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i bought hours ago this template but how can i configure subscription form?

i bought hours ago this template but how can i configure subscription form?

I’m sorry friend, i’m really not quite understand you. Do you want that entered in form email goes directly as a mail to your mailbox?

yes, please give me istruction

All inputed emails go to MySQL database. That exacltly the main matter my script developed for. I’m sorry but to make every inputed email goes to your mailbox require special developement. I recommend you to search Google for contact form examples to find method that will be sent emails to your mailbox.

Hi great work by the way.

I wish to delete everything under the subscribe email. Basically all the bit about ‘What is this’ ‘what we offer’. Also how do i change the bit about site coming Dec 2013. I have changed the countdown but can’t change the bit under ‘stay tuned’.


Hello! Thanks for purchase. Dear, it’s very easy. Open index.html page in Notepad or another app you like. Find: <!-Here is container with “What is this?” and Contact information-> – delete everything after that till <!- Social Media Buttons – CSS3 – Free to Remove Unneeded ->. To edit Header Block – please look at line 19-25 of index.html. Edit em as you like.

Thanks thats great. I’ve sorted it. One more question please. How do i change the logo area size?

Generally, you can specify own dimension for your logo. If your logo is 400×200 dimension size, you need to set these dimensions here: at line 21 at div id “hello” find width=”200” height=”48” – repace with your own.


I have just bought the themes and installed here: investiswiss.ch. I have changed some text in the french and added in save.php the asked infos and when I add an email I can’t find it in the database.

Please help.

No problem. dazeincreative@gmail.com – please send all accounts settings – ftp, database access, hosting panel.

Thank you very much for your great support. I will deal with you again with pleasure. 5 stars theme and support…

Thanks for purchase again, mate! Good luck!

Where can I have modify language from the countdown?

Hi. I bought this template.

I am hopeful that you can help me use this as a template in a Wordpress site I am building or give me a sound alternative to using while I building the site with the client.

BTW – Your information on the buy now page is not clear.

You state that it is a simple HTML page and all pages in Wordpress are coded in HTML. (good) It also says no programming is needed. (Also good) .....No advanced coding knowledge required. Buying this item you’ll get easily customizable well commented HTML page with responsive design and valid HTML5. .....

However it eludes that you can use it with Wordpress by having both of these statements in the same paragraph.

It states that this is not a wordpress theme (which is good because I just need a template to activate a wordpress page until I go live). .....Please note this is not a Wordpress or other CMS Theme and does not require installation in the usual sense. Just edit template in your…..

Now that I have purchased this template I realize that I am a moron. It really means that it does not work with Wordpress at all.

Thus I am asking for your help is some fashion (recommendation of a plugin or instructions) to easily install your HTML template into WordPress PHP.

Please advise as I really like this …

thank you ! G

Your Welcome, hopefully you can help me to work with wordpress ilke you said on your sales page. Ok maybe you don’t understand so please allow me to explain.

Wordpress is done “live” in the new site while doing the construction. Certain hosting companies like Siteground require you to name the actual domain to the installation folder and you can NOT build in a temporary location. Wordpress is so unique with lots of components you can not just pull out something else while it is installed. You have to install certain plugins live and HAVE TO test them live WITH SSL licenses etc for example wooCommerce. However you can default your landing page as X with a template format of Y. all in php not HTML

ALSO While you are building a wordpress site with a client they needs to ‘see’ the site and certain plugins have to be tweaked to be formatted. Thus your index.html is in conflict with the wordpress homepage which is a index.php.

So now that I have answered your questions can you please help me ….

When you said on your themeforest sale page that it can work with Wordpress is that a fact or just a ‘suggestion’ however it does not?

