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Hi !!! Congrats for this AWESOME theme !! Well done!! I´ve a question about the language changing possibilities. How did you take it into consideration? How should I manage in case I bought it??


Hi Cioka

Yes, language translation is available with .po format. But it just english version, you will translate manually with your prefer language.

Thank you, hope you like it.

Awesome. Sukses, bro!

Sama-sama mas bro, thanks for visiting :D

I love the theme! Great job! Wondering if you are planning to add more shortcodes/features? Such as a Filterable Portfolio, Pricing Tables, Testimonial Widget, etc.

Hola 3rdstreet

Of course shortcodes have been added into this theme, take a look at Fullwidth page on top menu. You will see sample of various shortcodes including buttons, tabs, accordion, toggle, etc.

But unfortunately we’re not planning for filterable portfolio, just because this theme is mainly for e-commerce purpose. Both versatile or segmented store products, it’s flexible and good for any kind/type of products you have. We do really sorry, mate. Our next item will be at your service, maybe.

Last, I do really thank you for leave a comment in here. Gracias!

Congrats mate! We have to throw a party to celebrate this on the next jelly :p

Ahahaha we should, brother~ Thanks for visiting

PS: Waiting your next item on TF, cheers! :D

this is really nice.. good luck with your sales!

Thanks, you too!

Nice work ! Very good work in customizing Woo and Jigo templates ! Good luck !

Yeah, this theme is ready for woocommerce and jigoshop. Thank you!

Hi, Can the blog be viewed in the same Pinterest-like layout as the shop?

Hello bephuong,

Yes, this page template (blog items with pinterest-like layout excluding products item from the page) will be added at next update. You have my words, probably next weeks will available and you can update it later. We will post about it, thanks for your feedback.


Thanks for your reply. I’ll keep my eye on the next update.

Just bump the update 1 minutes ago, including blog page with Commerce Pinterest page template.

nice work…

Thank you, mate.

just wondering, can the shipping and billing page on checkout be wrapped in a div with a background so it doesn’t look like its on the background?

Owh I see, so you need checkout page goes with container just like single product page or blog post. I’ll take this then put it on update milestone, is that okay? Thank you for the suggestion, mate.

yes that would be brilliant, good luck with sales

Just bump the update, including on checkout page as you refer.

I like this a lot, too – really impressive :-) Do you have any of the Buddypress components live on the demo?

Unfortunately, we don’t. We’re sorry, mate. Thanks for your visit!

Lovely theme….Im assuming I can have different product type pages with the pinterest type boards…. so one page- widgets featuring pinterest layout full of widgets…..another page gaskets featuring pinterest layout full of gaskets, etc etc… ?

I figure it out when designing this theme and not sure eficiency of this type layout. By pinterest type board, I’m assuming to pull all product items (page template already in the demo) but not by category type.

Thank you for your lovely question, mate :)


MAAAAAAN i\ve been waiting for a theme that fits exactly 100% what i needed lol

GREEEEat job

So? Hehe

I’m glad that you like it, let’s roll.

just waiting to get home from my trip on monday night

I am excited, mate :D

Great theme. Unable to remove or change footer logo.

Ahhh… sorry, that’s my fault. We will update this issue. thx mate.

Awesome, I will purchase it in next period…

Hello miseld,

I wanna say thank you and we’re waiting :D

This theme might be very close to what I have been looking for. A couple of quick questions before purchase. 1. The blue title boxes on the top of every page, can these be changed or deleted, as I personally think it spoils the design. 2. The space for the logo is quite small, if a larger logo was used would the navigation need to be altered 3. Regarding navigation, is the theme set up for subcategories for products example …... AQUARIUM > FILTERS > SPONGE FILTERS etc etc.

Many thanks and once again excellent theme.

Horas nrsglamour

Regarding to your questions, here’s the answer:

1. The blue title boxes, can these be changed or deleted — Yes, but you have to do it manually. If you’re not sure, we’d love to help you to do it.

2. The space for the logo is quite small, if a larger logo was used would the navigation need to be altered — Of course the space will fit to your logo if its larger.

3. Regarding navigation, is the theme set up for subcategories for products example — Do you mean sublevel menu navigation? Yes, that’s standard in web design/development industry these days.

Any questions, mate? Thanks, glad you like this theme.

