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Awesome work gawi, glws! ;)


thanks themerazzi

Hi, Gawibowo.. how does the rating system works? Is it based on visitors IP or only for registered users?


Hi candeed, the rating system is in the admin only for authors. Currently no rating system for visitors/users.

Oh I see.. ;) Thanks anyway for the information, Gawibowo..

Is there a demo post with a Vimeo video?

Theme looks perfect :)

Thanks. No demo for video right now, but I will add more sample pages soon

great! Allow me some questions before purchasing it:

- do you have a support forum? It is annoying here at TF to buy themes and then in case of problems to search within hundereds of comments here at the Theme’s page – I won’t purchase any longer themes with no support forum or ticket system

- do you offer the demo data (xml import) with this theme for a faster setup?

- I need exactly such a theme as yours here – but I urgently need such a submenu like the menu at the very top of your site – but with drop downs? Is this possible with this theme? If not, with a theme’s update?

- could you please offer some screenshots of the theme options please?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi colorit, thanks for your interest in my theme.

- No support forum right now, but feel free to ask in the item comments. Most common questions will be added to the FAQs section of this item.

- No demo data included in the download file right now, maybe in the next update. I’m still adding more sample pages in the demo.

- More screenshots will be added soon.

Nice looking theme!

thanks WPExplorer

Awesome theme! ;)

thanks louiejie

Is there a boxed version of the theme?

sorry, no “boxed” type layout for this theme

Great work, wish you the best with sales. :)

thanks Bedros

Wow clean ! Missing an isotope portfolio for me but… purchased ! ;)

thanks shramdaad

clean minimalist elegant gan… sukses yo… oh ya.. ko related post nya selalu ga ada ya gan? contohnya di desert call itu masih dalam 1 category travel… tapi ga ada related post nya… make tags related post nya gan? :)

Thanks for your comment gan. Yes, the related posts are based on tags :)


This is really cool :)

I have a quetion for you.

Can I make membership fucntion on this theme?

Hi, there is no special membership functions on this theme, as WordPress already has a basic functionality for a membership site. If you need more complete membership system you can use a plugin like:

thanks Gluckxxx

I love this theme. I’ve a blog with another theme and I would like to know if you do provide a service for installing and configuring your theme on an existing blog. I’m not too expert with WP so I’d prefer you do the work.

In any case I’d like to know if the layout possibilities would be available also to my blog, once switched and If the user can set his preferences to have one layour or another so anyone could see my blog in the layout he prefer.


Sorry I can’t provide installation/configuration services right now, but I will surely help you if you have any problem. Yes the layout possibilities should be available for an existing blog too.

Is it possible to modify the code to allow for video embedding in the thumbnails and slider…let’s say by using the custom fields section and an iframe code?

Hi, there are plugins to auto generate video thumbnails for example but I haven’t tested it yet

Nice theme. Is it posssible to change the size of the flex slider? I wish I could have a two-columns slider on the homepage and put a 300×250 banner near it.

there is no option for this in the admin, but it is possible with a little code editing

Just purchased and love it so far. On the main menu, how to do you make the “home” button an icon instead of text?


Please add the “Home” menu item from Appearance » Menus » Pages » View All, check “Home” menu item and click Add to Menu. This “Home” menu item will be changed to home icon automatically.

Here is the screenshot:

Will this support Google Ads instead of just banner images?

You can add Google Ads with standard text widget in the sidebar or footer area

Hi Gawibowo,

I wanna know if the slideshow in homepage changes images automatically, when i post an article. Show the last post or not?!

Slideshow uses posts with a user defined tags (default tag is “featured”), so if you add a post with that tag, it will automatically shown on the slideshow.

Hi! Nice theme! Some questions.

1. Is it possible in some way to also show the author picture in the blogpost box on the postwall? 2. Is it possible to have a video instead of a picture in the blogpost box? 3. What happens with the layout and searchbox if you have to “many” (to wide) titles in the menybar?

Thank you!

Yes I can help you to show the author image, but the design maybe will look good with 2 images in each post (featured image + author image).

That would be really appreciated! That sounds perfect, could we get it like this maybe? After purchase, do you have a mail there we can continue the case?


No problem. You can email me via my profile page contact form

Is there a line of code that will let your template only show a snippet of text in the “excerpt” section? As it is right now, there is no way to tell it where to stop.

The excerpt length is set to 20 words. You can edit the number of words in functions.php at line 211.