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Maybe if I have a comment on the top of a page it will get more attention.

I’m having a huge problem getting the button text color to change. Every time I change it in the “Customize” theme option, it reverts. I have tried over and over but it reverts every time. My customers are not able to see the button text and all of my efforts yield no difference. This is incredibly frustrating and any help would be much appreciated.

Every time I try to change the button text color for the content, everything shows up fine according to plan. But the “proceed to checkout” button text does not show up no matter how many times I change it and no matter what color I choose. I have tried changing the ecommerce button text color also which does not change the “proceed to checkout” button. Only the content button section affects it.

It’s been a few days and no answer.. disappointing. Until this problem is finished my customers are not able to complete their purchase from the shopping cart page and it is affecting my profits!!

Is there any other way I can contact some kind of support system since the ticket system you linked me to isn’t working and hasn’t been for months? I really need to get this fixed and we’re going on almost 2 weeks now of having this problem which prevents buyers from making a purchase in my store.

Never mind, I was finally able to create a post to the forum AFTER I claimed the layout purchase using the code from Themeforest. I would highly suggest putting that on your support site somewhere so people know it won’t work without it!

So about that White_Hat :(

I am using an iMac and can’t use Internet Explorer, so maybe that is why it is not installing correctly “missing stylesheet”? If this is the case then I will need a refund since I don’t have a PC.

Let me know because this is for my client.


Please could post your question in our forums so that our support crew can assist.



The obox editor does now show up in edit pages or new pages. or posts…

Please note that Store has been updated as Concept Living and is now based off of Layers :) It’s basically a completely new theme with an update look and feel.

I bought this theme ages ago when it first came out and never used it but I’m going to use it now, amazing upgrade guys, thanks for taking the time to sort the theme out :-)

How do I remove the made with layers blurb from the footer, I don’t want my client to see it and need to replace it with our own copyright info

No bother I’ve found it

:) That is great!

Hello I should do the update from the theme Store v.1.1,3 to this version of Concept Living, there can be problems? how can I do? thank you

Hi there, Store is a completely separate theme, so while we encourage you to think about migrating your site to Layers, if you install Concept Living and Layers you will lose access to any custom post types in Store other than Products and will need to recreate those pages using Layers. If you would like a more detailed explaination of how you can go from Store to Layers, please contact us via oboxthemes.com/support/

hello, so there is an update of the Store theme? Do you know if he has any problem with WP 4.5.2? thank you

Is it possible to have parallax image backgrounds in this theme?

Hi there, Parallax backgrounds are enabled with the Layers Pro extension

Hello there, I have few questions related to the search widget for the Concept Living wordpress theme. 1) is there a way to make the search box full width? 2) Is it possible to add this widget to the header section? 3) Is there a way to remove the word, “Search” that appears on top of the search box? I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks in advance. FM


Apologies for missing your comment. These requirements are possible with customization. There are no settings options in the theme which allow you to do this, so it will require some custom code.

In future, if you have any questions related to the theme, please reach out here: https://www.layerswp.com/support/


Ok, thanks for your response : )

Anyone know how to change the text, link and hover color on this theme? I have layers installed and nothing changes the colors..I’ve tried every customization setting Should it be this difficult? Do I need to add CSS? Buy the way, I purchased this theme through layers.Thanks

Hi there

Please contact us here for support: https://www.layerswp.com/support/