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Hi – I just purchased and first, fantastic template! I modified the php> settings.php for the mail to direct to my email, but keep getting: “There was an error sending your email. Please try again.” Is there another file to look at / modify? All my other server side contact forms work fine, it just seems to be this. I’m sure it’s something small I’m overlooking. Thanks in advance!

fixed. Sorry about that – again, great template!

Thank you! I’m gad to hear you fixed the issue.

Hi. Nice template. Can you send me the ie.css file please. Thank you

Hi I have replied to the email you sent me, could you check that and get back to me over email as it is much easier.

Many thanks, Ben

Ben, It looks like the fonts aren’t included in your package.

Hi Yes that is correct, Themeforest do not allow fonts to be packaged in files. However, there is a simple solution to this; within you download find and open the documentation folder, then open the index.html file in a web browser. The documentation will take you through the simple process of downloading these fonts and adding them to the correct file.

Just let me know if you need any more help, Ben ben@designedbyben.com


I am having some issues with the email, it’s not sending.

What can I do to fix it?

Thank You

Hi There is a FAQ section within the documentation which may fix your issue. However please feel free to contact me as this should be an easy problem to fix. Could you email me a link to your website at ben@designedbyben.com

Can you please send me the unminified version of supersized.js? Please tell me how I can get it as I need to make modifications. Thank you.


Thanks for purchasing my work. You can download Supersized.js from the following link, use the latest version 3.2.7. The unminified version can be found within the downloaded .zip within the core\js folder: http://www.buildinternet.com/project/supersized/download.html

Hey Ben,

Awesome page. It took a bit of finagling to get it all looking right, and being that it was my first time editing any code related to the web at all, I was impressed by the easy to follow directions. Thanks for that.

All the Best,


Thanks Joe!

Hi There:

Very nice template.

I have one question: Do you have the .psd file of the “more” button (down.png)? I need to translate that to spanish.



Hi Martin

I can email this to you, I just need your address. Could you just send a quick email to ben@designedbyben.com

Thanks, Ben

Hi, Two questions: 1. Can you add more fields to the form (ie. Name) 2. Can you make the form fields reset after someone submits? I want this to sit as a sign up kiosk, so don’t want the previous email to sit there.


Hi Honestly this isn’t a particularly easy or quick thing to do and would require some custom coding since the added field would affect the layout, sorry about this. Ben

What about just making the email field refresh and clear after submission?

Hi Yes I have this working now, you can see the form clearing after submitting it on the demo (if it is not working you may need to clear your cache).

I will push this update to the Themeforest download files but it takes a little while to be approved. Once you have purchased just send me an email ben@designedbyben.com and I will ensure ensure you get the correct file which clears the form.

Thanks, Ben

Hi Ben I’m also having email issues, it says sent but I never get the test emails. Would you mind taking a look? I’ll email you the link.


Thanks for the email Rocio, I will get back to you straight away.

Hello, I can make the countdown work as a timer, any help please? :)

I meant can’t

Hi If you contact me at ben@designedbyben.com I can try and get this to work for you, I assume you mean that you want the timer to count up?


Ok, inbox :) thank you

I still can’t figure out how to make the timer run!!!! and I havent’t received a response from you, could you help me please?

Hi Octavio, could you check you spam folder for my email but I will also resend it and hope you get it this time. Ben

I can’t still make the countdown work, I’d like to email you the code so I can fix any error showing!! could you please help me?

Hello, For some reason when you open the site in the iphone browser the “more” box shows up cut and you can see all the info or the contact form – is there a way to fix this?

Hi, thank you for purchasing my work. I can not reproduce the problem on the iPhone, does the problem still exist if you view the demo at this link on your phone: http://designedbyben.com/fsportfolio/variation2/

How am I able to position the more button to the bottom right under the middle content?

Hi Please email ben@designedbyben.com and I will send the code to you. Thanks, Ben

Are you still around supporting this, sir? I’m interested in buying ASAP but had a couple quick questions.

I am assuming I can just use a stack background image instead of several?

Can I remove the ‘More’ dropdown entirely? It’s great just not necessary for me.

On Layout 2, to the left and the right of the ‘Coming Soon’ you have Designed by Ben and Portrait/Fashion Photography. Can those be removed entirely as well? I just need the ‘coming soon’ centered bit and subscription stuff below.

Thanks so much, great theme even years later!!

Also, when I reduce my browser window size here in Chrome, the demo for Layout 2 doesn’t appear to be responsive? The right side becomes cut off and requires scrolling which is a little bit of a bummer.


Yes these changes are easy to make, just shoot me an email after purchase at ben@designedbyben.com and I will send you the changed code. I made a quick mock up of your described changes for you to take a look at here: http://designedbyben.com/apposl.jpg

As this was coded a little while ago unfortunately it is not responsive but looks great on most screens.

Thanks, Ben


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