Can you help get this into a template in Wordpress or do you have a plugin or something?  I do like your template just need to 'get it to work with wordpress'

thanks Georgina

Dear Georgina, I did not ask any questions, I only suggested the only possible and logical solution to your problem. According to my previous communication half of my clients, who bought this template ?ame exactly this way – just rename the files to prevent conflicts and set up redirect if needed. Anyway please let me explain again – this is not a Wordpress plugin, this is not Wordpress theme and that template is not intended to be integrated in Wordpress. This is One Page HTML Template. Sorry but Wordpress is absolutely another field for me and i’m no so experienced in Wordpress to help you with your idea and never promised such assistance where either. Please understand. You can search for WP coundown plugins here.

:) ok. Dear Georgina, unfortunatelly this HTML template will not work in Wordpress as is, and I’ve never promised this on sales page. You can check Envato Studios guys for questions about integration you want.

I see a thin dark like below the clouds when i run this template on a mobile device. Please advise on how to remove this

Hi dear, please send a screenshot to dazeincreative@gmail.com

I need to change the background which is behind clouds and the soil. how can I do this. Please advise

Hi salujamadhur, thanks for interest. Soil background is a picture. So you should use photo editing software to get color you need. But you may change everything without editing images. Go to css, find:

1. #container { height:350px; background-color: #5ec8df; background-image: url(../images/sky.png); background-position: top; background-repeat:repeat-x; padding-top: 65px; } #5ec8df is a color of sky, change it.


#foreground-ground { background: url(../images/ground.png); background-repeat:repeat-x; height:350px; z-index: 210; }

remove here background: url(../images/ground.png); – that step will remove bottom background picture but it is not so harmful.


Here we can change yellow soil background: .yellow-container { background-color:#d1ae4f; min-height:160px; text-align:center; padding-bottom:15px; font-family: 'GraublauWebBoldRegular'; background-image: url(../images/background-yellow.png); background-repeat: repeat-x; background-position: bottom; } remove here background-image: url(../images/background-yellow.png); and change background-color:#d1ae4f; to color you want.

Hello, I am using Godaddy and when I upload all the file it doesn’t work. Am I doing something wrong? I am using the Windows server on godaddy

Hi dear, thanks for purchase. Please be more descriptive – site is not opening, problem with subscription form or smth else? You can send me a mail via form in my profile.

Hi – I have purchased this and I am trying to update the counter as per the pdf. But I am not able to update. I simply see the circles disappeared.

Please help

Please tell me what is your destination date and I’ll give you code.

please let me know about supscribe and where i shoud write my email to complete it


I tried to install the theme and it failed. The following message appears: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”.

My confirmation code is 8eee16ae-a9f5-4817-9add-ff3dd5dba524

Hi, please help for connecting the form – I don’t know what to put in my save.php, I don’t know where to find those database info, alll i have is an info@ address that I’ve created on my shared hosting account.

How can I connect that – very good website template from you, thank you?

Please help. Kind regards

Hi dear. Thanks for purchase. First you should get database details, i can’t help you without that info. Please be sure that your hosting company’s plan include mySQL database support. If so, database details are usually can be found in your hoster’s dashboard. Since you got it – feel free to return to me again for next steps.

Hi DazeinCreativ,

i like to use german localisation for the script, but it doesnt work. I downloaded it from http://keith-wood.name/js/jquery.countdown-de.js, and also added the js file into the folder “js” . And also add this code : <script src=”js/jquery.countdown-de.js” type=”text/javascript”></script> to the head section. Not working.

Do i need to change anything in jquery.countdown.min ?

Please help. Thanks in advance

Hi dear, you need only to edit HTML, no need to load locales.

BAD SUPPORT! You did reply after 22 days. Dont sell products and support if you do not want to support.


I bought this theme after a search for “under construction wordpress” on graphicriver. I need to install it on my wordpress

Please let me know how

Thank you

Dear, thanks for purchase, but this is not a Wordpress template. It is a standalone HTML page.


I am going to purchase the HTML Page but I am having some inquiries: 1- Is there an installation service? 2- If I would like to install it, is there a document of how to instal the Page? 3- Can I fully customize it? can I add some buttons to it and customize the colors (Such as the trucks colors) ?

Best Regards, Ali