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Is there any way to configure slider for showing latest posts regardless of their tags?

Currently the slider shows posts with featured tag. I want to show latest posts whatever their tags.

Yes. Please edit slider.php file at line 9, and delete this code:
'tag_slug__in' => $tags

Hi again.

Do you think it would be very difficult to change Category Masonry template to convert it in Category Grid template? It means that all boxes have the same size and are aligned, similar to Posts Grid template but applied to Category template.

it’s a little difficult (need to edit a lot of code) because in categories template each box can have different number of posts

How can I change default slider to another slider that I buy plug-in ?

Hi, this theme doesn’t have support for 3rd party slider. To change the default slider you need to edit the code directly. Please read the documentation of the slider plugin. You may also need to add custom CSS to fit the theme style.

Hi Gawibowo,

Is it possible to show an excerpt while using the toggle shortcode? I want to show some text at category pages, but not the entire content.

Thanks in advance!

All shortcodes are disabled in excerpts. If you want to use shortcode you need to change this code:
<?php the_excerpt(); ?>
with this:
<?php the_content(); ?>

Can you tell me in which file I can find this code?

content.php if you use standard layout, or content-category.php for categories page template

Hi gawibowo,

Excellent theme! Nice work! Can you tell me, please, how can i set the default width of website to, let’s say, 980px? I want to make my website a little wider.

Thank You!

Thanks for the answer. One more thing, please: Can I make my footer to have only one widget area but the width of that widget to be 960 px? Can you tell me how can i do that? Thanks!!!

Please edit footer.php, delete line 7 – 18 and replace with this code:
            <div class="sixteen columns">
                <?php dynamic_sidebar('footer1'); ?>

Excellent support! Thank You!


For a next update I suggest to implement captcha in contact form and comments.

Thanks for your suggestion.
The contact form already has a spam protection using honeypot method. Do you still receive spam messages?
For comments, I think it’s better to use a plugin.

Hi, I am struggling to get the Accordion Short Codes to work. Pasted the short codes in the page. Edited the Title and Content, but: The content displays in the respective boxes but the remaining content do not expand and contract. Please help.

Hi, can you provide me your url so I can check directly?

Hi, have you tried to temporarily disable plugins one by one and see if it works? Maybe there is a plugin that cause this problem.

Hi Gawibowo,

Here I am again with a question. 1. I am trying to change the color on a new website;, however it doesn’t change the color. For example, when I try to change it to the following color: #6d2738 it doesn’t work. Same goes for when I pick a standard color.

2. I am trying to get a list on my website, but it isn’t working. You have any idea what goes wrong. If you go to on the right side I tried to list them in an unordered list. Ain’t working.

Thanks in advance!

1. Please make sure that you have uploaded this file: css/skin.php and also make sure that it can be accessed directly

2. If you mean the sub list you can add this css code to make it indented:
#wdgt_cl ul ul {
    margin-left: 20px;

Hi Gawibowo,

The file css/skin.php is uploaded. What permissions should I give it, 644 right?

Yes 644 should be enough. Does it work? I can’t access your site so I can’t check it.


Following an update to the latest version of wrdpress, I’m now trying to update Compasso to the latest version by clicking the “Compasso new updates” button at the top of my WordPress dashboard.

However, I get the following error: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”

Do you have any idea why this would be? I’m logged in with the administrator account.


Hi, if you still use version 1.0 or 1.1, the update link in the admin bar is wrong. The correct link is the one in the Appearance sub menu.

Aha! Thank you gawibowo, excellent support for morons like me!

Hi, there! After new WP update 3.8 I have different font-face sitewide and it looks not so nice.

Hi, I have checked this theme with WP 3.8 but didn’t find any problem with the font. Do you have a url for this?

Hi, I would like to place a site wide header image at the top of my site but there are no header/logo dimensions in the theme, what is the width I need to make the header image and how do I insert it? Thanks

Thanks, but I have tried uploading a logo at least 988px wide and it doesn’t show, I get a broken image holder :/

ps: LOVE this theme, thank you! I spent months looking for the right theme, this one functions perfectly for me and has made my site look so professional: :)

Thanks. Please send me (via my contact form) a temporary WP admin login of your site and I will check the upload problem.

Is it possible to show the author of each post on the front page grid?

