Discussion on CommunityJunction - BuddyPress Membership Theme

Discussion on CommunityJunction - BuddyPress Membership Theme

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Is it just a theme which can only be customised from UI perspective or it includes code of frontend and backend both with features working as login signup and blogs posts being recorded in DB. If yes will the support for configuring those will also be covered?

Hello, theme contains complex code frontend and backend.

If yes will the support for configuring those will also be covered?


Great themes! You have made updates to other themes this year but not this one. Which of your Buddypress themes should I buy?

Actually this theme works fine with the latest WP 6.0 and all other plugins so it’s not require update. OneCommunity theme has a lot of features.

Hi, work with wp 5.9x? thanks

Hello, yes live demo is on 5.9.1

Thanks :)

1. Can add more fields in the profiles such as downloadable attachments, videos 2. I want to have paid membership, is possible and can i integrate with Ultimate Membership Pro/ 3. Can create an advanced search form with logical selections e.g when i select county X then i can only choose town a or b 4. Can i have that paid members have a detailed profile and can post in forums but free members have a basic profile and can only comment in forums

1. There is such plugin which can extends standard profile fields – https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-xprofile-custom-field-types/

2. I think it would be easier to use a paid membership pro plugin. Ultimate Membership Pro seems like a complex plugin like buddypress which totally changes look of current theme.

3. I think it’s possible with this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/bp-profile-search/

4. It would be possible with custom if else functions of the paid membership pro plugin – https://diaboliquedesign.com/demo/onecommunity-new/Help/#paid-membership

i have 2 themes of you both too difficult to set. Elementor doesn’t work, layout of broken when using elementor. No theme setup like other themes only via customize with a few options. Rarely seen anything like this and I have a lot of themes. Sorry but i cant use it out of the box. to much trouble and i wait 3 days in the support forum for an answer.Also for me never again and there is probably no refund either it is always a gamble to buy a theme, now lost 2 times

1st font is for all content, the 2nd one is for all headings, I don’t understand the idea of setting many different fonts for headings etc because it’s against the design rule.

Every theme on Themeforest is updated regularly fixing small bugs, important bug fixes are released instantly but tiny bugs found by single buyer are grouped and theme update is released usually once a month. Since there was vacation time the update was slower but you received all fixes quickly.

that you don’t understand it seems clear. I need other sizes, but no matter I don’t like to edit php files just to change something and don’t say that’s not true. then enter here in the comment search php, constantly to edit something just to change small things, but no matter refund me these 2 themes. I bought another one, many better for me, but I think I mustn’t mention the name,

What you requesting is not a standard here, theme has a lot of customization options but it’s not advertised as unlimited customizable. I have comparison to the other buddypress products, for example to the youzify which for example even doesn’t allow to change any font for any element.

No answer at the Support Forum okay here also not but i tray again from what a plugin come the share buttom and how can i deactivate or translate ?


I just sent you reply

Hello i cant open a ticket

Hello when i want to edit the home elemenator page, the layout is no longer okay and when i want to edit home with an error occurs


Thats okay


Not okay




No. I cant edit Home. Look first image is oka, 2.image is home elementar and isten okay

No Idea. i like to go online….......THX Nice Theme

Please send via the contact form the login credentials to your WP dashboard so I will take a look on it – https://themeforest.net/user/diabolique

Hello worik this theme with an activity like plugin and activity share plugin? and Repor and block user ?


Can you post links to these all plugins?

Before i make a purchase to design my social media site, i am verifying if below features would be possible in your theme

1- Status- This is very important, a User should be able to set up a status manually for their profile, for example, Red, Yellow or Green…, and before they set change the status, they have to put in a comment which will be mandatory for example why they are changing it to Red.

2- Need to have multiple user types, for example Organization or Individual, and some of the feature and fields would be available based on type of user they are ( Organization or Individual)

3- Near by integration, for example for a organization user type, i want to display 5 specific clothing stores near by on their profile page.

4- Then Landing page should like a dashboard report, which will display the users in the red status followed by yellow and green for example, and these users display would be defaulted based on the visitors region, and they should be able to filter it or modify the dashboard based on the region they select.


1. This text is a status – https://diaboliquedesign.com/screenshots/3/screenshot_at_15-28-06.png

2. Member types are possible – https://codex.buddypress.org/developer/member-types/ there is also youzify extension for this – https://youzify.com/downloads/buddypress-member-types/

3. Generally it’s possible to show a different content for a different member type but it needs small extra customization.

4. Unfortunately it’s not possible.

I’ve got about 3 of your themes, including this one, and wonder if any will receive updates this year? Any plans to incorporate intranet features with a possible dashboard? What about a PWA option?

Any responses appreciated

There is design refresh planned in future. Intranet is easy to achieve with the Paid Membership Pro plugin, there are PWA plugins too.

How edit the Home? i mean not Home Elementor, i mean Home?


Home is for these people which don’t want to use page builder. You should edit the frontpage-1.php file in the theme folder.

ok thanks … only one question my forums page look absolut not like yours :) https://tr8de.net/forums/

ok solved with update the plugins :)

I have purchased this theme already. My question does this theme have mobile app theme ?? if so provide me link to purchase

Unfortunately now, but it can be achieved with some PWA plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/pwa/

I can’t install the demo, I checked the whole forum and there are only broken links, isn’t there an .XML file? A button where it says import demo and that’s it? why is it so complex?

hola. Please tell me the spanish language is supported? And if not supported then how to translate your theme to spanish language?


Yes of course, theme can be easy translated with loco translate plugin.

Not a very friendly theme to install with defaults. Links for demo content dosent work. Should have a standard setup for the Home page instead of a page builder we have to buy to get the page templates in. IMO


I just checked out the demo links from the DemoContentInstallation.txt file and both work fine. Generally you are buying what you see on the live demo, if you have problems with demo content installation then please let me know.

How do I install the demo data?

Instructions are in the Demo content folder if you downloaded full zip file from themeforest.

I would love to see the preview but it appears the CSS is not loading. I can’t make a decision to buy it if the site is down. Is there alternative link?


It works fine – https://diaboliquedesign.com/screenshots/2/screenshot_at_00-06-01.png

Try hard refresh of the page ctrl + f5


I tried to change product name font in dashboard>>customize>>additional css with the following css .woocommerce ul.products li.product .woocommerce-loop-product__title { font-size: 20px !important; }

but it did not work. Do I have to do anythings else to make it workable?.

Please advice



Thank you very much. It works very well for a single product page. Anyway, can you kindly show me the css for shop Page.

Your advice would be aprreciated.

Thank you in advance.


.woocommerce ul.products li.product h2.woocommerce-loop-product__title { font-size: 20px!important; }

Thanks for your support

Hi there. Do you have a timeline when this theme will be compatible with BuddyPress 6.0? Also, I seem to recall there being a potential for issues with bbpress 2.6.X. Is that still a concern? I may re-up my support before I upgrade, but didn’t want to proceed until I knew it was officially compatible. Thanks!


Actually the live demo in on BuddyPress 6.0, bbPress 2.6.4, WP 5.4.1 and everything works fine.

Awesome, thanks! I just noticed that info is indeed included in the CommunityJunction (v2.0) features part. I missed it because in the side bar it still says compatible with BP 5.0, etc. Thanks again for the info. Time to extend support again. ;)


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