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Do I need a coder to integrate this into wordpress? I previously purchased a blogfolio for twice the price. Of course, I found the Concept theme the next day. It’s exactly what I was looking for btw.

Hi Em, Yes, this is just a template, so if you want to integrate it into Wordpress, it’ll require the work of a coder who is familiar with Wordpress integrations. I’ve posted it a few times here, but I do have a Wordpress version of this theme that’s almost finished. I’ve been careful not to release too many products at once here on TF and compromise the quality of my work, but I’m hoping to have the full WP them ready by mid August. Cheers!

@Em_W If he does not want to port it to wordpress for you I could possibly do it.

I appreciate your help. Too bad the author isn’t very active in this. Would hate to give a negative rating, but I can’t use this template.

Hey there Em, As stated in several places, I conduct 95% of all support over email (it’s a LOT easier than having to re-visit each product page several times a day/week). I just implemented a brand new support system to improve my level of customer support to inquiries about customization, proper usage, etc. If you’d like to fire me over an email with a specific question, I’d be happy to help as soon as possible.

Oh, and I sincerely apologize for not checking this board more often (I try to do so once a week). I understand that I can always be even more clear about the best way to get help with files – but like I said though, 99.9% of my buyers are totally stoked on the work that I release here and haven’t had any problems with if they contact me via email :)

Finally, I should remind ya that my commitment to monitor my products and offer support to buyers is done outside of any agreement with ThemeForest. Most authors offer little or no support at all; I just happen to think it’s good business to offer a line of communication with the author – even if I can’t help everyone, I think it’s pretty cool that I have this line of communication open at all. I hear where you’re coming from though – when it looks like an author’s inactive and you have a question, it can get frustrating. I’ll do my best to keep these windows of inactivity to a minimum.

Cheers! B

Great template! Here is what I did with it:

Link Building

Looks good – nicely done! (and thanks for sharing)

Hi everyone – just letting you know that I just finished a major re-organization on all of my earlier template products (including this one). I’ll be releasing a major update to this template at the end of this week, including a functional contact form, an update to the lightbox script, and some other improvements. Thanks for your patience while I’ve been working on this major update! Oh, and anyone who buys this in the meantime will obviously have access to the new update as soon as it’s available. Cheers!

@Em_W: I acknowledge my temporary lack of maintenance on this template for the past 4 weeks – I was tied up in a 3-week jury duty service as well as some other major releases last week. This new update should address most if not all requests that folks in the product forum have brought up for this template though :) Thanks for your patience!

Just wanted to say thanks for the great product, I’m using it on my site about single property websites and so far it’s been great!

Hello epicera, I was wondering could you please show me how to make the news and announcements 3 across and get rid of the blog area, instead of the current 2 across + blog. I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks..

Hey there, This will require a little extra work on your part as it breaks away from the template as it’s been coded for sale here on TF. Ultimately, all of the parts that you need are in the download file though. You’ll need to use the background and full-width styling from the media page, and a little code tweaking to achieve the result that you’re asking for, but this full width effect is totally manageable with some basic CSS and HTML changes. Hit me up via email (check my profile page for the support email address) if you run into specific problems and I’ll do my best to help out. Cheers!

This product has got to have the WORST coding I have seen to date. DO NOT purchase this script – truly I pulled out all of my hair and almost committed suicide working with this script. Its horrible, every professional coder I show it to starts to laugh at its crappyness (not a word).

Im surprised the other 230 customers didn’t say anything yet!

Whoa there buddy, You’re getting a little intense. This product has superb ratings and I haven’t had a single complaint until yourself about the actual coding. If there were criticism of actual code elements, I’d be happy to respond. As you (as professional coder) well know, there’s more than one way to code a template. The fact is that this template validates, looks nearly identical in browsers aside from the aged IE6 , and has been featured among some of the better templates here. Most comments so far have been regarding how to customize the template or how to include X, Y or Z functionality. Why don’t you slow down a little and try to be a little more articulate with your criticism?

If you have a specific request, I handle all support issues over email at the moment (it’s just easier than replying to each comment on the board here, although I try to check in one a week). I admit that I don’t hover over some of my earlier product pages responding to each comment left, but being rude just isn’t going to grant you anything besides a little chuckle on my part and a scolding from other happy buyers (see below, lol). I totally don’t be rude at all, but your comment is crossing the line. I’m also not a fan of flagging comments though, so I’ll leave yours public for the world to see.


How do we know when the update has been posted? Will it sway somewhere on this page?

Yes – it doesn’t happen automatically, but I usually post an update at the top of the product description, as well as a post in the comments thread letting everyone know when an update has been approved.

This next update will mainly just include a functional contact page (if anyone wants this early, just email me and ask) so there shouldn’t be any update instructions besides how to use the form.

But yes, I’ll make a post here informing all buyers of the new feature :)

@belap, what exactly are you having problems with? Perhaps the 230 customers (include myself) that didn’t have any trouble reading the code or bash out the author – could help you resolve your issue. To be honest, the code looked pretty straight forward to me. I certainly wouldn’t expect to plug this onto a production app and run with it. I don’t know if I’m speaking for everyone in this community, but you have to tweak the code around to apply it to your own layouts anyway.

@epicera, you mentioned that you were going to update the template at the end of the week. How will we know where the updated version will be? Will it override this current version?


Nope – in fact, the primary part of the update will simply be the functional contact page that a few people have requested. I’ve over-hauled the way that I host my larger files in the past week (hence the delay), but if anyone wants the contact page before it’s approved in the download file, just shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to provide it.


Is it possible to let the gallery-Plugin on the landingpage change its content automatically?

Thanks for your effort.


btw.: great template

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by ‘allow the content to change automatically’... right now you just have to manually insert the images into the code provided, the next step up would be a fully integrated CMS like Wordpress. Did you have something more specific in mind?

I mean that the pictures don´t stay static, but switch from one picture to another after a certain amount of time.. right know you have to click manually to change the picture..

thanks for your effort!

Oh, that’s a little more clear. I’ll look into it for a future release – so long as it’s available as part of the jQuery plugin that I’m using I don’t see why it shouldn’t be an option. Even if it doesn’t come standard, I’ll see what I can do to provide documentation on how to achieve the effect of auto-rotation.

Hi everyone – just letting you know that I’m about to submit the new update on this template today or tomorrow, including a functional contact form page. If anyone can’t wait until it’s available for download here (a few people have wanted the file ASAP ), then just hit me up via email and I’ll get it to you pronto. For everyone who is able to wait, I’ll be posting an update comment here when it’s officially available.


Good template – here’s what I built with it: Coze

Is there any way to link to a gallery section directly ? Like say I wanted a link to branding from another point in the site?

Any word on when you’ll be releasing the WordPress version of this theme? I’ve been searching for the past two months, and no other theme really delivers exactly what I want except Concept :)

I’m literally working on it as we speak – I’d venture to say that I’m 90% done, just a few more hours of polish, documentation, and QA and I’ll be submitting it to the reviewers. ETA – end of the week.

Hi Mr Epicera

Can you pls email the updated template with the contact form ASAP ?

Thank you


Sent :)

Hi there !

has the template been updated?

or has the new wordpress version put up?

Please send me the update per e-Mail! Thanks!


I see that you’ve submitted the version for WordPress. Do you by chance have the contact form for the HTML /CSS version, that’s the same as the Wordpress?


Just send me an email with the request :) I’m still working through a few ideas before I release the final update on this template, but I’ve been sending out the contact form to everyone who requests it via email.


Hey i’d love to see the contact form.