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Hi, its a great theme but I’ve worked out there is no support area in your support forum for this theme.

  • You are also unable to verify your purchase because there is only the option for the “COMMANDER – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme” (the Wordpress one), but there is no option for the “COMMANDER – Responsive HTML Template” one (which is what I bought.)
  • If I am wrong then of course I will apologise and withdraw my remarks but I cannot see this template in the list of options in .
  • So, I’d like to please change to the Wordpress one because I think it’s a great theme but I need to know how to do things with it.. if I can’t do that then I feel it’s unsuitable business practices. I would like to use the wordpress version of this theme and would like to know if I may get a credit for this purchase so I can purchase the wordpress version. Please advise me what I should do.

    just read that the author of this theme is working hard to get the support and things up in place for the Commander html version, AND I even purchased his other theme GOODCHOICE yesterday, and it’s a very Good Choice too as it lets me do what I need to do (I’m a WP newbie) and takes the hassles out of getting things done, and speeds up my work and vastly improves the outcome.. but I cannot delete or edit my comment above, so instead I’d like to say thanks for his skill and for this theme and how he put it together, it’s very much appreciated.

    Hi, I purchased your theme a few weeks back and just about finished the site and can’t find the contact.php file…

    Can you please send me a copy?

    Cheers, Troy

    Please ignore last message. I just created it myself.. Thanks anyway… Nice theme!

    Cheers, Troy

    The video play doesn’t work (including in your demo). You say that you wont answer questions outside the forum but it still wont let me enter after i enter my purchase code.

    Hello I am urgently and problems in the model I bought from you.

    I have tried to register your support forum, but when I enter the purchase code gets the message: “No valid purchase codes where found.”

    Can you help me?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a boxed version of the HTML template. I see there is for WP, how about the HTML?

    Thanks Joe

    Hello, I posted a Ticket 1 week ago and I didn’t receive any answer. «I have a question regarding the boxed layout. How can I activate it so I can see a fixed background in the back of the template as the wordpress version. Please tell me what code I have to add and the pages to change. Thank you for your time» Thanks for your time

    when bootstap 3?