike,

Please excuse my ignorance, but what is needed to actually send the contact form (rather than just save the details to CSV )?

Also, are there any plans to convert it to wordpress to enable the blog?

Love this theme – particularly your choice of colours and font.

Great job.


Lol.. your not ignorant…. honestly there are 2 reasons why I went with csv file save. 1) csv file is pretty simple and easy way to manage data, 2) wanted to play around with PHP .

I would like to migrate to Wordpress theme but have never done that before. So, if I do convert, it might be a little while.

Thanks for the compliment!

I really like it! Very professional yet it has a hip feel to it.

Thanks! I like hip…

I love the use of colours and the layout of this template. Great Job!

Thanks a lot!

This is one of the best I’ve seen in a while! Any way to get it in green?

I can create in green… but new to this. How would I change download?

btw.. Thanks for the compliment!

I contacted support, they said there was no way to upload a green version of this to themeforest for you to purchase. However, they said I could offer service to create the green version. If I put in the time to create a green version, would like to give access to people who have purchased as well so thinking of how to handle. Any ideas?

I was also thinking about converting it green..

Where did you get the icons from? Can you post a link to the set?


I didnt realize green would be so popular. I created the icons myself. I currently have no links to them.

Yeah, if you make this in a green I’ll buy it. I’ve never sold anything on themeforest, so I’m not sure how to go about changing your files.

This is the green I use (#78bc53) but do whatever you think best if you decide to add a green option.

Again, nice work. This is a great theme!

ok, Im going to contact admin to see how this works.

I found an icon set on Graphic River that goes pretty well with the theme.

Bfkouba, could you post a link of what it looks like in green? I would love to see it.

@Tgemayel – I don’t actually have it in green. Sorry, I see how that was confusing. The business that I want to use this theme for has green as the primary color so I was hoping that gfunkmedia would make a green version so I can use it.


Sorry just re read your original comments. I see what you’re saying.

Well gfunk, looks like you have to make a green one. lol

yeah, just wrote support to see about how to approach.

Nice design..i really like the blue :D

thanks a lot… my first submission so wasnt sure how I would stack up with all the great work on this site.

this is a really fresh design …

i like the lite version ;D

Great file! Bookmarked

Tight work gfunkclassics vol. 1! Only 11 sales?!? This is a must-buy!

Thanks adro! I checked out your stuff.. clean work yourself my friend.

Best, Mike

Great template. Note: the was not generated to allow special chars such as !@#$ ^x%x *, etc. I had to generate the js using the cufon generator.

Other than that, everything looks wonderful!

Yeah, I should have commented on that. I tried to keep the files to a minimum. Thanks for the compliment!

Best, Mike

In the future use a better file structure. Don’t bury your pages deeper than your images, ect… It’s a real pain in the ass.

Sorry, I wasnt sure how to go about managing the separate themes without copying all the images into each theme which is why it is set up the way it is.

Best Mike

Fantastic design, when you convert this to WordPress I would like to be notified, and will purchase it.

If I buy the PSD files, what does that actually mean as a website owner? How do I update the site? How do I upload the index, etc? Instructions would be really helpful, I’m thinking of purchasing this.

I update the blog on weekly basis. – Will I have to create additional pages, will I have to work with only one page?

Thanks for the compliment… I am currently working on a Wordpress version, so as soon as I have it done, I will let you know.

Your right about instructions. Maybe in the future work I will include some “How tos” or articles that show how to change psd files and the html template.

best Mike

Hey Mike,

I just finished editing this theme and there are quite a few bugs in Internet explorer.

Also, I still havent heard back from you or your partner about the search site we spoke about through email. Let me know.


Hi Toni, What were the bugs you found in IE? I tested as thoroughly as I could at the time. Also, I just responded to your email yesterday. My apologies for not getting back to you in a more timely manner.

Again, please let me know what issues you ran into.

Best Mike

I just came across this one. Cant believe I missed it on the first pass. Buying it tonight for a project. Very nice work! Please keep them coming

Thanks! Much appreciated. I need to make time to convert to wordpress theme.

Best, Mike

The right click seems to be disabled. How to re-enable it? Thanks!

Where is the “admin” link that is in the footer what file is it in so I can remove it. Thanks. I too love this theme,