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Hi there

I just purchased this theme. Your installation instructions are a little vague. I already have a domain, installed Magento 1.7 (no content). Looking at performing installation v.2, do the files that I will be placing via my FTP OVERWRITE the APP & SKIN folders?

Thanks in advance


You can upload all file and folder in ther “ma_computerstore_template”, “ma_computerstore_extensions” folders to your server. If you can install it. You can provide admin + FTP account via We will install it for you

Kind regards,

I’ve been waiting 2 days now for this to be installed, please can you check your emails and get back to me ASAP.

ok, we will check it and respond you

i cant install the theme into my cpanel please help me to install

thank you very much , the theme is working fine , but im missing a option that is facebook like option, can you please add it ? it will be very helpful

If you want add facebook like option you can contact us via . We will help you add it.

Thank you very much for your Great Support :)

Nice theme! Any plans on making it responsive?

we are planning on developing it responsive.
kind regards,

I have purchased the theme but i guess i should have asked this question before doing so. Is this a magento go theme or actually what is the different between magento and magento go.

By the way i really like the theme and this is a great job. thank you

You can change links in the footer in admin > CMS > static block > footer static block. If you want change static block in this theme you can find and change in the static block.

Thank you very much for your help and quick replay i am impressed with your work.

Can you tell me one more thing please.

I need to add 2 banners in the middle of the main page about a special i have is there any extension that would do the job to your knowledge or something like that. similar to this in a way or another

where there is a section for free shipping on order. just a section to do an ad or promote something hope to hear from you soon.

You can add banner ( free shipping, promote) in the admin > CMS > pages > home page > content

Any idea of why my prices are not showing under the product details?

you can provide URL of your problem. We will check it.

Will this them work with version 1.8?

This theme is compatible with magento 1.8. After you install it on magento 1.8 . You need replace file app/design/fontend/default/ma_computerstore/layout/checkout.xml by file

Ok thank you very much

Ok so im getting a little lost installing this on 8.1

I have everythig all the way up to step 4

step 4 says to create the blocks and pages and just copy and paste from the source file, my problem is that it is asking for allot more info than just copy and paste, also what about the images and such what do I do with those>

Also it says for the extension configuration that I unzip the package and just upload it, but all I see are images inside the folder I am suppose to upload, also I see no wide menu or fish to configure under magentothem

Please advise.

you copy content in txt text file. The images for you see static block id, static block title.


I just bought the theme and installed it but it looks like just a shell and not the theme.

I am not that familiar with magento but hopefully you can take a look for me asap!


What does your issue ? Could you provide more details ? We will check and help you solve it.


I just purchased this team and try to install it on magento 1.8 but I can not activate the theme. How does this work?

You can contact direct us. We will help you solve it. You don’t worry


I am running this theme and the ‘forgotten password’ feature on login page is not sending our emails to the acc holder when used.

Has anyone else had this problem?

PS on version

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you


I am having difficulty adding the term & condition to the website. Can you guide me please on how to add the privacy and all these policy on the template.

for example do i have to create a new page and link it with whatever i want

or is there a widget ready

or how exactly i can do that. I would appreciate a step by step guide.

You can create CMS/page (term & condition) in admin > CMS > pages > create new page

Products are not showing in /checkout/cart page, but the total amounts are displaying.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, Yukarri

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you

Are this template working on Magento version 1.9?

This template is compatible with Magento 1.9. You can use it for your website.

Hi there,

I want to change the background image to a full size image, can yhou let me know how I can do this? I’ve done some searchs but not really found how I can do this.



Hi Silvio,
You can contact us we will change it for you

Hi there

I have now left TWO tickets on your system but have not received a reply to either of them.


We have responded 2 your tickets but you don’t follow your ticket. Please you check your email and follow your ticket we can help you.

I have not received any emails. I’ve checked all folders including spam/junk- please post the ticket numbers here.

3974, 3924

can you help me I do not know how to install this theme

Thanks, but I also like to post a question on Sale products New Products Products and to properly post


You can set New products by attribute “Set Product as New from Date – Set Product as New to Date” Onsale products by attribute “Special Price From Date – Special Price To Date “

Could you please tell me if it works with Magento System. Thank you.


It’s compatible with Magento You can use it for your website.