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Hi Jason,

FANTASTIC job updating this theme and making it responsive! Everyone should buy it again. Thank you. Also, you should know you are very handsome. ;)

Listen, there’s this weird space on the site I just made with Commodore: It’s between the menu and the layer slider. Probably because I used the mega menu and the layer slider together. I tried to take it away and it worked but I managed to get rid of ALL the padding and then everything was up against the edge. That was no good. Ideas? Thanks again.


Thanks for the kind words! For support, please post at and hopefully I can help to get you on the right track with your customizations of getting these plugins to work together.

Here’s more instructions on getting access:

Hi, I purchased the old version Complexity for a client a couple of years ago. It’s good to see you are still supporting this great theme. Want to update to the new responsive version, do you see any issues with doing this up-date, from old build to new build?

Thanks Clive

Hi Clive,

You’re essentially installing a whole new theme. Nothing in regards to the setup of the theme carries over to the new one. So, make sure after you install the new one, you checkout the documentation that comes with the theme so you can learn how to use it.

If you need further support, this is all handled at:

Downloading your theme. What is the font of the Arcadian logo? Does it come with the package. I don;t see it.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but for support, please register your Arcadian purchase code on our support site, and post there.

All customer support is handled in our support site. Any pre-sale questions you want to ask for a product you haven’t purchased can be done so in the comments for the item.

Hey Jason – I am unable to access due to complexity being downloaded on a previous account which has apparently been deleted according to Envato support… Just wanted to see if it was possible to show ya proof of purchase another way perhaps via email that would be outstanding. We were happily using Complexity since the week it came out up until it finally crashed when being prepared for Commodore switch i would assume. The site we had it on has been in shambles ever since and just has never felt the same so hopefully we can work something out so I am still able to make the switch after all this time! Thanks so much – Jon

Hi Jon,

I apologize, but unfortunately, this is not possible. This is all automated, and you need that account to (1) access our support and (2) to download the actual product from ThemeForest.

Even if I were to manually give you access to our support forums (which I don’t have anything setup to do that), you still wouldn’t have access to the actual WordPress theme to download and maintain through updates (which is all handled on ThemeForest, out of my control).

If the account was deleted, I wonder if you could possibly show the proof of purchase to Envato so they could restore the purchase on your current Envato account? It sounds like you may end up having to just re-purchase. I’m not totally sure what else can be done.

Do you have a matching HTML Landing Page for this ? (or a LP that is similar style)


Unfortunately, no we do not. There is an older HTML version, but it’s deprecated and we’ll be removing it from the marketplace in the near future. Its HTML structure and design, while similar, does not match the newer Commodore theme.

If I don’t upgrade to Commodore, will my site (on Complexity 2) not run correctly?


We cannot guarantee any compatibility with the latest WordPress for any theme versions, other than the latest version, at any given time.

If you’d like more support, here’s how to get it: