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How can I remove the sidebar from a specific post?


Currently there is no option for sidebar on a single post. The sidebar can be removed by setting the default layout to full width in Theme Options, but it will affect all posts, not on a specific post.

Not sure why, but for some reason, the top tab in my browser stopped displaying Site Title | Tagline as settings in the Theme Options and General WP settings are the same. Updated to newest theme, and no change. Saying “Posts Masonry 3 Columns” now. Ideas on why?

Maybe it’s from your SEO plugin?

Hi! I have just installed Compasso to my blog at and have a problem with slider. I assign featured images to some posts, assigned tag “featured” to this posts, but they do not appear in the slider panel at the top of my blog:( Waiting for help. Anton

Yes, it works! Thank you! What was the problem?

I don’t know what was the problem. It’s strange, because I only opened Theme Options to make sure that the slider enabled. It was already enabled and I didn’t change anything. And when I open the homepage the slider appear.

Fantastic! Thank you anyway! My web-site looks great now! :)

Same problem as above, Slider dosn’t show up.

i have shoot you a massage!

Thats Support at its best! I shoot gawibowo a massage with Admin details and just a few hours later he found the error! It was my fault! I didn’t have a proper categorie for the slider. Now it works without any problems. 5 Stars for this nice theme!

thanks :)

Hi, Gawibowo! Could you please write me CSS code to change background color of main menu? I didn’t find solution.

Have you try the css code from previous comment here ?

Thanks, super! I have lost that comment :)

Dear Sir

i got a question about Shortcodes "Message Boxes"?is it possible that when i click message boxes,  the box will not be closed? i just want to show the message boxes all time.
Yes, please delete the code in js/scripts.js line 200 – 204:
$('.msg').click(function() {
    var msgbox = $(this);
    msgbox.fadeTo('slow', 0);

Hi! I have just installed Compasso to my blog and have a problem with slider. It do not appear … A solution ? ;)

Hi, the theme is installed incorrectly. You’ve placed /theme_compasso/compasso into the themes directory.

This can cause problem with javascript and css. Please upload compasso directly into themes directory.

And also make sure to enable the slider from Theme Options.

Thanks very much but in the back-office, I didn’t find the “Slider Item” Menu to add my images

Slider items are from post images. You need to create a normal post (From Posts -> Add New), set a featured image and add a “featured” tag. Please see this screenshot:


Thank you for the great theme. i’m facing a problem that i lately installed the NextGen Galery, and using the Masonry style. once i used that style in the gallery, the Masonry style in the main page not working ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, could you provide me your site url so I can check the problem directly? thanks

I’m checking your site but I see no problem with your homepage. Masonry layout works normally


can i update to 3.6 without problems? It says only up to 3.5 on the page.

And is there any chance of making the lightbox code of images added automatically on “post detail” and “page detail” pages instead of always writing manually rel=”PrettyPhoto[xyz]” behind every photo link? It gets kinda annoying :-)

Thanks in advance Dermott

Great, thanks! But now i havent got the chance to click through them and see them as “one block” of images i.e.: rel=”PrettyPhoto[XXXX]” and all images where connected to each other and there where miniatures in the bottom center of the overlay. Now I can only open each one for itself. Is there any chance to fix that too? Maybe through the “page_id” or anything else?

For connected images, please delete the previous code and use this instead:

function auto_lightbox($content) {
    $search = '/<a(.*?)href=(.*?).(jpg|jpeg|png|gif|bmp)"(.*?)>/i';
    $replace = '<a$1href=$2.$3" $4 rel="prettyPhoto[XXXX_' . get_the_ID() . ']">';
    return preg_replace($search, $replace, $content);
add_filter('the_content', 'auto_lightbox');

insert this code in functions.php file

awesome! thanks again!

Dear Sir

Whould you help me  that i use facebook offical plugin and want to move fb comment box from comment template area  to each bottom of article area  just like "Like" showing ,  how do i do ?

for example:

Thanks you

Please open content-single.php and content-page.php files and add this code:
<?php comments_template(); ?>
after this code:
<?php the_content(); ?>

And delete the code <?php comments_template(); ?> in single.php and page.php

Thanks gawibowo, solved

I’m using a grid of recent posts. How do I change the heights of the featured images (on the grid)?

Thanks, KQN

I am sorry to trouble you again, but I have uploaded a larger image after changing the value to 250 and the feature image is still smaller.

Please change the $image_h value to 350

yes! thank you sir! problem solved.

Hi gawibowo, is it possible to create a second sidebar and have it show up on the left hand side of the post? I created one under the Theme Options, but I couldn’t see it on the page.

Sorry, currently this theme supports only one sidebar either left or right, you can’t use two sidebars at same time.

And the custom sidebars can be used for pages only. On single post it will use the default sidebar

I am running a two column grid with sidebar. Is there any way I can remove the contents below the featured image? (the post title, etc.)

Nevermind, figured it out: deleted div class “box-inner” in content-grid.php

Bought the template and installed it on a demo server as i work on it

Now if you open the page, the site owner is not amused that on the homepage, the thumbnails are not being resized properly and the top part of the thumbnail images are being cut (See thumbnail image of “CARDIO”, “STRENGTH” as an example.)

What can be done so that the thumbnail images are resized properly without cutting them off on top or bottom?

For category sections, please edit content.php line 5-6:
$image_w        = 150;
$image_h        = 150;

thank you very much for your quick answers..i have made modifications as you suggested and they are showing one last thing…

as an example, which line of code do you edit on theme files to increase the number of words/or characters that are showing on that entry page..also how do add a “Read more” link just after the entry text?

The default number of words in this theme is 20. To change it, open functions.php and edit line 219:
return 20;
And to add read more link, please delete this code in functions.php line 208:
return '';
replace it with this:
global $post;
return '<a href="'. get_permalink($post->ID) . '"> Read more</a>';

Hi, I am designing a site for someone and the slider isn’t seeming to display. I’ve looked at previous posts and I’m pretty sure my theme is in the correct directory. Please help!

Please make sure you already follow the steps here. But if the slider still doesn’t show up, please send me a temporary WP admin login of your site and I will check it.


Dear Sir

i got a question, how to make the page display like post to show at slider of index ?? i use Post Tags and Categories for Pages plugin and also use the same tag as posts which show at slider of index , but the page it fail to show at slider of index normally, what should i do ??

my website?

please edit slider.php and change the WP_Query (line 7 – 10) to this:
$slider = new WP_Query(array(
    'showposts'    => g7_option('slider_limit'),
    'tag_slug__in' => $tags,
    'post_type'    => array('post', 'page')


I’ve had my blog as “Posts List + Sidebar” and I see it as “Posts Grid 1 Column + Sidebar” and change it .. always shows “Posts List + Sidebar” ....

How do I change my blog to Posts Grid 1 Column + Sidebarr?

my blog:

Thank you.

Please check your Settings -> Reading -> Front page displays, and make sure that the page is not selected in the “Posts page”

ok!, works perfectly. Thank you.

I have a couple of questions regarding this theme:

1. I changed the background but would like to get it back to the default diagonal pinstripe pattern…how do I accomplish that?

2. When setting a featured image on posts, there is a field to input a caption, but that caption does not show up anywhere on the post page. How do I enable this?


1. Default background is only color without pattern. If you want the background pattern like in the demo, you can download it from here: here

2. Caption only show up if you insert the image into the content area.

Thanks again!


Still very happy with your theme, nice and functional.

I would ask for one possible development. My “popular” posts are quite the same and have little chance to change. It would be interesting to choose popularity between the number of comments, the number of views (based on wordpress stats) or other criteria if it is possible.

To be more clear, it would give the “popular” tab more interest for the readers if the posts there may change from time to time.

The popular tab is based on the number of comments. The posts may change, for example if a new post gets more comments than other posts.
Thanks for your suggestion, but currently I have no plan to add other criteria like number of views or other.

Ok. It was just in case you needed new ideas for further developments ;)

When the last of the 5 popular posts received 315 comments, it is not likely to change easily… above all with the current evolution with people commenting more on FB or Twitter than on the blog.

I understand it may not be a top priority, by the way.


I translated the whole theme smoothly.

Today, for first time I use “insert newline” in a document (not yet published).

I note that the word “page” is not translated into Spanish.

How to translate the word “page” in the languaje Spanish?

Thank you.

Sorry, I must have missed this “Pages” text for translation. You can edit the text directly in these files:
content-single.php (line 54)
content-page.php (line 19)
page-contact.php (line 48)


Translated and entirely correct.

Thank you.

A greeting.