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@jezjones : to get the blog section working, you will need to A) have or setup a blog platform through something like Wordpress, Blogger, etc. and B ) integrate the provided HTML template as the format for the blog. While there a lots of great tutorials on the web that will show you to how to this, I won’t pretend that it’s a trivial task, as it does require an in depth knowledge of your blog platform as well as HTML /CSS. I intend to convert this layout into a Wordpress theme shortly, but I don’t know when that will be at this point. Hope that information helps :) Cheers!

Looking forward to buy it in WP

send me an email when you have the WP Version I buy it!

Aloha Brandon,

First of all thanks for the great theme. Unfortunately I didn’t see the contact form. Am I missing something?


What the meat happens when you turn off js?

@rashed : The contact form is going to be part of the next update, which probably won’t be available for another week or so. I’ll be sure to message you as soon as it’s ready though. Glad you like the template!

Minimal+nice design=very nice theme, well done. Bookmarked.


Just purchased it and it’s great, thanks. How do I edit the logo psd? I didn’t see any “chopped” file, just the psd file with the homepage and 8 chopped images, none of which are the logo.

Great theme. I look forward to purchasing it!

Love the theme and would very much like the contact template as well. Any further updates?

Great template design! Do you have an estimate on when the WordPress version will be released? I would buy this right now if it was WP…

Would also buy today if this was coded for WP.

Great template.. just what I was looking for. Thanks!

@mlapeter: I already resolved this with ya over email, but I thought it’s worth posting here. The logo isn’t provided as a PSD because it’s inferred that users will be changing this as one of the first parts of working with the theme and size doesn’t play a role. Still, I’m providing the logo PSD file to anyone who wants to check it out just to be safe.

Thanks everyone else for the kind comments! I’m stoked this template is doing so well here!

Epicera I have just bought your template !!

Its easily worth the $15 asking price !! Brilliant !!

In regards to the contact page that was mentioned earlier in the discussion, have you any date set yet when this part would be put live ? As I could really do with the contact page ??

@KineticMix: Sorry for the delay on the contact form – I’ll be submitting the new update later this week to the reviewers – If you’d like to request the contact form before that though, feel free to send me a direct email and I’ll be sure to send it as soon as it’s ready. Cheers!

How much longer for the WP version. I’m ready to buy it now.

Hi Epicera,

Here another customer waiting to buy the WP version for corporate branding. Anxious to see the result.


Hi Epicera,

It’s a very nice design, but when I open up the index page in Internet Explorer the slider images cause a problem. I’ve tried it on two different computers and in both cases the slider images appeared in a column, pushing all the content down the screen. Apparently Internet Explorer thinks that the ActiveX is a danger… so it doesn’t allow it… until you unblock it. When you unblock it it’s ok, but I don’t want visitors to my site to have to do that.

Is there anything I can do to get it to open up properly in Internet Explorer and not require the visitor to do anything?