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when can we expect an update with the working contactform included?

The coder packed all css and all other files into one single folder instead of different folders as stated in the code. It’s a pain and takes hours puzzling this stuff together. Not recommendable!

Hi Seopti, There’s actually a number of different ways that you can organize your files for a theme, each one has their own pros and cons. This particular method that has been employed specifically allows less experienced users instant access to the primary CSS files and images that they’ll need to make customizations, while keeping other parts of it that they won’t ever need out of their way. It’s actually pretty darn intuitive if you ask me, especially when combined with something like Firebug, which will help you instantly locate what line/file of any CSS file is causing a specific effect. Hope that helps out a little! Any new theme takes a little learning to get used to though :)


I am interested in purchasing this theme.

Can someone please tell me if there is a working “contact form” with this theme?


Hi there – yes, there is a functional contact form as well as instructions to create and modify it :)

So, where is the contact form? I re-downloaded it and I’m not seeing it…

Send me an email and I can forward it over to ya :) mdnw.support@gmail.com

Can i receive a copy of contact form?



For some reason the site does not show up correctly on IE, all of the tables are really out of sync with everything else….

The leaderboard table is fine but right content and normal content are in a straight line below it.

Also IE asks for the users to activate an active X applet – does anyone else get this?

I also would appreciate the contact page



Also, the font is different when i publish my page – is there a way to correct this also.


Hello there,

I’m seriously interested in purchasing this template however, I’m only good with HTML and CSS and know absolutely nothing about PSD , Joomla or Word Press.

Let’s say I purchased this template for $22 tomorrow, would it simply come in HTML /CSS files and not Word Press or PSD ?

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