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I just would like to know how I can make the top menu be aligned on the right.



Please add this css code at the bottom of style.css:
#topmenu {
    float: right;
#intro {
    text-align: left;

Thank you :)

it worked perfectly.

ciao :)

Hi Gawibowo,

I am trying to reduce the width of the searchform and I try to change the text in the searchform. I changed both in the css, however it doesn´t update on the website, I added following lines to the style.css code:

cari {

width: 166px; } #searchf { width: 240px; }

I also tried different width, but it won’t change.

Same goes for the searchform name. I changed it, but somehow it doesn’t update on the website.

Any idea why it doesn’t update?



You need to add the new code below the original code, so it will override the original. Please try adding the code at the bottom of style.css

Hi, I can’t seem to get any social shortcodes to show up in the top bar when entered in the header text box, but plain text shows up fine. Any idea what the problem might be? Thanks

Hi, can you send me a temporary WP admin account of your site so I can check it?


I would like to be able to have the post title or ”+” sign on the landing page be a hyperlink to another site all together and NOT the individual blog post. Is this possible through the theme or a custom child theme?


Yes, I can do it as a custom work for 1 hour. (My hourly rate is $50/hour)

Okay, I’ll buy the theme. How do you want to handle the other $50.00? PayPal?

Yes I accept payment with paypal.


Firstly, great theme :)

How would I add social follow buttons to the area above the main nav bar (where the advert usually displays)?

Ideally we would like them aligned with the logo, but aligned right.

Thanks in advance, Anthony

This is a bug in Chrome affecting some sites too (not only this theme). Please update to the latest Chrome version, or if it still doesn’t work please use this code to fix it:
jQuery(function($) {
Insert this code in footer.php at line 34, after <?php wp_footer(); ?> and before </body>

Thanks again, I cant rate the support on this theme highly enough.

Just purchased and loving this theme! But, sorry if this has already been asked: Is there a way to take out the menu bar? Not the top bar, but the bar below that?

Thanks again! I just wanted to ask another question about #1. Is there a way to set the “main page” homepage with a grid or masonry template? The reason I ask is because (as you instructed) I created a new page called “Home”, set to grid template, and changed the static page to the page I created. But, now there are two “Home” pages in the menu.

If I can’t set the “main page” homepage with a grid or masonry template, can I delete the “main page?”


If I can set the “main page” homepage with a grid or masonry template, how can I change the name “Home?” I would like to change it to something else.

I hope this was not too confusing. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

I suggest you to create a menu from Appearance -> Menus. By creating a menu, you can easily add, delete and reorder the menu items. Please read the documentation about Menus.

I just noticed that I never said thank you. Thank you!

Formatting issues with IE11

Love this theme but when an post is clicked and then the home button clicked all of the post are squashed up together. There is writing over each other.. Is this a known issue and is there a fix?

I’m sorry, I haven’t tested this theme with IE11. Please allow me a few days to check it and I will get back to you.

Hi, is there a specific page when this problem appear? And can you send me a screenshot? I have checked my theme with IE11 but didn’t find the problem.

Hi- I am having a problem with custom sidebars not appearing – is there a limit on how many? The site is French and English. No problems with a set of custom “French” sidebars, but when I create the equivalent “English” versions and go to select in the page, they are available in the page menu, but do not display – just blank sidebar.

The page in your link uses “Water & Sanitation” sidebar but it doesn’t have widgets in it?


this is part of the problem – i assign widgets then they dissappear. I create sidebar normally, assign it to page, then when I go back to widgets it is empty.

sent you a private message – I changed the custom sidebar title to be all lowercase letters (previously upper and lowercase) and now it is working…..

