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Trying to get information about using your template.

Hello thanks for your interest what exactely do you need to know ?

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS if you are not a pro. Terrible…. When you see this nice design its like wow, but once you download it it becomes a headache. Author you need to disclose that images are not included in the download. Not at the bottom of the page it should be on top of the page. After download I had to search the whole internet to be able to edit this template and I wasn’t able to do it. All you get is bunch of files and software to edit those files. Not only that I had to get a web host cost me $100. and guess what It didnt work either. Author you need to be more specific with what you have to offer. You made me spend so much money and top of that I wasted my whole night.

Hi There :) I just purchased thinking this was a WP template….do you have a WP version?

Thank you!

Hi smittz32,

Yes we have wordpress version of it. Here is the wp version http://themeforest.net/item/concierge-luxury-lifestyle-services/9911167

Cheers UOU

Thank you! is there any way i can get my money back from the HTML version i bought? I just need to the WP version, the HTML version is useless to me.

Hello you would need to contact envato they are the ones controlling the licenses. cheers uou

Hi, can I use your theme on a bilingual site? If I can, does it work with Polylang? Thanks.

Hello Oleary

Hope you’re doing well

this is the html version if you need the wp version you can get it here: http://themeforest.net/item/concierge-luxury-lifestyle-services/9911167 + it is compatible with wpml so you can translate it with wpml plugin

cheers & greetings UOU

Hello, i want to buy this theme, is it normal html or java? Is the code easy to change and well descriptioneded?

thank you very much

Hi Master443, hope you’re doing well, this is the html version if you need the wp version you can find it here: http://themeforest.net/item/concierge-luxury-lifestyle-services/9911167

it's quite simple to customize you don't need any programming experience just follow the documentation

Thanks & Sorry about the delay Cheers UOU


I need to say whats is the forms used on the demo.

Thank You

it is static html form . it is not functional

Cheers UOU

Can you propose a CodeCanion product to implemante a functional Form ?

Hi, hope you’re doing well, are you looking for a dynamic version of the entire site or only the form

for the dynamic version you can use the wp version here : http://themeforest.net/item/concierge-luxury-lifestyle-services/9911167 for the contact form there are plently of script available this one is the most popular one: http://codecanyon.net/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&term=contact+form&view=list&sort=&date=&price_min=&price_max=&sales=&rating_min=

cheers & have a nice w.e UOU

I need ad 1 video in corrousel, i check owl.corrousel documents, and say it´s posible add video to carrousel, can you help?

Halo, i need add one video to the carrousel banner, i check in owlcarrousel auto´r page, and say the plugin support video, can you helpin, adding one video plz?

Hello. Can you contact with us via PM? Your question is very general. We need to know more details.

Sorry for late response, Piotr

Hi, how i cand add or make the php code to concet to my db inthe login, ty a lot

Hello you would need to link the back-end to the front-end I’m afraid that this goes beyond my capacity as a html coder

Hi, how i cand add or make the php code to concet to my db inthe login, ty a lot

Hello you would need to link the back-end to the front-end I’m afraid that this goes beyond my capacity as a html coder

is this compatible with wordpress 4.3 ?

Hope you update it for 4.3 its a nice temple i would buy it but its not compatible with the latest version of wordpress and I do not want to install earlier versions wordpress because its easily hackable

Hi Bel1eve, i’ll talk to our developer and let you know . thanks Parvez.

Hi, we just purchased the template.

However, since we are downloading the package from China and we are failed get it from its S3 server, would you please just mail me the package instead? Since our attemp reaches 20 times today.

Thanks in advance

BR Cole

Hi Cole hope you’re doing well i’m currently on mobile will only be available on Monday can you open a ticket with envato to ask them to send you the package or solve the s3 issue

if not please drop us a PM and let me know over here that u dropped it cheers uou

How do I change the email address and other details on the index page. How do I use the login option and edit the lorem ipsum text? Is there any administrator login where I can easily make changes to the website?

Also, how do I change the images. Site hosted on www.mrsg.space.

Thank you.

Hi mrsgcorp, its a static html page, you can’t do it like this way, you have to edit the html file to do that. If you purchased our wp theme, then you can get this functionality. Thanks, Parvez.

Hi, The purchase code doesn’t work on support… olive75010 Thank to help me Olivier

Hi olive75010, please contact me via email, my email id parvez08eee@gmail.com , i’ll try to solve your problem . Thanks Parvez.

pity that the slider is not responsive , see example 3. let me know if you’re going to make it so , it would be an interesting template (HTML version)


Hope you are doing great,

however, sure we will ask our frontend developer to check that issue and will fix that soon and update the template, thanks for notifying it to us.


i would like a refund. I cannot open anything and nothing works


hope all is well,

can you please report your issues to our support forum,

so that our support team can have a look at it,

regards uou

Hi, i want to buy the theme, but it’s old and the last comment it’s not good for us. Can u give me some news extra about the template. Can i also have the psd file into .zip ?