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Very nice one, Love your style :)

Thanks man

Stop being awesome please, it makes me look bad haha! Great Theme guys :)

haha, amazing comment. Thanks man!

Well Done,Had to pick up: Conexus – Agency HTML Theme, Will be ready for your next one.until next time peace out :grin:

Peace man, and many thanks for the purchase!

nice one, have a many,many sales ;)

Cheers mate!

Great style as always, congrats.

Thanks Bedros!

I’m in love, is that ok? :D

Really great work! ;)

yes, it’s even recomended :)) Thanks for the kind words man, cheers!

Hello! ie7 menu I have not seen it look possible?

i’m not sure i understand your message, can you please try to be more clear?

Great Design , Good luck with Sales Bro :)

thanks mate!

Love the slider and the way it transitions ;)

cheers, and thanks for the kind words!


Like this theme, and want to buy it, but one thing is stopping me. I have tried the demo in IE10 on Win8, and the onbyone slider doesnt work correctly. It looks fine first, but as soon as it changes to the second slide, it keeps the 1st slide there, but overlays the 2nd one on top of it.

it does it with or without compatibility view on.

works fine on IE9 on Win7.

Are you able to fix this?


We’ll take a look at it right now. We’ll fix it asap

Let us know when this bug fixed. I will definitely buy this peace of codework :) .

It is fixed now.

You will provide this theme in Wordpress version?


It is already available exclusively on our website (can’t post link here i’m afraid)

Thanks Nick for helping us out with the reply!

Hi Looking to put together a visual for client ahead of purchase. What fonts are used in this online demo for Conexus? Thanks

the font in the titles is called Cabin – free download here:

nice one, have to try this and see if i got myself a new face on the world wide web :)

great to hear this, mate. Cheers!

Can you update onebyone to the latest version please?

yep, I’ll put it down on our to do list, thanks for your patience. I’ll keep you in the loop.

(just a post to subscribe to thread – hoping to see updated onebyone so we can use latest jquery without the migrate plugin)

no worries

Hello I want to know how can I make Mega menu in middle of the menu link its going right and showing scroll bar in downside Let me know that I m waiting

I want to make mega menu in middle of the menu link not right not left please tell me how to make it middle