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Hi Epicera,

Have you had any more luck regarding the contact page ??

I had sent you a message 11 days ago but have heard nothing since ??

@avego: the only way around this (this goes for any jQuery) is to simply disable it and use static content instead. This is pretty simple if you know your way around the HTML , but you’re welcome to send me an email if you need assistance.

@KineticMix: The contact form (along with a few other updates) is coming later on this week as part of a large package of updates that I’m making to all of my themes.

hello there I thought you can play videos. but is not really working. help

I am looking for a site to host my educational videos. I think this would work well. I need to have a thumbnail, and description that when clicked will play the embed code in an 800×600 lightbox. Can your template accommodate video?


Randy i.randy@gmail.com">pi.randy@gmail.com


& randitoman : All video would be run through the third party script prettyPhoto – http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyPhoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/ – As I didn’t write that lightbox script, I can’t officially provide support for it, but there is some extensive support for video as well as HTML embeds. Check out the third party documentation and poke around to see if what you guys need is provided. There isn’t anything in this template that prevents video, but you will need to do a smidge of research (which is normal) to get some custom functionality out of it. Hope that helps! Cheers!


There still is no update to the theme in regards to the contact form, would you be able to send me the files manually before they have been approved as this would help me out greatly ??

Thanks Trevor

Love It!!!

Same here about the contact form (PHP?) also can someone explain the sIFR, first of all the font is 25$ and I can’t get another to work right. Thanks for the help

Any update on turning this template into a WordPress theme?

@taylorsatula: Whoa, didn’t realize they are actually charging for the font now – I’ll have to update the product description. Thanks for catching that (it was free for several years).

love this template GREAT work! and i know this must be annoying by now but is there any update come regards contact form! will bye then

love this

On the Media page of this template the Top Title information that is in the attention media div tag doesn’t show up on the web. Everything looks fine until I upload it and then nothing shows up in the section.

Actually it is anything that has a Heading 1, 2 or 3 associated with it that is not showing up. Why is that the case?

Is anyone else having an issue with the fonts not “loading” right away when the page does?

Looks like it starts as arial then changes to the correct font.

There seems to be an issue with that.

I’m not seeing the PSD files in multiple colors. I have one folder under PSD with several chopped files and no master PSD or subfolders with various colors.


I have the same problem – when the page loads the font starts out ariel and then the correct font kicks in. Also, the lightbox pictures appear stacked on top of each other until the page fully loads. I don’t experience the same behavior on the author’s live preview. Is there a way to have these items load before displaying results to the user?

Very tidy… nice


My bad! It is not $$$ it is just the font family that you pay for not the exact font, you should specify. No biggie though.


Un problema while we are on the subject of fonts. When i drop a page deeper (e.g. about.html) turning it into (about/index.html) showing (/about) the sIFR stops working. Arial flickers then nothing.

Do I need a coder to integrate this into wordpress? I previously purchased a blogfolio for twice the price. Of course, I found the Concept theme the next day. It’s exactly what I was looking for btw.