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Awesome work! Yet another amazing HTML /CSS product from you… been waiting for the coded version of this one for a while now. Glad to see you’re still working hard on new products – I can see you’ve made some big improvements from the original PSD as well. Top notch work!! Congrats :)

Excellent design and equally great coding – Love that it works perfectly on all browsers that I could test it for (IE, Safari, and FF are all I care about, I noticed it works on others too, which is a bonus). I’ve been looking for a simple, white layout like this for a while, can’t wait to put it to use! Great work!!

New preview image too – nice job!

Thanks for the kind comments everyone :) I just posted a super-quick update to the screenshots as well (the review team cleared it super fast- thx guys!), but I recommend that everyone check out the live previews as well as there’s a lot of little extra details put into this layout that only show up in the coded previews. Hope you all like it!! Cheers!

amazing work. just what i need. but i miss a working contactform…it would be great if you can add it to the site…

Wow, great work! Really love the simple looks of it. Good job! : )

very clean

I like.. finally the awesome psd is coded!

@SheePOnE : A contact form is a good idea – I usually don’t include them because there are a lot of quick 3rd party solutions out there (get satisfaction, etc.) and I don’t like to confuse people if they already have a contact system, but I’ll entertain the idea of including an optional contact form in one of the future updates.

@Matt89fe : What a strange form form of flattery :) Glad you like the theme.

@everyone else : I’m stoked that everyone is enjoying that this is finally coded. It’s taken a while to complete, but only because my standards for quality are pretty high and I didn’t want to rush it. Thanks again for the kind words. Cheers!

Looks awesome! I’d buy for sure if it had a contact form.

dude, couple words to describe your progress on themeforest:

“Freakin’ Awesome dude”

Well, I really love the template. I might buy it later.

how much would it cost just to get someone to add a contact form to this? Thats the only thing keeping me from buying this today.

@akdacquel: I actually have an update coming with the contact form included; I’m wrapping it up today and, pending review, it should be available for download in the next couple days – as with all updates, I can never say whether or not the addition will affect the price – but I know for a fact that if you’ve already downloaded the product, you’ll be able to download the update when it’s ready at no additional cost.

Glad everyone is liking the template so far :)

Oeh, i like this one very much ;), good work.

How would this be integrated with wordpress?

@DomainLoco : Two ways: 1) You can build the Wordpress theme yourself – meaning, take the raw HTML /CSS work from here and build it into your current WP install or 2) wait for the official Wordpress version of this to come out. As with all of my products, I release them first as PSDs, then as HTML , then finally as Wordpress themes. This one’s lower on the list of themes to convert into full WP themes, but it’ll happen within the next month or so. Hope that sheds some light on it :)

Great work! I love it :)


i just purchase your theme and felt that it’s really nice.

I noticed that you have a class “highlight” on the title text and in sifr-config.js file you specify to be in sopme form of green but it doesnt show out that way.

Do you know why?

How would i set up the blog to function correctly ?