Hi, before to buy the “Compass” theme I have a question: in some way I need to provide in the website an advanced filtering system, in order to let the reader select posts using a combination of different categories. For this pourpose, I plan to use a plugin, like “ultimate wp query search filter”, or other equivalent, placed in a sidebar. Do you think this is possible? Do you have any suggestion? Thanks in advance

Hi, I haven’t tried the plugin, but if it’s just to add filter for searching I think it’s possible.

hi, how can i change the top menu color to darker and the font to white bold? thank you and congrats for the theme!

ps: already did it! thanks :)

Hi sir, do you have any plan to upgrade for the version 3.9 of Wordpress? Unfortunately I have upgraded Wordpress and now I find several bug or strange behaviour. Thanks for your answer.

wow! it works! you are great! about the field, in fact sometimes even if the Masonry Option is checked, I have to uncheck it and then check again to get the field visible… but it works

another question please, this is probably a stupid one: how to replace the “home” word in the menu with the little icon, as in your “live preview” thanks for help

to set home icon, please read this tutorial


I would like to change the font of the text appearing in the main banner of the homepage. Could you advise where we would do this/what we would need to change?

Thanks Anthony

To change the title, you can use this selector: .flexslider .flex-caption h2, for example:
.flexslider .flex-caption h2 {
    font-family: Arial;
Add this css code at the bottom of your style.css

Thanks. I have tried to add different fonts eg) Verdana, but it still appears to display in the Arial font. Any ideas why?

Do you have a live url that I can check?

Thank you so much for posting (in reply to @pmbosio yesterday) that quick fix for the mess Wordpress 3.9 upgrade made of the masonry pages. I had a great panic this morning, when I upgraded WP and found my site all messed up!! With the change of one line in functions.php, now all is well again. :) Just wanted to express my appreciation for your excellent support of the Compasso Masonry theme.

Thanks :)


I don’t know if this is so much a theme query – but there’s a problem that’s cropped up with my website,, on the homepage only and I wondered if you might be able to help? Is it a WordPress fault? Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Hi, this is a problem with WP 3.9 and I’m working on an update to fix this.

You can fix this by editing functions.php at line 143:

wp_enqueue_script('masonry', PARENT_URL . '/js/jquery.masonry.min.js', array('jquery'), false, true);

change ‘masonry’ to ‘masonry2’, so it will become like this:

wp_enqueue_script('masonry2', PARENT_URL . '/js/jquery.masonry.min.js', array('jquery'), false, true);

That’s sorted it, amazing, thank you. :)


We wish to change the background colout in the main menu/main nav to a lighter colour, which we can do from thee css file.

How would be change the font colour to something darker? Cant find the code for it?

Thanks Anthony

Hi, to change menu font color, please edit the color values in these selector:
for top level menu:
#mainmenu > li > a
for submenu:
#mainmenu ul a

Thanks. I am also trying to change the background colour of the main banner (to the right of the image), and the text associated with this. Where would this be found? Thanks again

CSS for the slider is located in css/flexslider.css
To change the background you need to edit .flex-caption

Hello, Which files did you modify in your last update to fix masonry layout for WordPress 3.9? Thanks

functions.php, line 150:
wp_enqueue_script('jquery-masonry2', PARENT_URL . '/js/jquery.masonry.min.js', array('jquery'), false, true);

Nice, thanks a lot!

We have two versions of a site -English and French – and are using WPML to handle translation. Is there any way within the theme to switch the logo and banner image based on language selected?

Sorry, I haven’t tested this theme with WPML. But maybe you can use conditional tags to check current language.

figured it out – using conditional tags indeed worked….thanks for pointing in the right direction

Hi, I have translated a theme’s .po into Russian and would like to share it with the community. How can I do that? I can send you this .po so you would include it to your theme package maybe? Thanks!

Thanks for your contribution. I will add a link to your translation file in the theme description before I update the theme. You can send me the file via email, but first please send me a message from my contact form.

Nice looking theme, working well… But… For posts, “Post Options” how can I set Featured Image View to hide as the default? I’m going to have other people contribute to the site and I would rather this is default setting then having to check each post to make sure all contributors are doing the same thing.


To make hide as the default, please edit includes/metabox/data.metabox.php line 308:
            'std'     => '1',
change it to:
            'std'     => '3',


To update the theme to the latest version, am I simply replacing the entire folder? Or only certain files?

Also, there is no risk of data loss, correct?



If you didn’t modify any files in the theme, you can simply overwrite the theme folder without losing data