Hi Nesia,

I have a problem for install wordpres and woocommerce with your template. I do not have to run the slide on the home page as your example.

Can you help me please ?

Hello Jabber.

What kind of problem do you have while installing wordpress and woocommerce? If you’re not sure, please submit your problem through contact form here. We would love to help you.

You do not have to run the slider on homepage? — Then you have to set static homepage. I’m sure this steps have been provided inside documentation scope. See Template Pages section our documentation that comes with the package. If you need to see it online, here is our documentation for Commerce WordPress Theme.

Anything else? Would love to hear you. Thanks for buying, Jabber!

Do you sell an alternate version of this theme? In other words, I really like the structure of it (good job :) but I am interested in having a bare-bones stripped down version so I could completely style it myself. ??–

Dear sdaris. First of all, I’d like to say thank you.

What do you mean by alternate version of this theme, skin or color scheme? Currently, no. But we do have a plan for it.

If you’re interested in having a bare-bones stripped down version to do completely style it by yourself then you’re lucky. We’ve been provide Compass/SASS version inside this theme to make it easy create and build your own custom style. I’m sure you will have a bare-bones stripped within this method.

So? Let’s roll, mate! (rock)

Is there any way people can use a live demo version as guest so they can play with the backend? I’d like to try out your theme and play around with Compass/SASS (CSS variables – fantastic!). If not publicly, perhaps privately? Please PM me if this is possible at scottdaris at hotmail dot com ???

Hi, Will this handle infographics, e.g., 600 by 2500 px? As a Product-category image? As a blog (category) image?

The closest match is http://demo.nesia.me/wp/commerce/2012/05/17/sample-post-format-for-image-type/ But, this is “category/imaging” and is not in the homepage all items for some reason (670×893 px).

Would it be possible to place some monster infographics in the blog so I can see the behaviour there and in “homepage all item”.

Cheers, J

Hello Jack

For sure, it will handle all image size. But not their actual size, it will screw the layout. So we decide to work closely based on image approachment. All image on the “homepage all item” will be cropped based on their width, not the height. So the width will be calculated to exact dimension, based on 270px and image height will dynamic. Make sense? How about Pinterest-like layout out there, right? Right.

Same approachment applied to the blog page, it will handle all image and process based on 670px for image width and height is dynamic.

So you really need those monster to be released on your blog page? I bet you will.. haha Yeah, of course that is possible as your image size, 670 X 2500px and on homepage all item, it should display within 270 X 1001px

Anything alse, mate? Would love to hear you.


I’d like to show a user’s personal gallery like your “Homepage All Items”. But, it be showing a user’s wishlist/purchases, or posts containing their cell phone in the description. A script would match the post embeded phone number to the user cell phone numbers and include it in the gallery for any match.

Is this possible? This way my users would have their own cool gallery of products, customized stuff I made for them, or stuff I posted with their cellphone embedded. I can link to an external URL from the product descripton using a bulk upload. The cell phone number embedded in a post or product would be a fail safe way for them to find stuff pertaining to them.

Can this be done? It seems like simply using the wishlist plugin would be a simple starting point, then do some custom scripting.

Is there another approach? For example, I could alternatively use categories and tags. But, I must have this template. Is there a simpler way?

BTW : how will your template handle the wishlist below? woocommerce wishlist plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/dvin-woocommerce-wishlist-wp-plugin/1995206?WT.ac=search_thumb&WT.seg_1=search_thumb&WT.z_author=DVin

cheers, J

Hello Jack,

By default, our theme is support to display the image (both from blog or from products) so, you can do it.

Is this possible? This way my users would have their own cool gallery of products, customized stuff I made for them, or stuff I posted with their cellphone embedded. >> Sure you need to custom within your request as you listed above. Combine your custom meta post and their plugin then you’ll get what you want.

Hi there, does your theme (which is super cool) allow for users to log in? I’d like to create something similar to http://www.gumtree.com.au/ but want to make sure the back end can be worked by people other than me, just like this site. Also wondering if advertising plug ins can be used?? Thanks a million! Alissa

Hello Alissa

Unfortunately by now users can’t login to the dashboard. I’m sure you’re trying to make sure before you buy, but what things do you want to make sure about the back-end functionality? So we can confirm about it.

Yeah, advertising plugin could be used within this theme.

Just don’t hesitate to as your questions, thanks.