Yes with a little code editing

Hi, Is there a chance to make some updates that will make you able to choose different sidebar on each (post) ??

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I will try to add this in the next theme update

Hi gawibowo ;

1- Could you please let me know how to add google adsense codes instead of pictures on ’’Compasso- Ads 300 px’’ ? I want to add google adsense codes there or do you have any other suggestions ?

2- At the top menu, i want to de active the search box and add more titles on the menu, the search box takes big place and i want to remove it there and add more titles, how can i do it ? I don’t want to remove it forever, just de active or put somewhere else to wide my top menu line.

3- How/ Where can i change logo size, it is automatically sized but i want to change the logo size !

Thank you very much in advance and i will be apprciated for the answers.

Thank you in advance,

1. Please use Text widget for adsense. Ads widget is only for pictures.

2. Edit header.php file and delete the search form at line 69-72, and add this css code in style.css:
#mainmenu {
    width: auto;
Maybe you can put the search form in the sidebar (with search widget).

3. The size of the logo is not limited but it will automatically resized to fit the container’s width. You can use this css code to resize it to 100px for example:
#logo {
    width: 100px;

I did number 2 and 3, thank you very much.

For number 1, is there widget in the theme ? I tried with adsense plug ins but it show nothing. I did not get the 1. answer. Do you have any suggestions, how can i find widget for text or photos, do you have any link ?

Thank you,

Text Widget is one of the widget that comes in the basic installation of WordPress. Here is the tutorial: link

hey can u please tell me how can i change the slider images? as in completely want a new set of images instead of the original ones??

and also is there a limit on the number of images in the slider? 3?

Thanx ! :)

hey thanx a ton :)

one more thing.. right now.. i can only change the image of the post which was originally in the slider..i mean by changing the featured image.. can i completely put a new post with new details and an image for the slider? adding a new post as in the support link u provided is not reflecting for the slider… :/

also.. i am trying to replace the readmore link with an image.. but it shows a broken image.. how can i correct it? ive already added the image in the library..

Thanx :)

Hi, I’m sorry but for further support please post with your buyer’s account. Thanks.

Hello, Is it possible to replace the default profile icon by others pictures ? We would like to have one photo by author or guests.

For example :

Thank you for your answer

Hi, you can choose the default avatar from Settings -> Discussion. To use a custom image you can try this tutorial, but I haven’t try it myself so I don’t know if it’s work or not.

gawibowo.. hey.. can u plz tell me how to add a new image to any of the posts or paragraph? im trying to insert an image within an element. but it shows up as a broken image.. also i have added the same image in the library itself.. can u plz guide me how to clear up the broken image??

thanx in advance.!

yeah..i got it.. thanx..! :)

sorry.. for the trouble.. but i have one more question.. i need to remove the submit button off the comment_form() part and instead i want the enter key to submit that form.. ive tried jquery but its just not working.. can u please help me on this.. ?

the jquery im using is this.. <script> $(“input”).keypress(function(event) { if (event.which == 13) { event.preventDefault(); $(“form”).submit(); } }); </<script>

you need to wrap the code into ‘document ready’, try this:
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    $("input").keypress(function(event) {
        if (event.which == 13) {


when i add advertisement codes on google addsense, i see an image as you can see from the below link. The size of the add and the frame does not fit eachother. I want the size of the add fit in the shape of frame, or i would like to see the add without any frame. Could you please advise me how to do this ? Thank you

OK, please send me your WP admin login via my contact form

Yes gawibowo, Information has been sent.. thank you.

I just checked your site and noticed that your posts, pages and categories use the same permalink structures. Normally, category permalink should be like this: , but your category permalink is like this: . Please check if this causes the rss link to be invalid. You can temporarily disable plugins to check this.

About the slider, in which pages do you want the slider to appear? To enable in multiple pages you can use is_page() function, for example:

is_page(array('about-me', 'Contact', 'page1', 'page2'))

Use the code to replace is_front_page() in the header.php file.


How I can make a button open a url on another page?

Thank you.

For example the button inserted here:

To make button shortcodes to open in a new window, please edit this file: includes/shortcodes/shortcodes.php at line 31 and change this:

'<a class="btn %s %s" href="%s">%s</a>',
with this:
'<a class="btn %s %s" href="%s" target="_blank">%s</a>',