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very unique and creative.

really like it.

Thank you and a happy new year.

Looks wonderful, congrats :)

Very stylish, i like the background.

very nice design


Very beautiful theme ! I want to buy your theme , but when do you have a wordpress version ?


A WordPress version could take a while due to heavy workload, family, etc.

Thank you all for your positiv feedback!

Will there be a HTML version of this coded ?

There are no straight plan for that. I will inform everyone if a HTML or WordPress version is in development.

+1 for HTML Version!


Do you do custom design work? Can you be contacted via skype?

awesome design! Good luck :)

Thank you.

Are you available for custom webdesign jobs? PSD only not html. Possibly redesigning this theme to match my needs. If so, let me know if you are available via skype to discuss details and pricing.

I contacted you via email

Please email me when you are available for paid design work, I really would like to have you redesign this theme a bit to match my requirements.

beautiful design!


Hi Verox,

Would you be interested in having me code this to html/css and we sell it together 50/50 on themeforest. Let me know if you are open to the idea.

Hi Magicpixels,

I’m going to code this page together with a good friend. Thanks for your nice offer.

Ok :) I’m about 96% complete with the coding :) But its cool. Let me know when I can hire you for some design work. :)