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Sorry, preview not possible now due to my hosting server temporary down, hope it will fixed soon…

Fixed and working now, welcome to preview!

You are one seriously clever guy !

Thanks, Australia! :sunglasses:

This is amazing man!!!! Respect. Just VideoHive and CodeCanyon left for Envato to be ruled by you :P You rock.

Thanks, Rameau, share it! :sunglasses:

That takes the cake=) Stunning template and genious animations/illustration. GLWS, zemlyak ;)
P.S. And welcome to TF :)


Thanks a lot, Evgeny, share if you can! :sunglasses:

Looks awesome! :)

Thanks, djjeep! :sunglasses:

hi i am trying to use this inside a div tag and seems like it breaking up

basically i don’t want to display this as a stand alone page but as a section of a page

i.e to show that a certain feature of a website is coming soon (hence i would not like it to colour my whole background and appear in a fixed section)

any clue on how i can achive that

all the help will be highly apperciated

I’m trying to open the “index.html” in my browser, but the only thing that appears is the background.

Hi! You need to upload this to server, not locally, read documentation before, please.

Cool mate! 8-)

The drunken needle of the first “o” in the word soon is nicely done. And the rest as well of course.


Yeah, thanx, UJ-pro! :sunglasses:

Awesome. I saw this before in activeden. Could you please tell me how you convert that flash to html5? do you use any kind of program to do this? or what ?

Hello, thanx, I use CreateJS for this.

and Flash Toolkit For CreateJS

Great Look Great Work;


Hi I have just purchased this theme, it’s amazing! :) But I was just wondering if there’s anyway of uploading it onto Wordpress as a Zip file?

Hi! I don’t know about wordpress zip uploading, this is html template.

Hello! I purchased this, I was wondering how can I integrate it to my Wordpress theme?

Hello, I have not tried to set up this html template into wordpress, please search info about creating custom 503 pages for wp, for example here http://zoerooney.com/blog/tutorials/easy-branded-downtime-using-maintenance-mode-503-php-in-wordpress/ or may be without plugins using .htaccess, I don’t know exactly.

Thank you!

Hey I couldn’t figure out a way to upload it to my WP since it’s not installing successfully. So I decided to upload it on Youtube with my logo. However, the Adobe Flash CS6 is opening broken graphics (with one compressed layer). Is that normal?

Thank you for this! Can I kindly request the Flash version then? I will not use the HTML5, nor do I have the intention or the capacity to do so. Of course I can re-purchase it (it’s $5!). But given the misunderstanding from my part, it would be a sign of goodwill if you grant me this switch. Please advise

Ok, contact me via form in my profile

Received! Thank you so much for your understanding and professionalism.

hi how do i change inside color of tv box cause my logo is not visable properly and tell ,me how to change day and time

Hi, to change color open logo.psd from folder ‘Sources’, then change color of layer ‘Back’, then save logo as png to folder ../For_Upload/Light(or Dark)/Images/.. To change day and time please refer to documentation:

Setup countdown timer in script.js (lines 204-209):

austDay = new Date(2013, 3 – 1, 6);


austDay = new Date(austDay.getFullYear() + 1, 3 – 1, 6);

See full description of countdown timer plugin here on author’s site: http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html

can u make this Template for arabic language ?

Sorry, this is not in near plans

i mean make it right to left

I want to buy this theme but I want an email sign up form. Does it come with one or do the HTML files come with the purchase of the theme along with the ability to post the social media icons? Please answer soon, wanna buy NOW!!!

Hello, I love your work!

I was not able to set the contdown, I just can not understand.

how do I set that every 48h start over?

I know that this is the guide: http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html here I do not understand anything … sorry.