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I love this theme, but you should mention in the description that the social icons aren’t included.

Overall, great work.

@nhangen Thanks

Also Social Media Icons will be included in the WordPress version as well other new features.

I know this is just a template and looks really great but is the blog working ? If not what needs to be done in order to have a full working blog ? I am new to all this and I am considering buying the template but I need to know as I mentioned early in my post if the blog section needs additional programming or not. Thank you in advance. kind regards mamabuna

The blog requires additional programing. But the WordPress version will have a fully working blog so if you want hold off till the WordPress version is complete this way you won’t have to worry about anything.

I like the wordpress idea… Nice

It isn’t a good idea use an image to build the menu. Sorry, people nowadays don’t do this way anymore.

If I had noticed that before buying this template I wouldn’t bought yours. :(

Yes I am in the same point of view, boizaum. You took the words right out of my mouth.

I thought it was what I was looking for but once I bought it and looked at it for a good long time… it wasn’t what I needed anymore.

Sorry Pressgrid.

Hi Pressgrid,

When will you be releasing the Condensed Wordpress theme? Do you plan to enclude lightbox or a similar feature to use with the portfolio page. If so I will purchase on release.



Sorry for delayed reply haven’t checked the comments in this section. I currently paused the development on the WP theme, but will get back on it very soon. And to answer you question yes i will include lightbox or another option for the portfolio page.


preview is down?

super nice!;