Discussion on Condio - Real Estate Landing Page for Unbounce

Discussion on Condio - Real Estate Landing Page for Unbounce

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Hey, just wanted to let you know that all your Unbounce landing page templates previews are broken right now :(

Any solution for LightBox problem ?

I have purchased the them and only found out after (my bad) that the mobile view is on a separate template. That is a little odd considering unbounce allows you to show the same page to mobile viewers. Was this theme created before unbounce made that change?

Do you have any plans to upgrade the theme into 1 page?

Hi, yes this was done before Unbounce brings the responsive version. We are not planing upgrade it.

Scroll is very slow is there anyway to speed it up?

Hi, it depends on Unbounce scripting, but the scrolling looks OK to me.

Hi, I want to buy your theme, but I have some doubts, help me.

I can use a trial period this theme in Unbounce?

This theme is responsive?

Can I use in only one domain?

This theme is very editable by the Unbounce panel?


You should be able to use this theme in your trial period.

Theme is not responsive, but it contains also a mobile version.

You can use this template only on one domain.

Yes, you can edit every element with Unbounce tools.

Is ine the landing page such functionality that user can add in contact forms for example. A video file or jpg? I say this because I want to organize a competition in which you have to give your name, e-mail and attach a .jpg file or video.

HI, unfortunately no, because this is only a static HTML template.

Hello, recently bought the layout and am having a problem after edits the “Be the first to know” button does not rise to the top, do not know what is happening, can you help me please? My website that is giving problem: http://unbouncepages.com/cdnprot

Hi. If you open the template in Unbounce admin, there is a grey box with code inside it which contains an HTML code. It looks that you have deleted it, so the script doesn’t know where to scroll.

Click “Custom HTML” in the tools and drop it above the form. Then double click on it and add:
<div id="sign-form" />
Then save

Hi there,

I have a quick Q, I am considering of buying your html after using your unbounce template, for html version, does that include the feature-dynamic text like unbounce does?


yes, these orange “Be the first to know!” is the same in HTML version. You can check it here: http://www.theme-starz.com/html/condio/index-fixed.html for example. You can also check the source code to see how is the HTML template written

That’s great, thanks for getting back to me, will look into buying html now. thanks a lot.

Thank you! You’re welcome


I am unable to upload the template to unbounce because I cannot locate the unbounce file in the zip folder. Can you please give me instructions on locating the unbounce file and uploading the template to unbounce please. It would be greatly appreciated

Hi, unfortunately I can’t see your “purchase” badge. Try to download the file from TF once again

Hi there,

I just bought your template but I am having trouble to create Parallax scrolling via unbounce and how do I create slides as well?

thanks for bearing with me as I don’t seem to be able to get it working properly.

Thanks for the help.

Hi, when you are in editing mode:

- Click small arrow on the left side of the screen (cca in the middle). – - Select “Background Image” - On the right sidebar click “Change” in “Background Properties” - Select your own image

To set up slides: - You need to upload your images to online server - Then double click on “This is a placeholder” in editting mode - Enter paths to your images - Click Done

thank you for your reply. I really appreciated it!

You’re welcome


Just purchased this theme two days ago. What should the dimensions be for the hero image at the top of the page?

Hi, the height of the image can be any, but the width should be at least 1920px

Pre-Purchase Question: Do you have this Theme in WordPress?

Thank you for your interest. However, this template is not available for WP yet.

Hello! I’ve purchase this templates. Can I get plain HTML version?

Hello, can you contact us at support@theme-starz.com?

Put off purchasing this because of the high prices Unbounce charge for an account…

HTML/Wordpress version ftw!

Ready to buy when available for either or.

but good news are that HTML version is already available :-)

How works the contact form?

You need to have Unbounce account. Visitor fill the form, you get contact information of the visitor and then you can build for example email campaign with these information

hi do you have a html version or wordpress? i love the site but don’t have unbounce

Hi, HTML version is in progress. It should be available on next week or two

Hello! When the html version will be available? If it is not expected soon, pls recommend similar templates.

Hi, I have replied to your email

Am I able to add many more parallax sections? I would like to have quite a few more after the fold.

Hi. You can add a new section yourself. I will update documentation about how to create parallax effect.

Can i use this landing page like a classic html/css website? Or this theme just works with unbounce?

Hi, this landing page is for Unbounce only. But I am planning to create an HTML version on this landing page with some additional features.

ok, html version will be perfect (or wordpress version!)

A WP version could be possible in the future :)

Great work, glws ;)

Thank you :-)


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